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GM Seiren

12x EXP | Special Weekend

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    • By Spoonyman
      This is a quick guide for the 2018 Halloween event main house quest.
      At the end of the quest you'll be gaining access to the Halloween Instance as well as receiving the Pitch Dark Evil Druid Hat headgear along the way.
      The Quest completion (and instance access) is Game Account bound. It does not involve any real combat, but some NPC locations are in hostile maps.
      Item Requirements:
      5 x Red Blood
      5 x Green Live
      5 x Wind of Verdure
      1 x Diamond Ring orSilver Ring or   Wedding Ring  
      (optional 5 x Royal Jelly)
      Starting the Quest:
      - Go to Prontera and talk to the Ferryman NPC to visit the Academy
      - Talk to Monny the Monemus NPC and pick one of the four Houses
      - You'll be assigned a house, which will be the same across all your game accounts
      - To begin the quest, talk with your House Master twice (one of the four NPCs surrounding Monny)
      - Your House Master will present you with a riddle
      Step 1: Ant Hell
      - Go to Ant Hell
      - Bring 5 Red Blood, 5 Green Live, 5 Wind of Verdure (optional 5 Royal Jelly for Vitata)
      - Look for non-attackable ants (andre, pierre and deniro) and walk up to them
      - You'll be prompted with a chatbox, when asked wether to kill it, choose no
      - The ant will then ask for 5 items and reward you with its seal
      (NOTE: as of writing this guide, there is a bug with the ants that might leave your chatbox in a locked state - in that case relog and try again || The GMs are aware of the bug)
      - Once you got all 3 ant seals, go back to your House Master and you will be rewarded with the next riddle
      (If you chose to do Vitata as well, the riddle will include an additional hint - the number 13 hinting at moc_fild13)
      Step 2: Sand, Claw and poison fang
      - Go to moc_fild13 (Payon -> South -> West -> West)

      - Talk to Bryjar
      - He will tell you to search for a fairy near splendide and get a life force potion from her
      Step 3: The great fairy 
      - Go to spl_fild02 (Splendide -> East)

      - Talk to Angelus the fairy and choose the second option
      - She needs you to get a love potion from the quaint gardens
      (you will be coming back to this place a few more times throughout the quest, so /memo-ing this place is a good idea)
      Step 4: The Love Potion
      - Make sure to have a Ring (  / /  ) in Inventory
      - Go to the wedding place in Hugel

      - Talk to Frank and ask about the Vial
      - Talk to him again and give him the diamond ring
      - Head back to the fairy in splendide
      - She'll tell you to gather a magic mushroom
      Step 5: The Magic Mushroom
      - Go to pay_fild06 (alberta -> west -> south)

      - Interact with the trees to find the magic mushroom

      - Once again head back to the fairy in splendide
      - She'll tell you to use the vial on a shrine in Fortu Luna
      Step 6: Fortu Luna
      - Go to the shrine in ra_fild06 (Lighthalzen -> North -> North)

      - Before you interact with the shrine, use the !time command repeatedly and pay attention to the seconds measurement (the last 2 digits)
      - You need to Interact with the shrine and place the vial on it, but only within the 01 - 15s time window (the first quarter of a minute)
      - After placing it, keep using !time wait for the server time to reach 45 seconds
      - Interact with the shrine and take the vial off, within the 45 - 59s time window (the last quarter of a minute
      - If all went well, it should say the vial glows pink
      - The life force potion is now complete, so go back to the fairy in splendide
      Step 7: Deep in Geffen Forest 
      - Now head back to Bryjar in moc_fild13 (Payon -> South -> West -> West)

      - He'll thank you and tell you to bring the vial to a Azviar in the geffen forest
      - So go to gef_fild02 (Orc Dungeon -> East -> East)

      - Talk to Azviar twice and listen to his story
      - Afterwards head back to the House Master in the academy
      - Your next mission is to find the El Dope Gang and get a magic sickle from them
      Step 8: El Dope Gang
      - Go to ve_fild01 (rachel -> South -> West)

      - Keep talking to the gang NPCs (they might rough you up a bit, just heal back up and keep trying) until you get the scythe and are prompted to go to the schwarzwald guards camp
      (if you keep talking to them more after that, they're gonna rob you of your precious zeny!)
      Step 9: Schwarzwald Guards Camp
      - Go to yuno_fild09 (Kiel Hyre Dungeon -> East)

      - Talk to any one of the two NPCs
      - They will tell you about a monkey paw in Hoomga Jungle
      Step 10: Hoomga Jungle
      - Go to um_fild04 (Umbala -> South)

      - Interact with the open door

      - Only to find out that the paw is gone!
      - So hurry back to the House Master in the academy and report your findings
      - At this point you'll receive the Pitch Dark Evil Druid Head! (and a chance to get a bandit pet)
      - But hold on The quest is not quite over yet! You're almost there
      Step 11: The Founder Statues
      - Your House Master will tell you to find the statues of the founders in Melodia town
      - So leave the academy via the south portal and find the statues

      - You'll notice a spark appearing next to the left statue, so interact with it

      - It will tell you to find a person with high potential in a familiar place!
      - Now head back inside the academy
      Step 12: The Night King
      - Turn left to talk to NPC Loga, asking him about Rhythm
      - He will give you the monkey paw and tell you to notify the house masters immediately, so talk to your house master next
      - Afterwards turn right and inform Zarevok, choose the "We have an emergency!!" option revealing the Night Kings true identity! DUN-DUN-DUUUUUN!!
      - You'll be warped to a room with Saberoth, Zarevok and the House Masters
      - Interact with any of them to start the cutscene, at the end you'll be warped back to the academy
      - Once more talk to your house master, who will tell you to speak to Zarevok again
      - Finally talk to Zarevok and choose the "so what next?" option
      - He will tell you among other things that you need King's Soul Stone, dropped by Werewolf in the academy dungeon, to open the instance
      Congratulations! At this point you finished the quest!
      Now you'll have access to the instance dungeon. You can find it at the staircase next to Zarevok via the "go upstairs [instance]" option.

      Hope this guide helped and enjoy your Halloween event!
    • By GM Spica
      Happy October Talonians!
      Halloween is just around the corner and we've prepared a special contest for you! 
      The rules are very simple; you have to submit your real-life hat or item that closely resembles a headgear or costume found in-game. The hat that you will submit to this contest can either be store bought or handmade. The submission itself will be in form of a few photos, a screenshot, and a handwritten note. The deadline will fall on the 29th October 00:00 server time. Best of luck to all participants!
      ☆‬ Rules  ☆‬ 
      - This contest requires you to take images with either a camera or smartphone
      - Only Top/Mid/Lower headgears/costumes are allowed
      - You can submit pictures of already existing IRL hats or craft your own!
      - The items can be either placed somewhere or worn, it's fine to edit and add an emoji to hide your face if needed 
      - Images cannot be stolen from the internet
      - As a contestant, you have to either hold or place a handwritten paper note with the words "TALON RO 2018 Contest" somewhere in the picture
      - You may submit as many headgears as you like. You can, however, only win once
      - Make sure to include your in-game name in your post
      - Most importantly, have fun!
      ☆‬ Example ☆‬ 
      In-game name: GM Luna
      Headgear name: Long Rainbow Octopus Costume

      ☆‬ Prizes ☆‬ 

      1st place Bat Rucksack Costume +  25 TC + 1 October Costume Box + 1 GM box
      2nd place 15 TC +  1 October Costume Box + 1 GM box
      3rd place 10 TC + October Costume Box
      4th & 5th place October Costume Box
      Good luck everyone!
    • By fumiddition
      G R E E T I N G S   ! !
      Good day, Talonians! We are Phantasm and we're hoping to bring more life back into the art corner by hosting an Art Raffle!
      What is this event, you ask? This is a collaboration event hosted by the members of the Phantasm guild - a close-knit team of buddies who have found joy on this server and would very much like to give back to the community every once in a while. We may re-use this thread to host upcoming events as well once we gain more experience in managing one, so do keep an eye out for all those future freebies. As for now, let's continue on with the raffle! 
      R U L E S   A N D   G U I D E L I N E S   ! !
      To participate, you'll need to:
      Be a TalonRO player! New players, old players, GM players, everyone is free to join as long as you have an RO character that's ready to be drawn. Earn tickets-- but, how? Here's how, and it's easy!
      Firstly, leave a comment on this Art Raffle thread by answering this question; "What is your favourite RO town and why?" This is a must to show that you are participating! Secondly, each Phantasm artist involved will make a post in their own art thread regarding the art raffle. All you have to do next is to emote that said post (not the first post) and you will earn 1 ticket. How many emotes you would like to give out depends on you, but this means you can earn a minimum of 1 ticket and a maximum of 6 tickets. If you haven't seen their raffle post yet, please wait a while and they will eventually pop up. Both of these requirements are needed and doing only one part will not earn you any tickets at all (but if you have accidentally emote before commenting, that is fine as long as you do both), so be sure to follow the steps above! And here's a little bit of stuff in general,
      This raffle will end on October 3rd, 2018. The winner will be announced after all tickets have been double checked to avoid mistakes. Raffle ticket numbers and names will be organized via googledocs.  We will only be drawing RO characters. The winner must have an RO character sprite reference, but if they don't and prefer to gift their win to a friend who does, they may do so. Please do not pester our guild members for free art. We are all willing to accept commissions on our individual threads, so if you like our art, please consider supporting us!   
      R A F F L E   P R I Z E S   ! !
      Only 1 winner will be randomly chosen via randomizer and that winner will be receiving 6 pieces of art from us of their RO character.
       Isu is offering,
       Popo is offering,
       Mae is offering,
       Xero is offering,
       Fumi is offering,
       Mix is offering,
      T H A N K   Y O U   ! !
      A huge thank you from all of us for taking your time to view this thread regardless if you're participating or not! 
      Comments and chatter in this thread are much welcomed and encouraged. We would love to bring more of the community together!
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