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PC on the Following please

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    • By ABG TUA
      S/T > Baby Penguin Costume 
      PM ur offer or Trade with Ashura Champ Gears 
      mail me on game , IGN : - Twist -
    • By N a y a
      Hello guys~
      As what the title said.
      Selling or Trading
      1x Walking Snow Fox Costume SOLD
      1x Walking Orange Tabby Cat Costume (Open to trade for Walking Shiba Inu/Penguin)
      1x Aria Headdress Costume SOLD
      1x Waltz of Flowers Costume
      1x Siroma Fur Hat Costume
      1x Fancy Spring Hat Costume
      1x Gods Helm Costume
      1x Helmet of Siegfried Costume
      2x Mecha Cat Ears Costume
      3x Sagittarius Diadem Costume
      1x Scorpio Diadem Costume
      1x Libra Diadem Costume
      1x Phoenix Costume
      1x Large Sorcerer Crown Costume SOLD
      1x +0 Luna Kaleet [x,x,Bapho]
      1x +7 Book of Mother Earthl [3]
      1x +4 Triple Liberation Suiken (3x AK) SOLD
      1x +4 Valkyrja's Armor [Marc] SOLD
      1x Orange in Mouth
      1x Screw Stuck in Head
      30x Magni's Cap
      15x Stone Buckler[1]
      15x Boots[1]
      5x Shoes[1]
      2x Expert Ring[1]

      Orcish Axe(non slotted) @50k
      Elemental Book(non slotted fire/wind/earth/water) @500k
      Leave offer in here or pm me o/
    • By gendchin9292
      NEED CASH RUSH, RISHHH GUYS please take