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2 hours ago, EviLaplace said:

You guys still sell leech? How much per hour hehe

Hi EviLaplace,

Sent u a DM for your inquiry.

Have a good day!

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    • By Gawk
      WoE guild focused in Vanilla WoE Trans on sundays from 04:00 to 05:00 server time. New or veterans WoE players are welcome!
      Guild leader: @Gawk
      Save point: El Dicastes
      Discord server: https://discord.gg/9kzXp28
      Let's RöK!
    • By Goyu
      Dimensional Gorge Leech Service (DG Leech) Level 80+ ------ 4m/hr with MIRACLE ON Supah Cheap!

      NOTE: I am more active in discord than in forums, It is better to message me in discord rather than here

      📌 I sell leech 4m/hr with MIRACLE ON, it is cheaper relative to others 6-7m/hour. Why do I sell cheaper than others? coz I farm Diablos Manteau anyway so might as well get paid while farming.
      📌I also sell per level basis, just pm me your starting level and to what level you want to reach, i'll use my calculator to check how much you need to pay
      📌I can leech every thursday 1500 servertime.
      📌 You can afk during your leech, I'll just resu you when you die but it is best if you can spam first aid to get more exp
    • By SN Elaiza~
      Conditions: Normal Leeching. (no reckless players, etc.)
      So I have been leeching for a couple of months now and it seems like players are not fully aware of the experience table that is used in this server.
      I have been asked number of times: "How much is <level> until <level>?" and I always give them my fair opinion about the required number of hours for them to reach a certain level.
      Common reactions were:
      "Why that much exp? I'm just Non-trans, it should be easier right?"
      "You're not giving that much experience."
      "Why so expensive?"
      Before we go into the details of these reactions, let's take a look at the BASE EXP Table:
      By the way, I imported this table from iROWiki  Click Here
      Now Let's also look at the Job Exp Table for Characters with Transcendents
      Then the job EXP for EXTENDED CLASSES:
      So let's go into the details.
      Comparing the two tables, TRANS characters take more time to level-up because of the BASE EXP requirement being almost 3x the amount for NON-TRANS, obviously taking more hours for them to complete a level-up process.
      Topics and Issues:
      Let's say for example, You bought a leeching service at level 95, 0% NT @ 2m/hr and you ended up at level 97 @10% after an hour. Taking a look at the table of experience, the experience gained for the leech would be:
      Experience to level 96 35,658,000 Experience to level 97 48,687,000 Experience to level 98 multiply by 10%     (58,135,000 x 10%) 5813500 Total Experience Gained 90,158,500  
      Now, What if you wanted to have a leeching service from the same guy and asked how much would it be if you wanted to be 99 NT? (from the previous 97 NT 10%) 
      Let's do the Math:
      Experience to 98 multiply by 90% 52321500   (58,135,000 x 90%)   Experience to 99 99,999,998 Total EXP required 152321498 Divide By: Experience /hr 90,158,500 Minutes required: 101.37 So looking at the computation, the required number of hours for you to get to 99 is approximately 1 hour and 41 minutes or roughly 3.5 million zeny is we convert to in-game money. (assuming we still go at 2m/hr)
      Am I getting my Money's worth?
      -That is the question. to answer this, we have a in-game command called "EXP Counter"
      type in @expcount for more details
      It would look like this:

      EXP Computation:
      Some people find the EXP counter unreliable because of certain factors. now let's take into account EXP GEARS:
      Let's have an example. NECROMANCER

      It has a base exp of 45,000. 
      Take note that the computation of EXP using experience goes like this:
      First is base EXP shared before Gears Computation:
      Base Experience   45000 Multiply by rates: (8x) 8 Total Exp to be shared by both 360000 Divide by: (players in a party) 2 Base Experience per player: 180000 Now, the System will account for your EXP boosts based on the Base Experience per player, not by Total Experience to be shared by both.
      Base Experience per player 180000 Add: EXP shoes (10% x 180k) 18000 Experience gained per mob 198000 If there are additional EXP gears, the additional EXP they give would always be based on the 180,000. (not 198,000)
      So, that means if ever you have EXP boosts like Field manual, Handmade chocolate, etc. the EXP BOOST computation will always be based on the EXP after even Share, not by the total EXP given by the mob, nor these EXP boosts of the same kind stack with each other (e.g. Field manual 10% & Field Manual 25%)
      In case of two exp boosts used, the LAST ACTIVATED BOOST OVERWRITES AN EXISTING ONE.
      Now, for the question about the EXPCOUNT being unreliable, please take note that EXP COUNTER command only counts the EXP you have GAINED for your CHARACTER ONLY.
      LEECHER EXP COUNTER SHOWS: 100,000,000
      LEECH EXP COUNTER SHOWS: 110,000,000*
      *This is due to the EXP SHOES.
      So There You have it Guys, it's up for you to use this experience table.  
      P.S. : I really do not know the Average Experience per hour per leeching map.
      If you know the average exp for the popular maps, kindly comment below so that we can add it here and have a reference when it comes to the Leeching services..