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Zed X

Yehey!! Finally!!! my first one year on Talon Ro

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yehey!!! It's been a year already since i started playing Talon Ro.  So many great memories while playing this game. One of them is meeting cool people whom i met. I enjoyed doing a lot of quest, events and mvp battles... etc.. Thank you my masters Naght, Ritsu, Hammering a Poring, S L e e q, Mina Myou, Misamotzu, Frostheart, Cueio, Zeon, Everdeen, Barnabus Barney Stinson, -Creator-, Jan Baptist Van Helmont, Kirsh, Giga Turtle, Kirigiri Kyouko, Dread, Burger Steak, Vick and Ngards... Because of you guys i enjoyed my gaming much better.. In a year i found a place that made me happy.. a place that relieved my stress and sorrows.. Thanks for the memories...


Thank you Admins and GMs ...

More Power Talon Ro!!!! I Love You/awsm

Please review ourserver at ratemyserver.net ..... yehey 


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