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GM Zelda

Halloween Cosplay Contest Winners!

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deviruchi_icon_by_nunilwen-dayyzgk.gif.e2b51080f651fd535fb6dcd1c312d019.gif Hello my dearest Talonians! deviruchi_icon_by_nunilwen-dayyzgk.gif.e2b51080f651fd535fb6dcd1c312d019.gif  

With our amazing Festival of Witches around, there is no best time to finally know the answer to the question: "who wore it best"!

The entries were judged on how good the actual cosplay was and the wittiness of their captions.

Okay, now to the exciting part!

Drumroll please~


The winner of the grand prize of:

      image.png.9e72ab5bbe064c32c6a8e16f086f1dc9.png Bat Rucksack Costume

       imageproxy.gif.cd35380b7abe613cfd6079443ede3981.gif.039839dfc62f7a4b55a521fb6c122f62.gif November Costume Box

      ○ imageproxy.gif.d2e4567149a8cfa37c386249a6bd0dd0.gif  15 TC

@Jirokure Congratulations! You were deemed to be the best of the best!


And in second, for the prize of:

     ○ imageproxy.gif.cd35380b7abe613cfd6079443ede3981.gif.039839dfc62f7a4b55a521fb6c122f62.gif November Costume Box

      ● imageproxy.gif.d2e4567149a8cfa37c386249a6bd0dd0.gif  15 TC

@kuraido Very good job! We almost didn't see you there~


Finally, in third place, for the prize of:

     ○ imageproxy.gif.cd35380b7abe613cfd6079443ede3981.gif.039839dfc62f7a4b55a521fb6c122f62.gif November Costume Box

@SkyeReed Super cute entry! Congratulations.


Thank you all so much for participating, we had a blast!

Until next event~


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