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Halloween Event 2017 - School Quest Guide

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@CassidyBoth schools share the same quest. Afaik, everyone can do It, regardless of the Team asignment.

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Instead of 


gef_fild14 163,285 - tower - tree

I got, lookout - tree

Thanks for the guide btw, great job and quite accurate !

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Vaco! Thanks so much for the party last night. Miaka Yuuki here :)


Edit: Completed the quest at last, but no Bandit pet. :(

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Does this quest have a once per Master (aka Forum) account restriction like the rest of the event? I didn't get Bandit on my Champ, but I wanna try my luck again on my Stalker.

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Let me add some screenshots @Cueio :P

These are some of the Pianos locations. Unfortunately, I still dint get nay Bloodstone :'(





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15 minutes ago, Damien Choy said:

I just did it and it doesn't need to be in any order


Hahhaha yeah "In-order" is just a joke ahihih :P

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    • By Frozenpatties
      Im just new here , anyone can tell me the best character for beginners here , and what is the maximum lvl here . Thnx in adv. 
    • By cuteologist
      There are already too many wizards, priests, and snipers around, so I decided to pursue a class that nobody uses except for slaves – soul linkers.
      I tried to make an offensive soul linker and came up with a build revolving around the skill Esma. I’ve been using the build for quite a while now and many have been asking me why my damage is so high.
      Most of the players asking are already highly/fully geared, so I think the issue is that many players are just unfamiliar with the class.
      This guide is for those who already have the gears but don’t use the soul linker class.
      I hope you find this helpful and convincing enough for you to try out the Esma-type soul linker.
      What is an Esma-type soul linker?
      A soul linker is mostly known for her supportive skills. But if you maximize the use of the Esma skill, you can be a great offensive weapon.
      Level 10 Esma fires 10 missiles, so you can consider it the soul linker’s version of the mage’s bolt skills.
      But unlike bolt skills, Esma is not limited to fire, water, and wind properties. Esma can also be used with the earth, shadow, ghost, and holy properties, making the Esma-type soul linker very versatile.
      Advantages of being an Esma-type soul linker:
      You can have elemental advantage all the time – Because you have the Warm Wind skill that can change the property of your Esma. High burst damage – Because you have elemental advantage practically anywhere, your Esma will always deal very high damage. You are basically immortal – Because you have Kaahi that heals HP in exchange of SP every time you receive physical damage and Kaizel that automatically resurrects you whenever you die. You are very mobile – Because of Running and High Jump skills, you have no problem traveling the map, positioning when killing mobs, and escaping dangerous situations.  

      Pictured above: High-damage Esma with elemental advantage.
      Disadvantages of being an Esma-type soul linker:
      Esma is not super spammable – In order to cast Esma, you need to cast one Spirit-type skill first like Estun. Inconsistent damage – Your Esma deals low damage on some high-end monsters. Hard to mob – Esma is a single target skill, so it will be hard to deal with multiple mobs at a time. A little harder to join high-end parties – I believe Esma-type soul linkers are viable for end-game content, but many players will rather stick to the formula. They will probably rather have another priest or sniper in the party than you.  

      Pictured above: Low-damage Esma on a high-end monster despite having elemental advantage.
      Stat Distribution
      The Esma-type soul linker has the usual INT-DEX build.
      INT 140 or above. I personally go with 170 without bless.
      DEX 140 or above. It is recommended to get more than 140 without bless if you are going to high-end maps on your own. I personally go with 140-145, depending on the situation.
      The rest of the stat points on VIT for HP and STR for weight capacity.
      Skill Distribution
      As Taekwon
      You really have no use of the kick skills once you transition into a soul linker. But below are the skills that can still prove to be useful once you become a soul linker.
      Level 7 Warm Wind – This can change the element of your Esma. Each level represents a different element. It’s advisable to put each level on a different hotkey so all elements can be easily accessible to you.
      Level 10 Running – Allows you to move fast. Useful when you are traveling.
      Level 5 High Jump – Makes you go through obstacles like cliffs and walls. It’s also quite spammable on the ground so you can travel faster. It’s also useful in positioning and escaping.
      Level 1 Break Fall – Gives you a chance to dodge attacks. Keep it on.
      As Soul Linker
      There are prerequisites to these skills, but these are the skills that you should give priority to.
      Level 10 Esma – Your primary damaging skill.
      Level 7 Estin – Pushes back a target. As said earlier, you need to cast a Spirit-type skill first before being allowed to cast Esma. This can be a choice.
      Level 7 Estun – Gives you a chance to stun target. Another skill you can use before Esma. I personally use this.
      Level 5-7 Kaahi – Heals HP in exchange of SP every time you receive physical damage. The level will depend on your play style. I personally go with Level 5.
      Level 7 Eswoo – Makes target enemy physically small (Monster size attribute doesn’t change to “small”). This is good for crowd control, especially if you are going solo.
      Level ? Kaizel – Resurrects you automatically when you die. A higher level means a faster cast time (not reduced by DEX) and more HP upon resurrection.
      Level ? Kaina – Reduces the SP cost of Estin, Estun, and Esma. Quite useful.
      Level ? Kaupe – Gives you a chance to dodge any incoming damage once.
      You can play with different levels of Kaizel, Kaina, and Kaupe to suit your play style. I personally use Level 7 Kaizel and Level 1 Kaina for the remaining skill points.
      You can also not use Eswoo if that’s your thing, so you can have more points on Kaizel, Kaina, and Kaupe.
      You can dress your Esma-type soul linker with the usual equip you use for your wizard and priest. Use stuff that can improve INT and DEX. (However, note that the soul linker is a non-trans class, so you will not be able to recycle that deviling wool scarf and GEC tidals of yours.)
      Because of Kaahi and Kaizel, I don’t really think much of defense and just try to maximize damage output. You can experiment on your own, especially that you most likely have experience in building an INT-DEX set already anyway.
      Here are the gears I personally use:
      Lord Kaho’s Horn – INT+20 DEX+20.
      Any mid with INT+1 [Evil Snake Lord] – INT+4 all in all. You can also try HW and Vesper cards.
      Cold Breath – INT+1. You can also try +MATK lower headgears like Gentleman's Pipe.
      Any armor with INT+3 [Agav Card] – To maximize damage output.
      Ghostdancer Staff [3 Necromancers] – INT+8 and DEX+5, and an additional INT+10 from SQI Bonus. If you don't / can't invest in SQI, try other staffs like Survivor's Rod. If you are really stingy, I have good news for you: even Arc Wands do good damage for the Esma-type soul linker.
      Any shield [Flame Skull] – Why flame skull? As said earlier, I don’t think much about damage reduction because of Kaahi and Kaizel, so I would rather stun and curse enemies who attack me for additional crowd control.
      Beach manteau [Leak] – INT+6 all in all.
      Any footgear [GEC] – Kaahi and Esma will consume a lot of SP.
      Celebration rings – STATS+10. If you have better accessories, you probably don’t need this guide anyway. If you have no celebration rings, you can settle for the usual accessories for INT-DEX builds like Gloves with Sting cards.
      Important note:
      You may be thinking that an accessory with Osiris card (resurrects you with full HP/SP) will complement well with Kaizel. I haven't tested this personally. But according to the accounts of others, the combo works only on yourself, and not on spouses/family members. You are free to try it out yourself.

      Pictured above: My personal build.
      So, how do you kill?
      You can go solo or join parties for Abbey, Odin, Thor’s Volcano, or anywhere else. You have the proper element for anything.
      But here’s a general idea on what to do.
      Know your map and mobs – Know the elements of the mobs you will be dealing with so you can use the appropriate Warm Wind skill level and get an elemental advantage.
      Bring your supplies – Bring GJs, because your GEC may not give you fast enough SP recovery when you are constantly hit by mobs. Also, don’t forget your other essentials, like fly wings.
      Buff yourself – Cast necessary buffs, like the appropriate Warm Wind element, Kaahi, and Kaizel.
      High Jump around – Look for mobs faster by spamming high jump on the ground, even if there are no obstacles like cliffs and walls.
      Hit target with Eswoo – This skill will make the mob physically small. Again, this does not change the mob attribute size to “small.” It just slows down the mob so you won’t get hit easily.
      Use a Spirit-type skill – Again, you will need to use a spirit-type skill before you can cast Esma. I personally go for Estun because of the stun chance.
      Use Esma – Use Esma on the target. You can use Esma on a different mob than what you hit with the spirit-type skill. The only important thing is that you cast a spirit-type skill before you cast Esma.
      If the target is still alive, simply cast a spirit-type skill again and follow it up with another Esma.

      That’s it. You now know how to use an Esma-type soul linker!
      You don’t have to follow everything mentioned here. You can experiment with different stats, skills, and equip on your own. For example, you can go with an INT-VIT build because Esma casts fast anyway. You can also use the Kaite skill to reflect incoming magic attacks if you think that’ll help you.
      Let this guide serve as a foundation only in your journey of exploring the Esma-type soul linker. Good luck!