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PC on the Following please

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    • By Ghaspar
      - Ghaspy's Mini Stop - 
                                                                         Hello Midgardian!
      Oh, you recognized me? (blushes)
      Yes, I’m the Kafra at Lighthalzen!
      I have been dating this Whitesmith, Ghaspar, ever since he laid foot on Lighthalzen (blushes while twirling her hair). One wink and my heart melted right away. It’s a long story… (giggles)
      Currently, I’m assisting him in selling some of his items that might be beneficial for you.
      So come in, have a look, and have a great time! We hope you enjoy your stay in our humble store.
      Top Headgear:      Small Deviling Hat Costume - 8m      Cursed Book Costume - 5.5m     EQUIPMENTS:
      Headgears: Weapons: Armors:  +7 Ancient Horns [1] - 49m  +10 Dusk [1] - 7m  +7 Dragon Vest [1] (Agi+3) - 120m      +9 Odin's Blessing [1] (Crit+4) - 40m                   CONSUMABLE ITEMS:
      Level 10 Food Items:      Steamed Tongue (Str+10) - 600k each                 Check out also my EMBLEM SHOP.
      We accept trades. PM me offers here or drop me a mail in-game at "Ghaspar" or "Baby Ghaspy" if interested.
    • By Kisuka*
      Hello! Been a while since I've tried engaging in the market but here goes
      Looking to sell the following:
       Heavenly Dark Flame  Red Vicious Aura  Blinking Eyes  Love Cheek  Volume Low Twin  
      Taking up offers but am very much interested in getting Sleipnir [Clean], Zeny
      Everything is negotiable but please don't lowball as I'm still building my core gears
      Feel free to pm me here or at Discord: Done#9269
    • By ABG TUA
      S/T > Baby Penguin Costume 
      PM ur offer or Trade with Ashura Champ Gears 
      mail me on game , IGN : - Twist -
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