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Regain the Legacy : Unrestricted SE Woe

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  As you guys may have seen or not seen the current woe scene [Unrestricted] is not that active and is dominated by a single guild of geared and experienced players. We Regain the Legacy would like to change TRO's dull woe unrestricted scene. We were originally a group of PvP friends who got bored and made a guild comprising of close friends who met in PvP, however as time went by we thought of joining woe mainly SE unrestricted. We are new to woe and are still learning the core fundamentals of woe mechanics and would like you a woe newbie or a woe veteran to come join us to have some fun. :). 


We are looking for:

- Bios SPP/DD 

- Clowns 




- Devotion Paladin

- Linkers


- High Priest 


Follow Talon RO's rules as usual and please leave any beef you may have with other players out the door and respect everyone. :)


Discord is mandatory for all our guild members, link will be given out. :)
1. Have woe essential gear such as marc/gr armors and sqis (Kaho, Sleips, etc) this is mandatory as unrestricted is very competitive and without these essentials it would be very hard.
2. Discord is a must.
3. Listens and pays attention and is an active team player.
Please drop me a message if your interested and we can go from there don't be shy :) 
p.s sorry for being a noob and not making this look fancy. 
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20 minutes ago, hazelae said:

Good luck to ya'll.

Thank you :)

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come join us, I’ll give out invite and discord channel. Unwind tomorrow for some unress se action. Don’t be shy :)

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any paladins , wizards, spp bios, champions, linkers, snipers come on down gimme a reply dont be shy

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Hello, we would like to join and experience the Unres WoE. We can play wizard and champion. 

Can you send me an invite link for discord?

Thank you.

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LFM> snipers, high priests, champions, DD bios come join us have a blast. supplies will be reimbursed. 

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we are looking for ssp bio, snipers, DD bio, and FS wizard to join us thanks. 

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