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TalonRO's Winter Lottery

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Hello my dearest Talonians!

We are very proud to announce our very first weekly winter lottery!

This is a free for all event, so I welcome everybody to join. There is a catch though! You have to be fast. Only the first 30 participants of each round will have a chance to win the prizes, so rush rush and get yourself your lucky number.



It's a pretty simple game. You pick a number as a reply to this topic and hope it's the winning number. The winning number will be announced every Sunday, and a new round will start every Monday.

"But Zelda, how do you pick the winning number?"

Glad you asked. It's some very complicated math, but I shall try to explain it:



Ln = Lucky number                                                          

Bb = Number of Boreas Bans                                          

Rr = Number of Reports Received                                   

Sb = Number of bugs Seiren found in his Code            

Bn = Number of times Boreas noped someone            

Hf = Number of times Howl flexed in the last 2 hours. 



Rounds will be held weekly from today all the way to Christmas;

Only 30 participants allowed per round;

Participants for the last round may not participate on the immediate next one, however they can participate on the next one after that;

There will be one winner per round;

You may choose your number simply by replying to this topic;

Only the first person to pick a number will be considered a contestant.



❅ Blueuni.gif.2fdd7a84a5587dd4287a831bfcb73669.gif 1 Blue Unicorn pet;

12478.gif.d4617cbc404f3600036a76d1b7ac3669.gif 1 GM box of your choosing;

12130.gif.2deaca7515935cfd01c5fdfb38f86576.gif 5 cookie bags.





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