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Hello guys,
I am totally new at this server and, actually, in ragnarok. I really would like to get 2 Thief Figure for my Rogue, but I really don't know how since I can't find the Poring War Recruiter at all.
Could you guys help me please ?
Also, if one of you could invite me for your guild, I would be very happy in accept it. I really wanna met some other players.
Thank you guys!!!

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    • By FishWash
      I’ve seen some Stalkers using Plagiarized Storm Gust to kill Kasas at Thor, anyone know what kind of build they’re using? Seems like they have instacast, too. I assume they’re using a Bazerald and Kaho’s. Is it possible to do this with low level gears? 
    • By Fumin9119
      I played TRO 4-5 years back then and my email was registered.
      However i have been unactive for 4 years maybe and decided to play back.
      I have items and zenny in the old account.
      Is there any way that i can get back my account?
      Pls help tq.
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      Hey can somemone tell me how the Str and ATK scalles?
      So, I have  a friend, and he has a Assassin.Whenever he puts 1 or 99 str the diference is minimal and he cant even reach 200 damage on any mob (and he is almost lv90)
      can somemone explain why? and how to help him to do more damage because to that point re gave up on str and put all hoos points to vit and agi(at least he can tank for me)
      we are new to this server and we are still learning,sorry for my bad english and thank you for reading.
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