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~ ChibiCraft ~ Neloren's Shop [Closed]

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I'm new in this game! And so I will be needing some money to start up. 

I played Ragnarok ages ago and I remember I was never really the moneymaker so I never had good gear.

Thank god I discovered I can sell my art for zennys~ 


================== AUCTION ==================

I'll put up a chibi for auction

Mainly because I'm still not familiar with the economy of this server and I don't want to over/under prize, so I'll trust you will offer me a fair deal!



Other Examples: (Mostly from another online game)








Instructions n Rules:

  • Comment with your bid in your 1st line and everything else afterwards (comments, suggestions, questions, etc).
  • Bidding will end on January 12 (23:59 PST).
  • Please make sure to have some sort of reference (or patience for me to get your character right).
  • Art will be handed no later than a week after agreeing on a character an receiving half payment in advance.
  • You may buy this for someone else's character.
  • I send the one without the huge watermark via PM.
  • I won't allow last second steals! In case two or more people keep bidding the bidding will end an hour after the last bidder's post.
  • I do accept Talon Coins.
  • You may PM me your bid if you wish to stay anon but I highly recommend you comment instead~


~ Winner Bid: ~

> 26m <

by Mefiliae



================== SKETCHES ==================


Wow! Thanks for the interest! I got a handful of comms to work on now so please be patient till I'm done with those~ !! /awsm

Hey! I'm dying poor in game so I'll be selling these quick sketches. 

Keep in mind my character is a priest and I have zero accessories so she looks fairly simple. 

Yes, I can do couples too~


------> Price: 10m per character<------


 ------------ SLOTS FULL ------------

1. Amissapanda [done]

2. Mefiliae [done]

3. Yuren

4. Clareon

5. Anon


Requirements PM me:

  • Some sort of reference (a screenshot of your character at least)
  • A list of visible accessories (hats, ears, face, etc)
  • Class of the character(s) and desired eye color
  • Reference for hairstyle if any outside of ROs styles (to match correct personality)
  •  Preferred pose and/or expression if any
  • Payment in advance
  • I send the one without watermark via PM!


Sketch Gallery: (finished comms)






Edited by Neloren
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Welcome to art corner, Neloren! Your art's such a gem *-* Don't be surprised if people don't bid at the early days since these art wolves do lurk and bite at the last days or hours of bidding! It's great to have you here!


meanwhile I'll patiently wait and see if I can bid a price that fits my teeny tidy zeny wallet D:<

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Is it? Thank you~ 

I know, it usually goes like that with many many bids in the last few hours oops.

Anyways hope I can grab some zennys cus I'm struggling to get gear and not get one-shot by mobs while lvling up </3

or maybe im doing smthing wrong oops

its been a while since i last played

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Welcome to the arty farty corner!

I love your chibi art style /fsh, I hope you get many requests (goes back to lurking in the shadows)

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Hello there and welcome! : ) Always great to see new artists around and I like your style!

I'd like a slot for a couple, please! I'm about to run off to work, but-- I'll PM the info and such a bit later.

Thank you kindly!

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22 minutes ago, Neloren said:

Why hello there, here goes Amissapanda's commision.

Hope you like it! 


Ahhh I gushed in your PM box already, but I gotta say it here, as well---Love it! You did an excellent job with them, it's SUPER cute, and I love the interpretation of them in your style! It makes me very happy, thank you! /lv

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i just like to see people and their work. there's sometimes lots of stuff to learn from, and mostly observe the construct.
the orientation of joints, contour lines crossing, transition of shape, light and shadow, texture... perspective



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On 1/6/2018 at 9:03 AM, Neloren said:

I played Ragnarok ages ago and I remember I was never really the moneymaker so I never had good gear.

this is a very relate-able feel (': hello~ and welcome to the art corner! your art style is wonderful and crisp- i hope you'll manage to get many requests and bids!
i do love how your priest looks /lv all that purple~

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34 minutes ago, Yuren said:

Pretty artsu. /awsm

Could I have a slot?

yes sure! please pm me the info 

57 minutes ago, Clareon said:

Slot please

added as well~ please pm 

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Today is last day for the auction!

Do have in mind I added a couple of rules. Especifically that I won't allow any last second steals to outbid the highest without notice, I'll have an hour safe keep, meaning the bid won't end until it has been an hour since the last bidder's post.

Of course if the day ends and the last bidder commented many hours ago the bid will end normally.

I am accepting Talon Coins too (10m=10TC) but not gear or cards.

My chibis won't be available for regular purchase in any way. I'll put one for auction every month or two. 

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1 hour ago, Hulky said:

wow, such a beautiful art!

I know the chibis are worth more than 5m(my bid), but thats all i have for now :P

Good Luck!


4 minutes ago, Kisuka* said:

D:< (where are all the bids ;_;)

I bid 17m


Thanks for your interest /awsm

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2 hours ago, Kisuka* said:

D:< (where are all the bids ;_;)

I bid 17m


7 minutes ago, hazelae said:

*slides in*



Thank you /awsm

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