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BG | Beta Testing: Round Two

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Our second round Battlegrounds Beta is now ready! This special second test run of Battlegrounds Beta will be taking place this coming Sunday, March 18th, beginning at 4:00pm Midgard (server) time. Players who have participated in the first BG Beta test run will have special access to our test server environment for testing purposes.


To provide BG Beta testers with the most up-to-date information on testing, we invite you to participate in our BG Beta Discord channel. This channel will highlight all of the necessary steps required to connect to the test server environment, along with further instructions on participation expectation, special information, and more.

As this is a second round of testing, beta testers should expect that this implementation will have built from the previous experience, and will initially lack our intended customs in order to test through a number of critical scenarios. In the event that an element of testing yields a critical bug or error, we may have to end testing early if it's not something which can be repaired on the fly - however, we anticipate a complete and refined beta testing with your help, and are planning on follow-up testing for Battlegrounds as needed before full implementation.

  • A special BG Beta Discord channel has been set up for players participating on the Sunday, March 18th testing at 4:00pm.
    • Visit our BG Beta Discord channel here for access
    • Instructions on how to connect to the test server and other important up-to-date details will be found in this channel.
    • Note: only participants who participated in the prior BG Beta will have access into the test server on the day of testing.
      • No new players will be eligible to sign up and participate in this test, as this second test builds off of the prior first test.

This essential testing will provide valuable feedback with regard to the new implementation of Battlegrounds, and so we will need as many players as possible in order to properly test! Game Masters will be on hand throughout the testing process to monitor and record results - we hope that you will be able to join! Thank you for taking time to help make this feature of TalonRO enjoyable for all!

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