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Mad's Guide for Gypsy and Clown

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/no1 Nice guide you have there!!

A few notes though:

  • Drum adds 12 Hard DEF, would be useful for other situations. Both Drum and Ring adds +ATK similar to IncaSam, despite the way it is written at the skill description.
  • Does Dispel and Web actually work without catalyst (gems and webs)??
    Last time I checked, it does proc, you would see your character shouting Dispel !!, without the catalyst, but it wouldn't work at all (I remember switching to missy when a friend lent me valk arte).
  • Get Longing for Freedom if you're doing Ensemble

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11 minutes ago, Tainaka Ritsu said:
  • Does Dispel and Web actually work without catalyst (gems and webs)??
    Last time I checked, it does proc, you would see your character shouting Dispel !!, without the catalyst, but it wouldn't work at all (I remember switching to missy when a friend lent me valk arte)

Web does works without cobweb catalyst. And dispel works without gems. I tried both of it in gmc runs XD

Maybe when you tried that dispel, The dispel itself misses. Since valk only proc level 1 dispel which have 60% success rate.

But if your attack miss, then the dispel won't proc at all. That's why you should equip aspd and crit (or hit ? Up to you) boosting equips

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Yes, autocast cards need to actually hit so it would proc.

But that's nice to know that you don't need catalyst /no1 

Ofc I would still try to test this myself on duel just to be sure (unless somebody would post a video)~

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I'm sure Creeper doesnt work without Cobweb, and dispel as well, still need gems.. You should try it on PVP/Duel instead, the animation and skill text will still appears but the effect never actually procs without catalyst, if you have the catalyst in your inventory, it also consumed everytime the skills procs, i always bring fews yellow gems for it.

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Good to see there are fellow Clown/Gypsy lovers...!! :)

I main Clown, so it's nice to see people haven't giving up completely the class..!


Old Valkyrie Helm [Bloody Knight]

Angel Wing Ears [Bloody Knight]

Pussy Cat Bell

Diablos Robe [Gloom] / Valkyrie Armor [Marc]

Electric Guitar [3x Queen Scaraba] (Prefer too hit MVP's too) (+10 dex, +10 vit, +20% Long range, +35% Musical Strike)

Creeper Bow [2x Doppelganger] (Letting MVP's teleport or locking monsters)

Mystic Bow [Bow Guardian Card] (Using this with Wind Arrow to hit monsters out of SG)

Valkyrie Shield [Hodremlin] / Guard [GTB]

Diablos Manteau [Devilling]

Sleipnir [GEC]

2x Brisingamen [Sting]


Some notes: 

You do NOT need Cobwebs in combination with Creeper bow.... Gems for Dispell not sure... never tested it.5a15a8e32d0e8_ClownEquipment.png.4700f339364981e2fc6fcad61e84247c.png

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On 22.11.2017 at 8:12 AM, MoonSun&Stars said:

Are Ring of nibel and drums of battlefield same dmg modifiers? I see 1 of them is dmg and other attk

Don't trust skill description - both add ATK that is visible in stat window (and YES! they stack :D).

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Can't show stacking, as i have only one duet, and the person i tried it with is doing vanilla et rightnow, and i'm lazy to post later. :P

Nvm, she was back quick.


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Let me correct what i said, Ring of Nibel increase attack "if" member uses level 4 weapon only, while Drum of battle increase attack to all level of weapons.

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