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GM Seiren

March Patch | Eden Group

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    • By particle28
      See, I was doing this quest in the Eden Group  called "Conquer the Orc Village" and it includes slaying Baby Orcs but the thing is I've been circling around Orc Village  but no Orc in diapers is to be seen. So I decided to abandon the Option A of the quest to try Option B but the NPC Borya nor Hooshka has the REMOVE quest option.  How do I go about this problem?
    • By GM Seiren
      Today, we're proud to announce the latest expansive update to TalonRO, The Eden Group! The new Eden Group will replace the former Monster Board NPC. In its place comes a huge wealth of expansive additions from the Eden Group - including so much more than just a hunting board! We're talking about completely new equipment that's friendly to both newcomers as well as experienced players, a wealth of exclusive new rewards, buffs, and amazing items, a wide variety of brand new exclusive services, and so much more! The Eden Group on TalonRO isn't like anything you may have tried before - which is so true of a lot of TalonRO content! We've redesigned and reimagined the Eden Group experience from the ground-up, unveiling a whole new way to experience the game that you love. Let's dive in together to explore the latest that the Eden Group has to offer!

      To access the Eden Group you must locate the Eden Teleport Officer which you can find at every major city location close to the spawn point. Once inside the Eden HQ, speak to Lime Evenor, where he will give you the character bound item Eden Group Mark. This item will allow you to warp directly to the Eden HQ after a short animation. This item has a 15 minute cooldown after use.

      The Eden Group features a variety of amazingly fun quests and all-new stories. Best of all, it's a whole new way to experience TalonRO!
      Start the main Eden quest line by speaking to Instructor Boya at the front desk! You must be at least Base Level 12 in order to start. The mission(s) you are assigned will be adjusted depending on your base level, scaled for difficulty. After completing Boya’s Missions, you can start talking to Instructor Ur for more advanced missions! You must be at least Base Level 60+ and have completed Boya’s questline to begin these quests. Similar to the missions from Boya, these mission(s) are assigned and adjusted depending on your base level.
      Upon completion of any of Boya or Ur’s quests, you will be rewarded with exclusive Eden Armors and Weapons. All of these wonderful new items will increase in power by providing you with better grades as you grow and do more quests! All weapon types are available! These new items are very reliable for starting out the game. You'll have access to a wide range of great weapons to get you started on your journey in Midgard. Alongside these weapons are new Eden Group armors, including the Eden Group Hat, Uniform, Manteau, and Boots. All of the Eden gears are character bound and must be sold to an NPC when you no longer desire them, with the exception of the Eden Group Hat II item. Weapons Tier 1 and 2 weapons are granted by completing Boya's Missions and can be received through Administrator Michael. Tier 3 weapons are rewarded by completing Ur's Missions and can be received through Blacksmith Thorn. Book, Instrument, Whip, Huuma, Katar, Knuckle, Spear, and Two-Handed Axe types are only available as Tier 3, from Instructor Ur's Missions. Armors Tier 1 and 2 Hat / Manteau are rewarded by completing Boya's Missions and can be received through Administrator Michael. Tier 1, 2, and 3 Uniform and Boots are rewarded by completing Boya's Missions and can be received through Administrator Michael. Tier 2 Hat & Manteau as well as Tier 4 Uniform and Boots are rewarded by completing Ur's Missions and can be received through Blacksmith Thorn. Once you have obtained the final tier of equipment and completed all of Boya's missions through receipt of the Eden Group Hat, you will be able to unlock a variety of enchantments you can place on your newly earned Eden Equipment!
      Talking to Administrator Michael after completing all of Instructor Boya’s Missions will unlock a Eden Group Hat enchanting service.  You can only enchant once, so choose wisely! This will also not work with the Eden Group Hat II! Talking to Weapons Expert BK after receiving the Tier 3 Eden Weapon and completing the minimum amount of Instructor Ur's quests will allow you to enchant your weapon up to 3 times, depending on how many missions / level of missions you completed for Instructor Ur. You only get these enchantments once. Choose wisely! Talking to Blacksmith Thorn after completing any of Instructor Ur’s missions and receiving the final tier of Eden Equipment allows you to enchant 1 Eden Armor every 23 hours with 2 random enchantments! Blacksmith Thorn will happily do this for you as many times as you would like, as long as you first complete his short quest each time.

      The new Eden Board Quests are the main replacement for the Monster Hunting Board, but feature a wonderful new set of rewards and experiences based on your own skill and level!
      Participate in a wide range of Board Quests depending on your level! There are a total of 10 possible monsters per board, 5 of which are rotated each week. After completing a quest, you will enter a cooldown period before you can do that same quest again. This cooldown lasts for 30 Minutes. Rewards for completing these Board Quests include the following: Base Exp Job Exp Bronze Coins Novice Potions (if 25 or lower level quest) Eden Merit Badges (if 90 or higher level quest) Upon reaching transcendent status, you will gain access to a second 91~99 board filled with more difficult monsters with greater experience, bronze coin, and Eden Merit Badge rewards! Bronze Coin and Eden Merit Badge rewards increase in quantity for the regular 91~99 board as you achieve base level 99 on any class! Becoming a Transcendent Class increases the experience rewards from these quests! Everybody has the same quests on rotation regardless if you're non-transcendent or transcendent!
        Furthermore, the Eden Group is proud to reintroduce "item turn-in" quests! Collect and gather the assigned items for additional rewards! Same rotation rules apply to items, and all items are associated with the related mob quests. These quests only reward you with Base experience, and will not grant you as much experience as the monster quests. The cooldown of these quests are twice as long as those of the monster quests, at 1 Hour. Additionally, at appropriate maps relating to the Board Missions, you can meet up with the Eden Intern to clear quests outside of the Eden HQ!

      Get ready to take on some demanding monster quests with Gramps, as he challenges you and other adventurers to eradicate fierce monsters in the treacherous dungeons of Midgard!
      Every day he will allow you to take up to two quests. Successfully completing 2 of his tasks will reward you with major experience, Bronze Coins, as well as Eden Merit Badges. He will offer you 2 difficulties: Normal Difficulty Taking on this difficulty will task you with a much easier dungeon, coupled with its easier monsters such as Turtle Dungeon, Glast Heim, and Juperos. The reward will be much less than Intense mode, however. Intense Difficulty This difficulty demands dedicated parties! You will be asked to kill less monsters than the Normal Mode, but the locations are significantly harder. Examples include Lighthalzen Dungeon 3, Gold Scaraba Hole, and Thors Volcano. The rewards here are however absolutely worth your time and effort! Upon entering into cooldown, you will be able to take Gramps' quests again as soon as Midgard (server) time hits 00:00! All players will have the same quests on rotation, regardless if you're non-transcendent or transcendent. Bronze Coin and Eden Merit Badge rewards will increase in quantity as you achieve base level 99! Every week, Gramps will rotate different maps as well as monsters! These include: 2 Normal Maps and 2 Intense Maps. 2 monsters associated with the chosen maps.

      Do you have the Bonus Bundle enabled on your character? If so, you’re in luck! You will be offered additional quests by speaking to the Eden’s Chef inside of Eden’s Kitchen. His quests can contain player favorites!
      Upon completing any of the quests from Eden's Chef, you will be rewarded with the following: Base Exp Job Exp 1 Professional Cooking Kit All of these quests have a fixed 1 Hour cooldown, regardless of your level. There are a total of 10 possible monsters offered per level range, 5 of which are rotated each week. All players will have the same quests on rotation, regardless if you're non-transcendent or transcendent!

      Looking to take a break from the typical monster grind? Try taking on some work at Dieshin Corporation! It can be found on the 2nd floor of the Eden HQ the top right room. Depending on your level, you will be given a particular delivery mission. Higher level delivery missions will add additional requirements that the player must satisfy before the work is considered completed, and can also become more and more tasking.
      These may include the following: Item Delivery Item Collection Participation in a short “job” at the specified delivery location. Eliminating nearby monsters. Successfully completing any Dieshin Corporation Mission will reward you with the following: Job Experience only! Blessing or Increase Agility Scroll level 10 (if 90 or lower level quest) Eden Merit Badges (if 91 or higher level quest) For players at Base level 91+ : You may occasionally receive a random special scroll as well! All of his quests have a fixed 1 hour cooldown regardless of your level! Transcendent Class characters will see increases in the experience reward received from these quests! Bronze Coin and Eden Merit Badge rewards will also increase in quantity as you achieve base level 99!

      Assist the Energy Crystal Research Association by speaking to Reno on the 2nd floor of the Eden Group. Doing so will grant you access to a variety of rewards!
      Allow him to extract “Energy Crystals” from your body in order to receive free buffs to +Atk and +Matk for a 3 Hour Duration! Additionally, you will even receive the extracted crystals! Take on his monster quests! Doing so will reward you with either of the following depending on which level you select:
      Rough Energy Crystals
      Purified Energy Crystals
      High Energy Crystals
      Got a lot of lower level crystals, but need more higher level crystals? Allow him to compress lower grades into higher grades at a 10 to 2 rate!
      Have a lot of Energy Crystals as a whole? Allow him to exchange them, plus some additional ingredients, in order to gain access to a variety of brand new useful headgears and equipment! High Energy Crystals are account bound while the other two are not. All players will have the same quests on rotation, regardless if you're non-transcendent or transcendent! Feeling lucky? Give Reno 200 rough energy crystals, 300 purified energy crystals, or 400 high energy crystals, and roll a chance at getting 1 random equipment free of additional ingredient costs!

      Are you a very dedicated grinder? Would you call yourself a hard worker? The Eden Group greatly appreciates your dedication and hard work! So much so that the Eden Captain, Arquien, will reward you with some fantastic services for doing a lot of jobs at the Eden HQ!
      The following quests will count toward Arquien's services: Board Quests Item turn-in quests are excluded Gramps Quests Dieshin Delivery Quests Bounty Board Quests For Every 25 Jobs | Lime Evenor will approach you and notify you that Captain Arquien requests to see you at her office. Have no fear, this is anything but a punishment! For 25 jobs Completed | Unlocks the Bounty Board! The old Monster Board NPC has a new position in the Eden Group! Participating in the Bounty Board will assign you 1 random MvP for that particular day. You have up to 23 Hours to complete the mission by killing the chosen MvP. If you kill the MvP in time you will be rewarded with a large sum of Bronze Coins and Eden Merit Badges, depending on the MvP's overall difficulty! Assigned MvP is random for every participating player. Cancelling the quest prematurely requires you to wait 23 hours before picking it up again. For 50 jobs Completed | Unlocks Grandma Boxter! She will allow you to recycle over 400 types of gears and misc items into a new currency called Brownie Points. These Brownie Points can then be exchanged for Services or Resources as follows: Every applicable Misc Item grants you 1 Point. Every applicable Equipment Item grants you 200 Points. You can achieve 5000 Brownie Points per week per account with the Recycling feature. Brownie Points are bound by your game accounts. Meaning every character on the same account shares the same brownie points. For 75 jobs Completed | Unlocks Dally Quen! After completing a short quest of his, he will give you a freebie item every single day! Every freebie item you obtain, you are more likely to get better prizes until eventually you can receive a grand prize! If you have all 3 special services unlocked and completed 100 jobs | Have no fear, Captain Arquien has you covered! You will instead receive 5 Copper Coins that point onward for every 25 jobs! Finally, you can speak to Lime Evenor at any point to see what your total completed job count is.

      Sharpen your tactics and gain some additional knowledge at Eden’s Gym! Here you will find 10 stationary soccer balls. These are punching bag type mobs that you can attack and test your damage at!
      You will find one soccer ball per element in Midgard with the following parameters: Level 98 Element level 3 Each soccer ball will be a different existing element Formless Race Boss Property. Medium Size 0 DEF, MDEF, and 0 Stats Speak with Zoey to gain a pointer to the personal trainer NPCs, which can help you with specific classes by giving you useful advice, and if you are a low enough job, you can be given pointers on how to start the official job quests! If you are a particular class, the appropriate trainer will give the Emote notifying who you should talk to.

      Are you also completely new to the game of Ragnarok? New to TalonRO in general? It may be within your interest to check out the Eden Tutorial NPCs on the second floor of the Eden HQ! They can teach you about the basics. Who knows, they may even reward you for your time!

      Completing a select amount of missions rewards you with Eden Merit Badges! These badges can then be exchanged with Merry Badger's dog, Merry Barker, who can reward you with a wide variety of incredibly useful items, and in some cases, unique rewards only obtainable here!
      Eden Merit Badges can be earned through the following methods: Board Quests Except for Item Turn-Ins. Only during the Base Level 91+ Quests. Gramps Quests Dieshin Delivery Quests Only during the Base Level 91+ Quests. Bounty Board Quests

      The Eden Group excitement on TalonRO is just getting started! We're rolling out new items, prizes, boxes, and so much more through this completely new venue. Consider the Eden Group your new center for adventure! Take a party, embark on a mission, and explore the world of Midgard!
      To celebrate the introduction of the Eden Group in March 2018, we're offering the following new features to celebrate its rollout:
      From now until March 17, all Board Missions will give an additional 25% Experience! This bonus also carries over to the Item Turn Ins - so try them out for additional amazing experience! We have also increased the Bronze Coin weekly limit from 175 to 200 permanently! The Eden Group is our latest expansive update, having undergone many months of planning and testing - all to deliver an experience unlike any other! We hope this is a great way to start off our very strong eleventh year! As always, we hope that you enjoy playing on TalonRO, and Happy Gaming Talonians!
      I would like to extend a massive thanks to @GM Phoenix for his efforts on this release. He has worked tirelessly on making this patch a reality.
      As always, please report bugs that you find ASAP! If you have feedback, requests or suggestions, please leave them here as well~
    • By GM Howl
      We hope that you're having a wonderful start to 2018 on TalonRO! Our latest updates and recap of events, new features and fixes, plus updates to our regular monthly content will hopefully bring plenty of joy and excitement to your gameplay experience! We invite you to enjoy this month's latest - including some things coming later in February to get excited about!

      There's plenty to enjoy in February - including some new and fun events headed your way, plus updates on our Battlegrounds Beta testing, and much more! Be on the lookout this month for some of the following exciting additions and adventures:
      Battlegrounds Beta | We're pleased to announce our Battlegrounds Beta Test first round testing! We hope that those of you who are interested in helping to test Battlegrounds will be able to join us on Saturday, February 17th from 3:00pm to 8:00pm. Our team has been working hard this month to create a thorough and an entirely new offering from the ground up - and we are excited to unveil and test this new addition with you!
        Full details for how to participate can be found in our special BG Beta Official News post. Please note, this is a closed beta for players who have met the requirements for participation and have signed up for the closed beta Battlegrounds testing series.
        Valentine's Day and Lunar New Year Event | Coming later in February, be on the lookout for our all-new Valentine's Day / Lunar New Year event! This is the year of the dog - but don't worry: this year's adventures won't be too ruff (hah...get it...? ). We're putting the finishing touches on this year's monsters, prizes, and much more - but we're looking forward to celebrating some puppy love in February!
        The 2018 Yule Ball | Speaking of seasonal events, it wouldn't be a proper celebration to mark the end of winter without the return of the annual social gala of the year: the Yule Ball! Details on this event will be forthcoming over in our Official Events section in the coming days, and we look forward to sending you your invitation!
        For those new to TalonRO, the Yule Ball is a special social event, involving live music, prizes, games, formal wear, and much more - all set in our one-of-a-kind Ice Palace venue! Be on the lookout for details in the next few days.
      We're always looking to improve a few smaller things on TalonRO as well to improve your gameplay experience - from big events to small details. We hope that you'll enjoy the following notes on changes inside of Midgard this month:
      The Dressing Coach NPC now features all of the latest costumes, available for you to try on today!
        Fixed a small bug related to one of the cut-in images in the New Player Tutorial.
      This month's Tam Tam's Gift region takes us into the heart of Brasilis as well as the legendary Turtle Dungeon! Journey through the jungles and mysterious dungeons of these beloved areas with a fresh sense of wonder and renewed adventure - and fight against this month's Champion Monsters to earn yourself valuable coins, additional experience, and much more!
      Brasilis and the Turtle Dungeon are home to this month's TTG region! In Brasilis, this includes both the Brasilis Fields and the Brasilis Dungeon as well.
        This month's champion monsters include: Permeter, Piranha, Iara, Jaguar, and Wanderer.
      Finally, this month's latest Costume Box includes a variety of enjoyable new and rare costumes - the Rainbow Sigrun's remain the extra rare get, but new additions such as the Baby Penguin Costume, Fluffy Angel Cape, and Greater Dracul Horn! Other additions to this month's box make it one worth obtaining - and be sure to do so, as each month a new box with new contents will take its place! February's costume box is currently available in the Reward Guru - and we hope that you get something fun to show off to the world of Midgard!
      This month's February Costume Box include the following items: Rainbow Sigrun Wings Costume Baby Penguin Costume Fluffy Angel Cape Costume Greater Dracul Horn Costume There is Something Costume Sun Visor Costume Harvest Fiesta Costume Strawberry Hat Costume Fin Helm Costume Magistrate Hat Costume Feather Beret Costume