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Battlegrounds | Open Beta Testing

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We're pleased to announce that Battlegrounds will be available for open beta testing this Sunday, April 15th, beginning at 3:00pm server time. Thanks to two successful rounds of testing with a dedicated group of players in our testing server, we have gone and made several changes and improvements to the experience. All players are welcome to participate in this open beta test - and we're looking forward to your participation in bringing this new and improved form of Battlegrounds to TalonRO!


As this is an open round of testing, beta testers should expect that this implementation will have built from the previous experience, and will initially lack all of intended customs in order to test through a number of critical scenarios. We anticipate testing to last several hours - enough time to run through all modes and features as needed. Kindly, we would ask for your full participation during this time!

  • In the event that an element of testing yields a critical bug or error, we may have to end testing early if it's not something which can be repaired on the fly - however, we anticipate a complete and refined beta testing with your help before full implementation!
  • Furthermore, players will be provided with a set of baseline, basic supplies for Battlegrounds testing. These items will only work within Battlegrounds, but will relieve some of the opportunity cost associated with participating!
  • When testing is ready on April 15 at 3:00pm Midgard (server) time, speak with our Battlegrounds NPC in Prontera will be available for players to enter the test. We kindly ask all participating players to be ready and pay close attention to any GM-led instructions and requests to help us test this open beta of Battlegrounds!
  • All normal TalonRO server rules will apply during BG Beta testing. Violations of server rules during this test will result from your immediate removal from the test, along with corresponding action taken against to your regular game account if deemed necessary.

We are looking forward to seeing you in-game for our live, open beta test of Battlegrounds! Gear up, get ready, and we'll see you for a real rumble! Thanks as always, and happy gaming! /no1

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