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Hello all,

Not sure if this belongs in the support forum or here but just in case not then I figured I would post here to see if anyone gets the same weirdness. When I transfer items from my inventory to my storage that has a stack of more than 1 then it shows Unknown Item above the quantity box. But then if I transfer an item from my storage to my inventory with a stack size more than 1 then it shows the proper item name. I have attached screenshots of when I transfer stone from my inventory to storage and vice versa.


2018-05-15 16_37_29-TalonRO 2012-10-12.png

2018-05-15 16_38_36-TalonRO 2012-10-12.png

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I think that I have the same.. I tend to overlook these small issues - I remember how I have been surprised and shocked, when I first saw monster change the name when its HP reached 0 - now, I dont even know, if it is still happening :D

if it bothers you, go ahead and post it as bug..

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