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B>>Vicious Aura C.

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    • By gendchin9292
      NEED CASH RUSH, RISHHH GUYS please take 
    • By Ghaspar
      Ghaspy's Mini Stop
                                                                                                                                 Hello Midgardian!
      Oh, you recognized me? (blushes)
      Yes, I’m the Kafra at Lighthalzen!
      I have been dating this Whitesmith, Ghaspar ever since he laid foot on Lighthalzen and I laid my eyes on him (blushes while twirling her hair). All he did was one wink and my heart melted right where I stood. But anyway, it’s a long story…
      Currently, I’m assisting him in selling some of his items that might be beneficial for you.
      So come in, have a look, and have a great time! We hope you enjoy your stay in our humble store.
      Top Headgear: Middle Headgear:    Hunting Cap of Gust Costume - 55m  Dragonfly Monocle Costume - 9m    Small Deviling Hat Costume - 15m      Deviruchi Headphone Costume - 15m      Cursed Book Costume - 5.5m      Rune Circlet Costume - 3.5m      
      Weapons: Headgears: Accessories:  +7 Ice Pick [1] - 650m Top Headgears:  Vesper Core 1 - 1m  +10 Thunder-P [2] - 35m  +7 Holy Marching Hat [1] - 42m    +10 VVS Ghaspar's Fire Fist - 8m Middle Headgears:       Dragonfly Monocle (Agi+1) [1] - 9m    
      Level 10 Food Items:     Hwergelmir's Tonic (Dex+10) - 600k each      Steamed Tongue (Str+10) - 580k each      Immortal Stew (Vit+10) - 200k each     Note:
      We accept trades if the trade seemed fair. PM me offers here or in-game at "Ghaspar" or "Baby Ghaspy" if interested.
    • By Yeono-
      Tipsy Costume - one of the unique mid headgear costume! it's transparent, and looks angry or furious even if it's tipsy XD. looks good with champ / Eleanor wig (looks really wild) [offer]
      Electric Guitar[Tg/Tg/Hydra] - PVP  gear / SQI weapon for Clown / OFFER, but plz reasonable price (no 120 or something)
      Dragon vest[Ghost ring] + 3 agi  - PVP gear for SinX, Sniper.etc.  since it's ghot ring, ohter jobs can use it too. [30M]
      Ultimate Pickaxe - have 2ea.  12m per ea.
      PM me with your offer! Thx and have a nice day