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GM Seiren

12x EXP | Special Weekend

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    • By GM Spica
      Happy October Talonians!
      Halloween is just around the corner and we've prepared a special contest for you! 
      The rules are very simple; you have to submit your real-life hat or item that closely resembles a headgear or costume found in-game. The hat that you will submit to this contest can either be store bought or handmade. The submission itself will be in form of a few photos, a screenshot, and a handwritten note. The deadline will fall on the 29th October 00:00 server time. Best of luck to all participants!
      ☆‬ Rules  ☆‬ 
      - This contest requires you to take images with either a camera or smartphone
      - Only Top/Mid/Lower headgears/costumes are allowed
      - You can submit pictures of already existing IRL hats or craft your own!
      - The items can be either placed somewhere or worn, it's fine to edit and add an emoji to hide your face if needed 
      - Images cannot be stolen from the internet
      - As a contestant, you have to either hold or place a handwritten paper note with the words "TALON RO 2018 Contest" somewhere in the picture
      - You may submit as many headgears as you like. You can, however, only win once
      - Make sure to include your in-game name in your post
      - Most importantly, have fun!
      ☆‬ Example ☆‬ 
      In-game name: GM Luna
      Headgear name: Long Rainbow Octopus Costume

      ☆‬ Prizes ☆‬ 

      1st place Bat Rucksack Costume +  25 TC + 1 October Costume Box + 1 GM box
      2nd place 15 TC +  1 October Costume Box + 1 GM box
      3rd place 10 TC + October Costume Box
      4th & 5th place October Costume Box
      Good luck everyone!
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