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BG Supplies by Each Class

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update: Added 20 BG Traps for Sniper

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    • By Reeda
      posion bottles should be subject to change, they nerf assassins like everywhere, its not great not being useful
    • By hazelae
      Hi guys! This will be a relatively short/quick guide that I cooked up just because since the release of BG there have been so many questions about tanking more and stunning less, so I thought I'd give a rundown on one of my favorite vanilla headgear cards! That said, Gemini-S58 is pretty much only useful in vanilla mode so that's what the guide will focus on.

      This is a very good headgear card for a lot of classes, but it gets skipped over and forgotten about quite frequently. Aptly named, it has two effects, and you will always need two (one on upper, one on mid) for it to be effective. Let's take a look at it!

       Gemini-S58 Card - ID #4354
      [Base Agility >= 90]
      Add a 30% resistance against Silence and Stun.
      [Base Vitality >= 80]
      Add a 50% resistance against Stone Curse and Sleep.

      Unfortunately this card isn't for every class, but I'll touch on that more at the end of this guide!

      Recommened Upper Headgears
      Since ditching the Beret, you have tons of options for the Gemini card based on what you like best for your build! This is a small list of what I recommend - of course I encourage you to do your own research and see what works for you.

        Black Shiba Hat [1] - % Demi-Human damage
      Bone Hat [1] - MDEF, % Demi-Human damage, and % Demi-Human reduction
       Deviruchi Headphones [1] - % Stun resistance
       Drooping Domovoi [1] - MDEF, % HP, and % Demi-Human reduction
       Jasper Crest [1] - DEX/VIT - mostly for DLP Professor in WoE
       Lyria Doll Hat [1] - flat HP and % Demi-Human damage (description is wrong)
       Sorin Doll Hat [1] - DEX and % Demi-Human reduction

      Next, I'll break the card down in two parts so we can see the different classes and builds it is effective on.

      [Base Agility >= 90]
      Add a 30% resistance against Silence and Stun.
      This part is awesome because now you can run around with 100% immunity while not being Biochemist food!
      Since running two Gemini-S58 cards only gives you 60% Stun resistance, you'll need to get the other 40% from somewhere else. The classes below all get an extra 50% Stun resistance from Valkyrja's Armor, taking you over 100% immunity. I'll help by breaking down the classes that get the most use out of the anti-stun portion of the card.
      Damage Paladin
      Shield Chain, Pressure, Sacrifice, etc. are all builds that use AGI for maximum DPS. The rest of your points can be spent in DEX and STR as you see necessary. Pally HP is insane, so even without VIT you'll end up around ~13k HP.
      Lord Knight
      ASPD is a staple for many LK skills - getting 90 base should be a breeze. Swordsman HP modifier is very high, so you should still end up with at least 12k HP.
      Again, AGI is a main stat - no brainer here. No VIT frees you up for more STR and DEX.

      Assassin Cross
      Same as above.

      Partial Anti-Stun
      Again, since you'll only get 60% resist from wearing two cards, you won't be 100% immune on these classes. However, you can get as high as 85% - 95% depending on your class. You'll need Deviruchi Headphones, Tidung, and a Deviruchi Pet (loyal pet only necessary if Archer class).
      It's not ideal, and I don't really 100% recommend this to anyone, but it can be a great gear swap if you find yourself stunning a lot in the middle of a BG match, for instance.

      Running Arrow Vulcan/Slow Grace build with DEX/AGI can take up a lot of stats, and being able to achieve 95% Stun resistance with 1 VIT is pretty good.

      Damage Sniper
      Again, running damage on Sniper can eat up a lot of stats so running 1 VIT can help you allocate them a bit better. Sniper can also get 95% resistance, but you end up sacrificing Sniping Suit for it.

      Same as above for the most part. GS can wear all the appropriate gear needed and get a maximum of 90% Stun resist.

      [Base Vitality >= 80]
      Add a 50% resistance against Stone Curse and Sleep.
      This is the main reason this is my favorite card - it frees up any 97 VIT class to use Marc instead of Evil Druid, therefore reducing Meteor Storm damage in WoE and Fire Bolt damage in PvP/BG. Since two of these cards will grant you 100% immunity to Stone, there is no need for supplemental armors/cards.
      This is mostly a WoE setup with some PvP/BG usage, so the classes below will assume 97 total VIT for Stun immunity.

      Defensive LP Professor

      Devotion Paladin

      Gypsy can make use of either part of this card, depending on the build they run.

      Status/Trap Sniper

      SPP Biochemist

      Full Support High Wizard

      High Priest

      Soul Linker

      Classes That Can't Use Gemini
      Going back to what I mentioned earlier - not all classes can wear dual Gemini headgears. Because they don't build AGI or VIT, classes below unfortunately need to rely on other gear (or choose to go without) to achieve 100% Stun and Stone immunity. I won't go into builds for these classes since that's not what this guide is about, but I'll add general gear for classes that have hard gear requirements (mostly for WoE).

      Magic Stalker
      Deviruchi Headphones, Valkyrja's Armor, 2x Stalactic Golem Cards

      Damage Professor

      Damage High Wizard
      Deviruchi Headphones, Tidung, Loyal Deviruchi Pet, Flame Skull Card, 2x Stalactic Golem Cards

      AD Biochemist
      Deviruchi Headphones, Valkyrja's Armor, 2x Stalactic Golem Cards

      Magic Ninja

      Most do not run any Stun immunity gear, just some VIT instead.

      Ending Notes
      Some classes I admittedly don't play (Ninja, Taekwon, Super Novice, non-magic Stalker) so I might not have much info on them. I'd love to include them, I just need to be better informed about builds and gear.
      I recommend always carrying around multiple headgears and armor swaps because in PvP and BG, you never know what's going to happen! Often you'll be able to swap Gemini for more damage or tankiness.
      As with most guides, this is not the set in stone way to play. In the end, it's all up to your personal preference!
      Maybe better formatting to come in the future.
    • By GM Seiren
      The battle has arrived! Today, after many months of testing, feedback sessions, beta runs, countless hours of behind the scenes work, and careful crafting – we are pleased to release the new Battlegrounds to TalonRO!

      This exciting development in our PvP offerings brings the excitement and action of team-based PvP play, and has been combined with heart-racing new modes, robust support to help you get started in gameplay, and rewards unlike any that we’ve ever offered before! Whether you’re new to PvP gameplay, or you’re a battle-hardened veteran looking to take on a new challenge, we’re certain that Battlegrounds will rise to meet your expectations! Now is the perfect time to try out this exciting mode of gameplay – all designed to bring new life into the game you love through battle action unlike any other!

      Battlegrounds (BG) is a mode of gameplay where teams of players fight and compete for victory! The goal with any Battlegrounds match is to successfully beat the other team of players through a head-to-head PvP-based challenge, putting your combat skills to the test.

      Beginning in Battlegrounds on TalonRO is simple and quick: speak with any of the Warp Girl NPCs, select "PVP" and then "Battlegrounds" to enter into the Battlegrounds Arena Ready Room. From there, you will need to perform the following simple steps to get started in a match:
      Ensure that your character has a base level of 80 or higher. Characters which are under this level requirement will be unable to participate in Battlegrounds matches. In the story of Battlegrounds, two princes - Prince Croix and General Guillaume - are fighting for control of the throne of the Maroll Dukedom, a provincial region within the Rune-Midgard Kingdom. Due to the illness of their Duke, Marcel Marollo VII, the House of Marollo has decided their either Guillaume or Croix shall ascend to the seat of the dukedom based upon which side reigns victorious.
      Placed into bitter war with one another, each side is looking to recruit adventurers to their side to fight under their houses. Selecting a side indicates which side you will be fighting for in Battlegrounds. Croix is represented by a sigil of a bird and red banners, while Guillaume is represented by a sigil of a lion and blue banners.


      New to Battlegrounds on TalonRO are several features which will make our offering of Battlegrounds more exciting and challenging than ever before, while rendering the queue process for joining a team simple and straightforward.
      The first of these new additions is the new Battlegrounds Queuing System. The Battle Recruiter inside of the Battlegrounds Ready Room will help you complete your registration for a match:
      Once you have met the requirements for gameplay in BG, the Battle Recruiter will complete your registration into the queue. The Battle Recruiter will register you to fight for a particular team faction - no need to pledge allegiance to a particular side! From there, you’re welcome to wait in any city you choose – and when your match is ready, you’ll be paged by the Battle Recruiter to let you know that teams have been formed and that it is time to rumble! If you should need to leave the BG queue, simply inform the Battle Recruiter NPC that you would like to do so through their menu of options. This will allow other participants to sign up and free up your space so BG matches can begin even more efficiently! Battlegrounds now offers NINE distinct match modes – making each match and its requirements different, fun, and challenging. Some modes are offered all throughout the week, while others are part of a new Battlegrounds Weekend! BG on TalonRO is designed to keep the action going throughout the week – but also for even extra fun on the weekends when the matches can grow larger and even more challenging!
      Flavius. This special arena was constructed by the Dukedom to settle each warring faction’s disputes in an all-out battle royale! Special crystals anchor each side of the map for both Croix and Guillaume factions, with each side beginning their battle inside of their designated section of this small but mighty arena. The objectives for winning are determined by your participation in one of the following match modes:
      Capture the Flag. The objective of the Flavius Battle Capture the Flag is to score 3 points before your the opposing team, which is done by capturing their crystal To capture a crystal, you will need to retrieve the enemy's crystal from their base, and return it to your base's crystal area. If your own base crystal is captured as well, you will need to kill the player who has taken your crystal, and return the crystal back to your base. Stone Control. In Stone Control, collect all of the stones located in the middle of the battlefield, and return them to your base in their proper stone locations. Each collected stone will grant points to your team. The first team to reach 99 points will win the match! Be certain to protect your stones from being captured by the opposing team! The Tierra Gorge [Friday, Saturday, and Sunday ONLY]. Two forts bookend the steep valley at its north and south locations, along with ration depots for Guillaume and Croix factions on either side as well. Located in the central portion of the Tierra Gorge is a neutral base camp as well, which is featured in a few specific battle modes. Each side arrives to their side of the Tierra Gorge by boat, and begins to set up their base camp – from there, objectives for winning each match are determined by participation in one of the following modes:
      Eye of the Storm. The objective is to claim the central base in the Tierra Gorge by claiming a neutral flag and returning it to your base camp to be awarded points. Continuing to successfully return this flag to your base camp may also result in additional points being awarded to your side as well – but be careful not to drop your own flag upon death! The first side to accumulate 99 points will win the match! Domination. In Domination, both sides bases are considered to be neutral, and may be captured by either side as a result! You may also elect to capture a neutral flag in the central base and return it to a captured base (either North or South – whichever you team has successfully captured) for extra points! The first side to accumulate 99 points will win the match! Bossnia. Bossnia requires your team to capture and defend the neutral flag in the central base of the Tierra Gorge. To aid your team, you’ll be supported by five boss monsters to assist you! If your team holds the neutral flag, the other team’s boss monsters are susceptible to being attacked – which means that you should switch into your best PvM mode and take them down! When a boss dies, the central flag becomes neutral again, and the flag must be recaptured in order to attack the other team’s monsters. The first team to defeat all five of the opposing team’s monsters will win the match! War of Emperium Arena. In order to help the Marroll Dukedom recruit sufficient adventurers of quality to their sides, the Allied Guilds of Midgard have decided to open their spaces for training and testing to prepare Battlegrounds allegiants for the real battles that await them! These battlegrounds modes are similar in nature to War of Emperium simulations, and may also help new guilds train for WoE scenarios as well – which is great if you’re new to WoE, or if your experienced guild would like to run a training simulation as well. There are two modes available in this space:
      Conquest. In Conquest, you will have two tactics you can employ which are similar in nature to a WoE SE simulation: If you are attacking, focus on destroying the enemy's defenses, along with their flag. Should you focus on defending, work to protect your base, along with your own flag. Rush. Rush is a fight to capture the castle base and organize your team to defend it, which is similar in nature to a WoE FE simulation: To begin, both teams are spawned inside of a FE castle, and must quite literally “rush” to break the Emperium inside. Once the Emperium has been broken, both teams will remain where they are and will take new tactical postures: the team which broken the Emperium will be on defense! Should your team fail on the first capture attempt, you will need to kill the defending team and recover to claim victory. Battle Arenas. These new, custom maps to TalonRO allow all teams in this mode to have a chance of winning – and is designed to be a balanced take on a difficult mode of gameplay. Two types of mode exist in this space:
      Triple Inferno. Aptly named, this Triple Inferno features 3 teams on the battlefield - including your team and two other enemy teams. A new third Team Faction - Griffe - will be added into the mix as well. During BG Queue, you may be sorted to fight for this special team. The Viscount Griffe of the Duke's inner circle has raised his own army to attempt to broker a third arrangement among the fight for the Dukedom of Maroll! Your objective will be to kill the enemy players, collect their skulls, and bring then to the Sacrifice Totem in order to win points. You can even collect your own team's skulls and bring them to your own team's Sacrifice Totem in an effort to prevent enemy teams from scoring against you. Should you be killed, all of your collected skulls will drop onto the battlefield, including your own skull! The number of points needed to win will scale based on the number of players who participate in Triple Inferno! Note that @arealoot is disabled during Triple Inferno However, the Whitesmith "Greed" skill is not disabled! Team Death Match. In Team Death Match, you must kill all the enemy players on the other team to ensure the enemy scores as few points as possible. Protect your army to the best of your ability! The number of points needed to win will scale based on the number of players who participate in Team Death Match.  
      Battlegrounds modes rotate between matches, meaning that the rules of one match will change when the next match is engaged! As noted above, all Tierra Gorge based matches take place only on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday – however, the weekend fun doesn’t stop there, either!

      The new Battlegrounds Happy Hour is also offered on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays between 3:00pm to 7:00pm server time! During this time, you’ll receive an additional +20% bonus on all coins earned through Battlegrounds matches! The weekend Happy Hour is a great time to enjoy BG modes and to take on challenges with large groups of players, as well!

      The features of the new Battlegrounds redesign are numerous, but there are several quality changes which will help all teams get started and sustain their battle prowess through each match! These improvements include refreshed and free supplies to get started, healer and repair NPCs to keep your battle cadence flowing, and – most of all – incredible rewards and items designed to make your battles and exercises engaging and worth your while!
      New to BG, your character will receive free Battlegrounds supplies upon joining the BG queue. Each pack of items you receive will also be further catered toward your class as well. For example, we’ve made sure that your High Priest won’t end up with bottles for mixing, and so forth! You’ll also receive refreshed supplies upon returning to the Ready Room when you have been defeated in a live match – that way, you’ll be ready to go with a new and refreshed stock. Please note: you’ll only be able to use these supplies inside of a BG match.
        As you participate in matches, you’ll also be able to purchase upgrades to these supplies for future BG matches! Spend your BG coins earned through match play to receive one of four desired upgrades to your supplies: Increase supplies by +15%, +30%, +65%, or +100! These bonuses apply to both the supplies given when joining and when in the Battlegrounds Ready Room when returning to a match. These bonuses reset at the beginning of every month, allowing for new teams and players to have a new edge each month of BG match play! There are also a series of helpful commands available to you during a Battlegrounds Match:
      Commands for Battlegrounds include the following: @battlegrounds / @bg: Use of this command is used to enable or disable BG-related announcements. When queuing up, this command will be automatically enabled. @order: This command is available only to a leader of a BG match. As a team leader, use of this command will allow you to send a global message to all members of your team as needed. Think of it like shouting command orders to your team to get them into proper tactical formation! @leader: This command is available only to a leader of a BG match. Use of this command will allow you to switch the Team Leadership to another member of your team. Use this command in the following syntax: @leader <character>. @reportafk: This command is to be used for players who appear to be AFK during a BG match, which would otherwise hold up gameplay. Players who are AFK from their client for more than one minute (60 seconds) will be removed from the Battlegrounds Arena. This system helps to prevent anyone from entering Battlegrounds with the intention to simply collect BG coins. Any attempts to bypass this restriction or abuse this command will carry severe penalties, up to and including a ban from TalonRO. If there are any questions about this, please contact a member of the Game Master staff. /battlechat: If you need to talk to other members on your team, using this helpful command will allow you to do it! Simply use /battlechat and start talking to get a message out to your entire team - just like you would in a party or guild! Finally, the moment that many of you have been waiting for – Battlegrounds Rewards! There are two main types of BG Coins offered from match play: Valor Coins and Glory Coins!
      Valor Coins are given during in wins, losses, and ties – with amounts differing based on which team won / lost / tied. Valor Coins will allow you to purchase the following: Valor Weapons and Brave Weapons! A list of these items can be found below – and many have gone under significant improvement and retuning to fit expertly well into TalonRO’s unique pre-Renewal environment. This means that earning these special weapons will be well worth your time and efforts!
        Glory Coins are given only to teams who win a match. This extra incentive for winning the match will result in your ability to purchase something entirely new and special: Glorious Weapons and Glorious Armor! These new items represent some seriously incredible additions to your arsenal, and we think that you’ll absolutely enjoy their new and improved effects. Earn these items listed below by winning matches and earning Glory Coins! Glorious items can only be used in PvP, WoE, and BG situations – but their edge will give you a valuable upper hand when facing off against other players in these types of gameplay modes.
        Moreover, we’re not done with this list at this point in time. Our plans include making even more items and equipment available through the BG purchase system – including items which you can only earn through BG match play! We hope that players of all types will enjoy giving BG a try and earn some delightful equipment along the way. Who knows – it might just even get your guild in practice for trying out WoE later on the future, too!
        Finally, Whitesmiths – we haven’t forgotten about you! When playing in BG, let your moneybags fly, as all Whitesmith Zeny skill costs have been cut in half while playing BG. Make it rain in pain! During Triple Inferno, you will also be able to make use of the Greed skill, which could be very beneficial to your team! A new Wiki article on Battlegrounds is in the works - but for now, please feel welcome to make use of this table (hidden inside of the spoiler tag below) to compare and learn about the currently available items accessible to you through Battlegrounds rewards and coins!

      As with all updates on TalonRO, we wouldn’t waste a good reboot without time to update a few bug fixes and small quality of life additions to make your gameplay the best that it can be!
      A cap is now in place with regard to reflecting damage in PvM situations. This means that reflected damage can be no higher than twice of your own HP. This cap will not apply in PvP situations. The Gangster’s Paradise skill has been properly fixed and should be working as intended. The Reward Guru now supports newer cards during the unslotting process, allowing you to unslot a wider range of cards from items as needed. The GM Challenge bug that would previously prevent the difficulty from increasing when in a party that has more than 8 players has been fixed. We hope you enjoy the added challenge! Spawn for Orc Baby monsters has increased from 5 to 7 to more properly make these monsters available as the result of Eden Group missions. The Rust Blackhand NPC at Sealed Shrine has been fixed, which will now allow you to make more than one Baphomet Horns headgear.  
      The Battlegrounds update on TalonRO represents a tremendous leap forward in our PvP content - and after months of feedback, reviewing, testing, behind-the-scenes work, and team support, we're happy and proud to unveil this exciting new and robust update to TalonRO! We hope that you enjoy it, and may the battle begin!!