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Updates | BG Improvements and fixes

GM Seiren

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Greetings, Talonians! We hope that you have been enjoying our newest release of Battlegrounds - and all of the excitement that comes with it! We've seen full queues, great battle action, and impressive fighting tactics in the days since our initial release of this expansive feature. We've also been able to learn of a few bugs and changes that were necessary from our first opening days! The good news is that we've been able to address these issues in a timely, comprehensive manner - meaning that you'll be able to enjoy an even smoother BG experience!


Thanks to a robust number of players participating in Battlegrounds, we've been able to quickly identify and fix a few bugs and edits to make BG even better! Below are the changes which have been addressed:

  • Shift-click attacking and damage display issues have both been addressed.
    • Going forward, players should not need to press Shift to attack.
    • Damage amounts will also be hidden during BG as intended.
    • We believe this bug fix properly addresses these issues, but please report any bugs related to these issues should they persist in any fashion.
  • There is now a two minute cooldown between two BG matches.
  • Poem of Bragi no longer will incorrectly nullify damage on Emperiums and Guardian Stones.
  • The Medal of Honor (Swordman) can now additionally be worn by Taekwon classes!
  • A Refine NPC has been added to the Battlegrounds Ready Room lobby for convenience.
  • Conquest match mode will now feature an increased time available with which to break the Emperium.
    • This has been increased from 5 to 6 minutes.
    • All other timers will remain at 5 minutes.
  • Triple Inferno match mode will now properly run in Vanilla mode as intended.
  • Greed should now work properly again in Triple Inferno.
  • Adjusted the supplies given out to players when registering for a BG match:
    • Knight and Crusader classes now only receive 30 Red Potions rather than 50.
    • Blacksmith classes now receive 40 Red Potions rather than 50.
    • Alchemist classes now receive 50 AD bottles rather than 75 and 10 rather than 15 Glistening Coats.
    • Sage classes now receive 17 instead of 15 Yellow Gemstones.
    • Sage, Wizard and Super Novice classes now receive 7 instead of 5 Red Gemstones.
  • Break Points for players in both Team Death Match and Triple Inferno have been slightly increased before the scoring requirement increases.


As always, we hope that you're enjoying your time on TalonRO - and the new Battlegrounds, of course! We're looking forward to bringing you more great content in the months ahead. Happy gaming!



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