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Where are all these bows?

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Falken Blitz?

Giant Crossbow?

Dragon Wing?

I keep searching [on the market and selling database] for these bows everytime I log in but I can't even get a glimpse. Do they even exist at all?

Edit: Ok so I saw 1 seller of Giant Crossbow but dude, wth? It's op af. /heh

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They have very low supply and demand to have a real market price since most people either don't know about them or prefer the convenience of the common bows like rental ballista and elven bow. Same with catapult for stalkers.

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Hi Shendel,

Falken Blitz and Giant Crossbow both drop from Cecil Damon (Bio Labs 3 'normal' monster) at 0.03% rate (thus pretty darn rare). The third bow, Dragon Wing drops from the Sniper MVP on same map by the name of Sniper Cecil but at a nice 25%.

I assume you use the TalonRO Item Database right? By searching for those items you can see the monsters, map and percentage chance in question - all of which highlight will not be many around.

Those who do have these (like Mos above) typically just dump 'em in storage as not really a vendible item (no demand).


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