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Mid-May Patch | BG preparations, Eden updates

GM Seiren

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With the implementation of various Battlegrounds improvements for our Final Open Beta Test, we have also added various other updates. A brand new TamTam's Gift region and Monthly Box will be released on our monthly maintenance, however!


  • New search engine for the forum: elasticsearch. This should offer much better performance.
  • In an effort to prevent abuse, we unfortunately had to disable sound on !dropannounce.
  • Added weight checks on some El Dicastes quests which should prevent players from getting stuck here when they are overweight.
  • Detale Card has been improved:
    • Changed MDEF reduction from -20 to -10.
    • By default, the card will now give a 50% Freeze resistance.
    • If combined with the entire Aegir Set, the card will give a 100% Freeze resistance, same as Marc Card.
    • The TC price of this card has been increased from 12 to 20 Talon Coins.
  • Eden Group: Many Eden Group weapons now have an extra +10 HIT bonus.
  • Eden Group: The Eden Group Hat II has been improved by increasing the duration of the autocasts. It can now also be enchanted the same way as the first version can.
  • Eden Group: Board Quests now give healing items as rewards, even at higher levels. Also increased the amount given at lower levels.


That is all for now. Be sure to tune in for the Battlegrounds Beta and look forward to more updates!

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