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sneaking into the rekenber corporation quest

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Hi guys,

i badly need everyones help, i just finished the president quest, but i am really stuck in this sneaking into the rekenber corporation quest, since it says i have to talk to fishbone where the rekenber corp located, but he only told me to go into the sewer pipes what to do next please so i can finish this quest and do the next quest. 

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Lets start over again - I believe that "sneaking into the rekenber corporation quest" = "biolab entrance"

even the fact, that you mentioned Fishbone makes me think so.. Fishbone is NPC for biolab entrance and I dont recall any other quest with him..

biolab belongs to rekenber corp.. and you want to sneak into it.. and it is OK, that fishbone is sending you to sewers - if you have your permit, thats what he should do..

if it still shows "ongoing" and nobody has any idea why, try submitting a support ticket, so that GMs can look into it and explain..

in your questing board, do you see if you finished "biolab entrance"?


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