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And the lucky number is... [Week 4]

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Hello my dearest Talonians!

It is finally time to announce our lucky number of the week!

Remember our formula? Let's get to it~



We've had: 

 6 Bb , 3 Rr, 1 Sb, 4 Bn and 48 Hf , which means our lucky number is....


Congratulations @creativename , you've won last week's lottery!

You get to enjoy:


❅ Blueuni.gif.2fdd7a84a5587dd4287a831bfcb73669.gif 1 Blue Unicorn pet;

12478.gif.d4617cbc404f3600036a76d1b7ac3669.gif 1 GM box of your choosing;

12130.gif.2deaca7515935cfd01c5fdfb38f86576.gif 5 cookie bags.

Make sure to PM me to let me know which GM box you will choose, you can choose any currently active GM!


Thank you all for joining.

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