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Here's to us, Trish

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How astounding it is to realize, that today we mark a year on our curve of time.
Each moment we spent is just an absolute pinnacle of euphoria. 
A minute with you surpasses a decade in paradise. 
And as I take more steps with you every day,
the harder it is to find the words
to describe how breathtaking
it is to be with you.

Your love is a twist
of what every man lives for,
and all that is for a god to die for.
It's so complicated, so sophisticated, yet simple and naive.
What I'm certain is, you are way beyond compare to anyone or anything.
And all that's left to say now is thank you for the love you've bestowed unto me.
So here's to us....to your smile, to your vibrant laughter and to your deadly mood swings 😃


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