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TalonRO's Winter Lottery

GM Zelda

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Hello my dearest Talonians!

We are very proud to announce our very first weekly winter lottery!

This is a free for all event, so I welcome everybody to join. There is a catch though! You have to be fast. Only the first 30 participants of each round will have a chance to win the prizes, so rush rush and get yourself your lucky number.



It's a pretty simple game. You pick a number as a reply to this topic and hope it's the winning number. The winning number will be announced every Sunday, and a new round will start every Monday.

If you participated in the last round you can't participate in this one. 

"But Zelda, how do you pick the winning number?"

Glad you asked. It's some very complicated math, but I shall try to explain it:



Ln = Lucky number                                                          

Bb = Number of Boreas Bans                                          

Rr = Number of Reports Received                                   

Sb = Number of bugs Seiren found in his Code            

Bn = Number of times Boreas noped someone            

Hf = Number of times Howl flexed in the last 2 hours. 



Rounds will be held weekly from today all the way to Christmas;

Only 30 participants allowed per round;

Participants for the last round may not participate on the immediate next one, however they can participate on the next one after that;

There will be one winner per round;

You may choose your number simply by replying to this topic;

Only the first person to pick a number will be considered a contestant;

Add your IGN to your post;

You can't edit your post, so make sure you think well about your number. Edited posts will not be considered for potential winners.



❅ Blueuni.gif.2fdd7a84a5587dd4287a831bfcb73669.gif 1 Blue Unicorn pet;

12478.gif.d4617cbc404f3600036a76d1b7ac3669.gif 1 GM box of your choosing;

12130.gif.2deaca7515935cfd01c5fdfb38f86576.gif 5 cookie bags.





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