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Halloween Event 2017 - School Quest Guide

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@CassidyBoth schools share the same quest. Afaik, everyone can do It, regardless of the Team asignment.

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Instead of 


gef_fild14 163,285 - tower - tree

I got, lookout - tree

Thanks for the guide btw, great job and quite accurate !

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Vaco! Thanks so much for the party last night. Miaka Yuuki here :)


Edit: Completed the quest at last, but no Bandit pet. :(

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Does this quest have a once per Master (aka Forum) account restriction like the rest of the event? I didn't get Bandit on my Champ, but I wanna try my luck again on my Stalker.

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15 minutes ago, Damien Choy said:

I just did it and it doesn't need to be in any order


Hahhaha yeah "In-order" is just a joke ahihih :P

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