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GM Elixia

TalonRO Custom Headgear Design Contest

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Oh dear, does copying mean we can't copy other games HEADGEAR or can we do things inspired from other games? (missed that one line) nvm already been asked and all good? :Dc


example of use5aa7b1d2a0226_hornsexample.thumb.jpg.06d08021aa8b82f9d9dbb7d81f3a199e.jpg

animation: red glows off and on




Example of use and back view of the double ribbon of the hat



@GM Zelda u know u want it /heh

Edited by Kurai Shónin
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-In-Game Name  : Lyranis, Kimina, or other

The GM Radius Challenge :   8900.gif +3 Undivided Tri-Forte : Create a three-piece headgear set consisting upper, middle and lower headgear !
he GM Spica Challenge :   8900.gif +1 Pink Madness : Create a headgear that has pink in it !

Ok first, i want to say that my photoshop skills are all gone cause i didn't draw there for soooo long T_T !! I hope you will like it ^^ ! The Fur, and Antenna are like "fur" type, but my skills are...You know XD...
And i just wanted to say that i LOVEEEEEEE the work of @kcilds , his "The Doom of Despair" is just magic !!!! 

Upper : 

Middle : 

Lower : 

And here an exemple of all of them together ^^ : 

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On 3/8/2018 at 6:39 PM, Blue-chan said:



OMG this one is super cute! /fsh Please keep your awesome entries coming! /lv

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On 3/12/2018 at 1:37 PM, Riiko said:

The link for downloading the file are gone :(

Hi @Riiko! It's now back up again! Sorry for the 404 /sry

On 3/6/2018 at 7:21 AM, bchan03 said:

IGN: Rikkon



My 1st entry is a 3 Piece Headgear, i'll do better on the following entries, I just had to get this out of my head xD

  • The GM Radius Challenge:      8900.gif +3 Undivided Tri-Forte : Create a three-piece headgear set consisting upper, middle and lower headgear!


Judgemental Arrows


Closed eyes


Grit Teeth


2nd entry, this one plays with my IGN: Rikkon = Nokkir

I did say I was gonna do better for my other entries xD

  • The GM Rainbow Challenge:  8900.gif +3 Fantastic Beast and Where To Find Them : Use your imagination to create an original and new magical beast, then base your headgear on that new beast and provide its backstory in its description.
  • The GM Radius Challenge:      8900.gif +3 Undivided Tri-Forte : Create a three-piece headgear set consisting upper, middle and lower headgear!


posting this just so you know the monster this gear came from, I'm doing it full body for a contest in facebook :D

Lets see you try to fight this guy head on. 









3rd Entry


  • The GM Lance Challenge:        8900.gif +1 Fuzzy Hare : Create a headgear that oozes bunny appeal!
  • The GM Spica Challenge:         8900.gif +1 Pink Madness : Create a headgear that has pink in it!
  • The GM Copal Challenge:        8900.gif +1 Disguise Yourself Create a headgear that covers your face.
  • Untitled-1.png.b16c627708bf28d0f5630df956b6fe4c.png



@GM Elixia - Question :)
I submitted 3 entries but basically 7 head gears all in all. will that be counted as 7 entries? or just 3 since the 1st 2 entries are a set?

Thank you for your reply in advance ^_^

You can have it as 7 entries if you so wish — but you would have to forfeit the GM Radius Challenge, I recommend sticking onto it being sets — and if that is a set, then it'll be counted as 3 entries :) /no1

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Added Standalone Headgear: Poring-like Bunny! /crwd

On 3/13/2018 at 11:20 PM, GM Venus said:

OMG this one is super cute! /fsh Please keep your awesome entries coming! /lv

Thanks, I'm happy you think so! /lv

Edited by Blue-chan
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On 13/03/2018 at 10:27 AM, Riiko said:

-In-Game Name  : Lyranis, Kimina, or other
And i just wanted to say that i LOVEEEEEEE the work of @kcilds , his "The Doom of Despair" is just magic !!!! 

Your words fill my heart with love and joy! /awsm

I really wish I could make more entries and create a pixel art for all those awesome entries but I got no more time /desp

I think aside from who wins.. the game should get all these headgears for the sake of "I want to wear them all!"

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Yippee - another competition! I love how unique this challenge is! 

My Character IGN: Maybelline 

Entry #1, inspired by my profound love of llamas. :wub: Entry made in watercolour paint.

Potentially applicable to:

  • The GM Venus Challenge:       8900.gif +1 Shape Shifter : Create a headgear inspired by animals (e.g Fox's ears, Tiger's mouth, Racoon's tail, etc

Background - Llama Lore:

Lucifer the Llama knew he was different to all the other llamas for as long as he can remember. His parents explained to him that he had a rare condition called 'Dworphism' or 'Dwerfism', Quite frankly, he cannot remember the exact term anymore because whether he liked it or not, he was a bona fide micro llama. Nevertheless, for what he lacked in stature, he more than made up for with his big personality. His great ambition is to be a Battle Commando - poised on the top of his foot soldier, he is well-positioned to lead the ranks and shout commands, guiding his squad towards victory.

TalonRO  —  Custom Headgear Design Contest Template - Blushing Llama.png


Entry #2 as I've been in the mood to create something fairytale-themed. This one is also a watercolour painting.

Fitting this under:

The GM Venus Challenge:       8900.gif +1 Shape Shifter : Create a headgear inspired by animals (e.g Fox's ears, Tiger's mouth, Racoon's tail, etc

The GM Phoenix Challenge:   8900.gif +2 Mythical Hat : Create a headgear that's based on Norse Mythology, or another real world mythology of your choosing. (based on the Frog Prince fairy tale best known by the Brothers Grimm)

Background - Froggy Fable:

Tedward the Fifth was only a boy when he was crowned His Majesty, successor to King Chedward the Third. Disinterested in the life of politics and his royal duties, he was much more distracted by his mischievous pursuits to satisfy his curiosities while exploring the castle and its many rooms.  His favourite pastime was visiting the old biochemist's laboratory when Murfinkel the tinkerer wasn't around.

One afternoon, he silently crept in while the old spook was out collecting mushrooms from a nearby forest. The sights, sounds and smells of the laboratory always overwhelmed his senses and he was mesmerised while watching the plumes of colourful smoke waft lazily out of cauldrons of all sizes. On this visit, he was drawn to a suspended test tube of a brilliantly coloured liquid that kept indecisively changing  from pink to blue to green.

Upon inspection, the liquid in the test tube smelled like watermelon and strawberries. He was feeling particularly bold and so drew it to his lips and took a sip. Without warning, his eyes grew blurry and he watched the room grow bigger and bigger - wait no, he was shrinking! Before he knew it, he had morphed into a small rosy-cheeked frog. On the wooden floor lay the tube, the inscription on its side reading: "Antidote: True Love's Kiss".

TalonRO  —  Custom Headgear Design Contest Template - Lotus Frog.png

Entry #3

All my entries have been animal-themed so far - can you tell I love adorable things... :P

Painted with watercolour.

The GM Venus Challenge:       8900.gif +1 Shape Shifter : Create a headgear inspired by animals (e.g Fox's ears, Tiger's mouth, Racoon's tail, etc)

The GM Spica Challenge:         8900.gif +1 Pink Madness : Create a headgear that has pink in it!

Background - Teddy Tales:

There once was an especially gifted sorceress named Aeria who gave birth to a baby girl named Lissa. Her daughter was the apple of her eye and her joy and pride. However, her happiness was cut short and her world was shattered to pieces when the kingdom's most well-respected  fortune teller delivered her grave news. The mystic warned her that her baby wouldn't live beyond the age of three due to ominous forces that wanted to claim the child's precious life.  Aeria took matters into her own hands and cast protective spells all around their home that repelled dark energy. She also hand-stitched a small teddy bear and bewitched it with a powerful incantation that meant it would guard her daughter from any evil.

TalonRO  —  Custom Headgear Design Contest Template - Safety Bear.png

Entry #4

Inspired by Scandinavian mythology about the Kraken, an octopus or squid with a body so large, it can be mistaken for an island!

The GM Phoenix Challenge:   8900.gif +2 Mythical Hat : Create a headgear that's based on Norse Mythology, or another real world mythology of your choosing.

The GM Mikzie Challenge:      8900.gif +1 Mermaid Melody : Create a headgear inspired by the ocean!

The GM Venus Challenge:       8900.gif +1 Shape Shifter : Create a headgear inspired by animals (e.g Fox's ears, Tiger's mouth, Racoon's tail, etc)


Back view:



To view my paintings in a larger size, please visit my Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/artbyjassietea/ :lol:

Edited by jassietea
Adding 4th entry
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5 hours ago, Chirii said:

/gawi/gawiINGAME NAME: Chichiri~

/gawi/gawiGuild : Optimism






/heh/hehSO YEEAH! ILL GIVE IT A TRY/heh/heh









I like this one, reminds me of a feather beret.

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/wah I feel like i'm fighting in a nuclear war with only my fists! Why are you guys so good?

As I said...I'm not an artist, I'm just someone with ideas /heh

Here we go:

IGN: Cueio

Entry 1: The Paper mask (middle and lower headgear)


The Paper Mask


Entry 2: Wireless Speaker (Upper Headgear)


Wireless Speaker


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      Feel free to use any musical instruments. Be creative!  
      Post all your amazing creations on this thread and awe us! Best of luck and Happy Holidays Talonians!!!

      GMs reserve the right to pick fewer than three winners if no/not enough entries are suitable
    • By LovelySundae
      Status: OPEN
      I'm brand new to TalonRO, and I wanted to be apart of the art community, as well as make some zeny for my friends and I in-game. I have been playing Ragnarok Online since the Beta testing all those years ago! I took a few years break after my old private server went down, and I'm ready to get back into it! I love to draw ragnarok characters, so why not let me draw yours! Since I'm just starting up, my prices may increase in the future. Thank you!
      Detailed: 22mil

      Simple: 13mil

      Chibi: 8 Mil

      Order Form:
      I'm in the process of making this post look all formal and pretty, but for now I'm focusing on the actual artwork. Looking for something specific, like an icon, or many b/w sketches, just ask me and we can work something out C:
      Also, you don't have to buy anything to chat in here. Since I'm new I'd love to make some new friends! Thank you for your time! And happy hunting <3
    • By Cueio
      ***********EVENT HAS ENDED**********
      **********        STOP HERE     ***********
      The Halloween event is a far bigger event. This is just ONE of the features included in this years event.
      I am writing this Guide to help people. Feel free to use it, copy, and suggest things.
      First guide I make so dont expect much. Sorry about some of the low quality screenshots.
      The Rewards are:
      around 100 Points to your School; Hanging Dolls Costume (Account bound, Not yet in database)
      Chance to get a Bandit pet (Dont know whats teh %) - Bonus are +25 Maximum SP, 2,5% chance of using level 1 Steal, and 1% resistance for Shadow Property.                                
      1 x Empty Test Tube - (Buyable at Alchemist NPC) 200 x Snail's Shell - (Drops from Ambernite)* 2 x Old BLue Box - (Better buy from players) 1 x Rusty Kitchen Knife - (Not consumed, drops from Bloody Murderer)* 5 x Blue Bijou - (Drops from blue Acidus) 5 x Red Bijou - (Drops from red Ferus) 5 x Yellow Bijou - (Drops from gold Acidus) *Mob on a map that have one event NPC
      Optional but highly recomended (Dont be a cheapstake, just buy them):
      1 x Dragon Tail 1 x Dragon Scale 1 x Dragon Canine -STEPS-
      To start the quest, you need to go to the Event Map. For that, use the Halloween Warper near the Prontera Mailbox
      You'll be assigned to one Team:  Necromancers or Spirit Channelers. Talk to the respective leader of your team.
      The NPC will mention something about some relick (Monkey Paws?), two men, and a woman that died near a river (thats the clue, if you haven't done Kiel Hyre quest you won't get it). Now you need to go to Border Checkpoint (yuno_fild12 67,276). There you'll find the NPC Ratsy:
      Talk to Ratsy and ask about the dead woman. She'll say something about bringing her back, and will ask for a Bloodstone. It's located on Glast Hein St.Abbey (gl_church 49,20). Just warp to Glast Hein Churchyard using the warp girl, and take the south potal. You're looking for a weird thing that looks like a piano (in the right angle):
      CAREFUL HERE. Theres other "pianos" on the map that works too. I don't know its locations. YOU NEED TO SPAM. Just keep talking to it until it says you found a Bloodstone. Once you get the Bloodstone, go back to Ratsy (yuno_fild12) and talk. Now you need to get some Drowned Sailor Tears. Ratsy mentions you'll have to dive DEEP to get them. So now you want to go to Bibilan dungeon (warp girl can take you there). Go to the floor with Phens, Marcs and Swordfishs (iz_dun03 155,51):
      Talk to the Merman and ask for his help to get the Tears. He'll ask for the empty test tube. Agree with him on everything and he will give you the tears. If you talk to him again, he'll stab you.  No big deal. Go back to Ratsy and there will be a spooky ritual, and a Banshee NPC will pop out DONT TALK TO RATSY AFTER THE BANSHEE SPAWNED. Talk/Walk into the banshee. Ask about the relic of MonkeyPaws (whatever that was) and she'll mention a tropical forest with reptiles. Now you can talk to Ratsy again if you want. By the way, thats Papuchia Forest (cmd_fild01). Now you have to find 7 specific trees on that map (yes... SEVEN). Their locations are those:
      cmd_fild01 97,48       - H cmd_fild01 93,148     - O cmd_fild01 123,242   - L cmd_fild01 99,295     - N cmd_fild01 283,259   - L cmd_fild01 335,93     - E cmd_fild01 202,134   - I
      Each one of the orange dots are Trees that you need to check (coordinates above). When you check the last tree, it will tell you about some kid in the Geffen waters. Thats in Geffen FIeld (gef_fild09 140,140). To go there, take a warp to Orc Dungeon, and then the portal in the upper right corner. Now find the lil' boy named Lhoris in one of the land things that strech to the water:
      Once you talk to him, ask about the relic, monkey paws, same old stuff. He''ll ask for some password(codeword). From the letters of the trees, you can guess. No? ok its hellion. or HELLION. Both works. Now he asks for Snail's Shell. He does not mention an amount, but it seems to be 200 (or really close to that). As stated above, you can farm the shells in this map from ambernites. Good luck. When you have the 200, just give them to him, and he'll say something about an older cousin on a place with toy buildings. For your surprise, that's NOT toy factory. It's actually in Gonryun Field (gon_fild01 130,133). You'll be looking for a NPC named Anzati:
      Talk to Anzati. HE'S ANGREH! So to chill, you decide by yourself to give him 2 OBB's. After he's LESS ANGREH, he'll tell you a pesky black cat stole his toy. A King Tristram action figure (I want one). The pesky black cat is a Wild Rose. Now the one who'll be angry is you. This part requires some patience. You'll need to reach Geffen FIeld 5 (gef_fild05), and search for a specific wild rose. The PESKY wild rose keep changin his location (It seemed to be among a fixed spawn locations, not confirmed). So what you gotta do is wander through the map trying to find a suspicious wild rose. The mous will not change to the speech bubble like normal NPCs, it will change into a sword (Just lke the Merman, and the Banshee Alysia). The only diference from a normal wild rose is that it does not move.   Now If you see a wild rose idling, run to it. If its the real NPC, a dialogue will appear. Choose to snatch the toy. There's a chance of succeeding (not sure, I got in first try and some people needed 6 tries). If you fail, the cat will scratch you and change its location. OK, now you get that toy and bring it back to Anzati. Ask about relic monkey stuff, he'll send you to find a friend mage that went on adventures in a dry and rocky place near a floating city. Thats Yuno. And you want to search him in Yuno field 4 (yuno_fild04 54,142). The mage name is Luvon.
      Luvon will say he's busy with some orc problem, and you offer to help. He'll send you to a friend in the orc encampment. Thats the orc village and the NPC to search is Cassius (gef_fild10 345,205):
      When you speak to Cassius, he ask you to check the camp, including the insides. You'll have to find a total of 10 spots. They're:
      ORANGE DOTS are the portals to the buildings (you shouldnt have trouble finding the spots inside them), and BLUE DOTS are spots on the Field
      gef_fild10 246,83    - well - deep in_orcs01 151,31    - bed - feather gef_fild10 175,173 - axe - sharp in_orcs01 118,113  - shield - sturdy in_orcs01 107,178  - skulls - white gef_fild10 73,343  - banner - stained gef_fild14 325,195 - stump - small gef_fild14 80,170  - ballista - gigantic gef_fild14 121,306 - barricade - wood gef_fild14 163,285 - tower/lookout - tree You can find them in any order, and the order I stated them seems to be a good one.

      When talking to the last spot, it will tell you that you found everything. At this moment you should go back to Cassius to report. Tell him everything, and he'll ask some information For each spot, there were two red words, those were key words. Cassius will ask about something (e.g.. ask about Stump, and you type in "small", no quotes). The associations are above, together with the coordinates. Type exactly as it is. one letter wrong and he wont accept.
      After he accept your information, you should go back to Luvon (the mage in yuno fild 04). He'll now tell you about some Monolith in the riverbanks of a River around prontera. Bring the BIJOUS with you. You're going to find a Monolith two maps west from Prontera (prt_fild04 141,315):
      Touch the monolith and will tell you about Five Dancing dragons (or not dancing at all, whatever), and the number five. Also there's the colors RED, BLUE AND YELLOW. What a coincidence you brought your Bijous. Talk to it again, and you'll insert the Bijous. The monolith will tell you about some pumpkim. And you of course, think about Niff when you see a pumpkin. Thats exactly where you're going now. Its almost finishing the quest, only one more annoying part and we're good to get some rewards. Go to Skellington (nif_fild01 216,47). Its a somewhat hidden place, with lots of pumpkins:
      When you arrive there, you may notice the pumpkin are NPCs, but you need to talk to Jakk Skellington first. Remember that the monsters in this map can be troublesome if mobbed. Ask about the relic/monkey paws, and Jakk will tell you he needs some FABULOUSLY carved pumpkins. First thing you gotta do is talk to some pumpkins and choose to gather them. You can get up to three pumpkins at once. Do so and talk to Jakk again. He'll ironically ask if you need a knife, and send you to gather one in the valley. He also mentions a Pumpkinring that will help you in the carving process. Another coincidence, the map one east to SKellington is Valley of Gyoll, the place where you will get your knife and find the Pumpkinring (nif_fild02 47,263):
      Now, talk to Pumpkinring. I dont remember what he says, but you need a knife anyway. You should get one Rusty Kitchen Knife, wich is droped by Bloody Murderers on that same map. Its 60% drop and you need only one, so no big deal. With the knife in inventory, talk to Pumpkinring and ask to carve. He'll make a pose, a Sonic Blow sound, and attempt to carve. There's a good chance of failing (maybe even higher than success chance). After each attempt, it will tell you how many raw pumpkins you have. Carve your 3 pumpkins and go back to Jakk to give him the pumpkins. He'll accept it by a chance, and discard the other ones. here we enter a loop:
      Collect pumpkins in Jakk map; Try to carve them with Pumpkinring; Bring them to Jakk for judgement; Repeat those 3 steps until Jakk accept 3 of your carved Pumpkins. He'll then mention that to get the Relic/Monkey Paw, you should go to a huge circle, protected by dragons, and set the pumpkins to work their magic. The Map we're seeking is Abyss Lakes (hu_fild05), and you're NOT going to enter the abyss dungeon. I suggested bringing the dragon parts because the last step is in the center island, but not inside the dungeon itself. Now you should look for Soils that look like this:
      There are MORE than 3 Soils (maybe 6), so dont go planting anywhere. You should plant the pumpkins in the following spots, marked by ORANGE DOTS:
      Coordinates are : 281,139 -- 95,139 -- 198,304
      Now you should feel happy. You only need to go to the middle and collect your prizes. To do so, talk to the Column, marked in the map as a BLUE DOT, and insert the dragon parts. If you did not bring them, you can try your luck and use Teleport/Fly Wing to reach the middle platform.
      Once there just talk to the spooky darky creepy black thing wich should be in the southern part of the island. It will say there's no such thing as Monkey Paws (the cake is a lie). BUT you'll get your prizes.
      Now go back to the event map and talk to the School leader. He will say that its a shame you wasted your time, and the artifact stills a mistery.
      -THE END-
      Edit: A huge thanks to all the people that helped in finding NPCs and solving puzzles.
      Thanks @Cassidyfor those extra piano locations.