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GM Elixia

TalonRO Custom Headgear Design Contest

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Last minute entry, hopefully this still counts. /heh

IGN: Crowen Eirinschwartz

GM Elixia Challenge: Pixel Player Pusher

GM Venus Challenge: Shape Shifter


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This was a lot of fun to make!

Full Story:



Wizard Ferrigumin was the first attempt at a forced rebirth using the artifical Heart of Ymir in the Varmundt Regenschirm Laboratory.

Ferrigumin's rebirth to High Wizard was a total failure. She now possessed terrific magic power but; was unable to cast any spell.

download.jpg.3354aebf3525d7eb476ba9c28143620d.jpgHer life long rival, Kathryne was the second Wizard to undergo the experiment. In light of Kathryne's successful rebirth; Ferrigumin begged Rekenber to attempt the experiment a second time. Rekenber denied her and locked her away in the basement of the Labratory.

Ferrigumin was later discovered by researcher Wolfchev; whom agreed to perform the experiment a second time.


As the experiment  was underway, a captive Cat o'Nine Tails escaped its cell and attacked Wolfchev.

Wolfchev, near death, desperately pushed the Cat o'Nine Tails into Ferrigumin's Tank.


All light in the laboratory was snuffed out, the frame of the holding tank buckled and bent. Glass cracked and shattered.

In the darkness a pair of crimson eyes opened.

Estranged laughter and the tingling of a bell echoed off the walls in the laboratory. 

The final word Wolfchev heard was....




Arch Wizard Ferrigumin was the last experiment of Wolfchev's Laboratory. 

All three floors of the Laboratory were completely destroyed.

The upper floors of the Varmundt Regenschirm Laboratory were set ablaze.

The resulting explosion of the first and last Arch Wizard was felt throughout the Rune-Midgarts Kingdom.

I take no credit for the pictures used in this story! I only take credit for the story itself. ^-^




  • The GM Venus Challenge:       8900.gif +1 Shape Shifter : Create a headgear inspired by animals (e.g Fox's ears, Tiger's mouth, Racoon's tail, etc)
  • The GM Zelda Challenge:        8900.gif +1 Magical Girl : Create a headgear inspired by your favourite Magical Girl!
  • The GM Radius Challenge:      8900.gif +3 Undivided Tri-Forte : Create a three-piece headgear set consisting upper, middle and lower headgear!
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That’s it everyone! 
Thank you for participating and for all your outstanding, amazing entries! We all can't wait to get the judging started! /slur

Winners will be announced soon, so please keep yourself posted! /no1 


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