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Looking for Social PvM Guild based in Europe

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I am searching for a Europe based PvM / Social Guild with active Members to go on lvling Partys, Slay MVPs, visit endless Tower, bio3 and so on. Guild Language should be English or german.

I know there are many international Guilds who take all nationalities, but I am specificly Looking for one where Most or all members are in the same timezone +\- a few hours. 

It is simply disappointing to never being able to join any raids, because you are in a very different timezone.

So if you know of a guild or are a guild that fits these requirements, I would be most happy about any information :)


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Hey Wosi,

I get what you mean, it's much easier if everyone is playing at the same time as you. You mentioned German so maybe check out these guys or some of the other guilds that post in the Deutsch sub.



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hey wosi, i wrote you and hour ago. i can say one thing for sure. then link i gave you, there you will find more ppl in all timezones. =)

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