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Hello, ladies and gentlemens!
I believe that by returning the Battle Ground to play for many will be more interesting, will rise online. we have been waiting for the arena for too long. The game began to resemble the WOE simulator and the hunt for sleepers).

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5 hours ago, Nonoko-chan said:

Bill i pre-ordered this a year ago. Where is my shipment?

It was a trap.

4 hours ago, TeeKaay said:

Ill be back once things get active again. 👌

Sounds like a plan. 

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19 minutes ago, SneakyBeaky said:

bruh you should be back pvm is so active 

Not a big fan of pvm only here and there to grind and get supplies for pvp/woe.


8 minutes ago, troller said:

@TeeKaay i'll be back as soon as pvp active :D. -Teeyo ( t y o )

Looking forward to your pressure spams on your tank pally. 👌👍

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you grind for pvm / spend gj or meat or less = you got profit / costume worth hundreds of millions (from gmc / wave etc) - no monopoly issues there, as anyone can participate. No one forced you aye?
you spend goddam 2k per sp heal (strawberry) in vanilla (as vanilla gears are really cheapo they said), asked for a small reward like woe pot etc(acc bound), GM said too much incentive. Not too mention woe point = costume etc, they said it will be monopoly issue. You want gmc costume, join it or farm raw zeny then buy form other player. Why it can be the same as Woe rewards? Seriously you gotta think other income for newbie other than strawberry / cake (cake can just npced it so no prob here) or you guys just run out of idea?

Not gonna throw any suggestion since it will be rejected for sure. I'll just... hmm TRO logic.. nvm

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The thing with PvM is that you actually have to fight something for a reward. In WoE you could simply take turns and get the rewards for nothing.

Bullshit you say? We had a PvP event in Halloween many years ago. The idea was that people would fight over a loot chest with rewards. Wanna know what they did instead? Yes, they took turns and just looted the chest in turns. You cannot compare PvP to PvM when it comes to incentives.

While I do agree that there needs to be a way to pay for your WoE supplies I don't think that handing out costumes will work out the way you think. Also, why is that brought up all the time and hijacked into topics about Battleground even? 

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On 12/19/2017 at 8:30 AM, Bill said:

From him :')


I remember this  /heh  , when i Bored PVM  need Play BG /dum

Edited by Nox~

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You can prevent the "take turn gameplay" with some sort of scripted Guardian + Guardian Stone (plant type).
A (decent) reward is always better than nothing. Pretty sure even we encounter the "take turn gameplay" issues, you won't implement the similar box as GMC into WoE, yeah I got that.

Like the other, I'll rest the case. Oh my bad, sorry I was on the wrong channel. Have a nice day :)

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6 hours ago, Rotundjere said:

Sorry if there's an answer to my question somewhere there, couldn't find it. Is it possible that certain jobs (or all?) get soul link when a round starts/after death? 

Oh, I hope that won't happen and super-fast rounds with pre-linked stalks would be a thing of the past... 

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