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BG Supplies by Each Class

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update: Added 20 BG Traps for Sniper

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    • By Kelen
      Would it be better to go tankier sinx in BG or stick with damage type sinx?
      The problem I'm encountering is i find it hard to contribute consistent amount of dmg in a prolonged battle, especially when edp runs out and have to walk away after every sonic blow.
      ' sonic blow > equip shield, feater beret , cowardice blade > cloak > walk > equip katar, alice hat > enchant poison > cloak > sonic blow ' is the pattern I usually do. 
      current build (i dont have the enhanced variant shoes yet.)
      idea tank build (hoping can tank an Asura.)
      I look forward any type of builds and game play you guys can suggest.
    • By Reeda
      posion bottles should be subject to change, they nerf assassins like everywhere, its not great not being useful
    • By hazelae
      Hi guys! This will be a relatively short/quick guide that I cooked up just because since the release of BG there have been so many questions about tanking more and stunning less, so I thought I'd give a rundown on one of my favorite vanilla headgear cards! That said, Gemini-S58 is pretty much only useful in vanilla mode so that's what the guide will focus on.

      This is a very good headgear card for a lot of classes, but it gets skipped over and forgotten about quite frequently. Aptly named, it has two effects, and you will always need two (one on upper, one on mid) for it to be effective. Let's take a look at it!

       Gemini-S58 Card - ID #4354
      [Base Agility >= 90]
      Add a 30% resistance against Silence and Stun.
      [Base Vitality >= 80]
      Add a 50% resistance against Stone Curse and Sleep.

      Unfortunately this card isn't for every class, but I'll touch on that more at the end of this guide!

      Recommened Upper Headgears
      Since ditching the Beret, you have tons of options for the Gemini card based on what you like best for your build! This is a small list of what I recommend - of course I encourage you to do your own research and see what works for you.

        Black Shiba Hat [1] - % Demi-Human damage
      Bone Hat [1] - MDEF, % Demi-Human damage, and % Demi-Human reduction
       Deviruchi Headphones [1] - % Stun resistance
       Drooping Domovoi [1] - MDEF, % HP, and % Demi-Human reduction
       Jasper Crest [1] - DEX/VIT - mostly for DLP Professor in WoE
       Lyria Doll Hat [1] - flat HP and % Demi-Human damage (description is wrong)
       Sorin Doll Hat [1] - DEX and % Demi-Human reduction

      Next, I'll break the card down in two parts so we can see the different classes and builds it is effective on.

      [Base Agility >= 90]
      Add a 30% resistance against Silence and Stun.
      This part is awesome because now you can run around with 100% immunity while not being Biochemist food!
      Since running two Gemini-S58 cards only gives you 60% Stun resistance, you'll need to get the other 40% from somewhere else. The classes below all get an extra 50% Stun resistance from Valkyrja's Armor, taking you over 100% immunity. I'll help by breaking down the classes that get the most use out of the anti-stun portion of the card.
      Damage Paladin
      Shield Chain, Pressure, Sacrifice, etc. are all builds that use AGI for maximum DPS. The rest of your points can be spent in DEX and STR as you see necessary. Pally HP is insane, so even without VIT you'll end up around ~13k HP.
      Lord Knight
      ASPD is a staple for many LK skills - getting 90 base should be a breeze. Swordsman HP modifier is very high, so you should still end up with at least 12k HP.
      Again, AGI is a main stat - no brainer here. No VIT frees you up for more STR and DEX.

      Assassin Cross
      Same as above.

      Partial Anti-Stun
      Again, since you'll only get 60% resist from wearing two cards, you won't be 100% immune on these classes. However, you can get as high as 85% - 95% depending on your class. You'll need Deviruchi Headphones, Tidung, and a Deviruchi Pet (loyal pet only necessary if Archer class).
      It's not ideal, and I don't really 100% recommend this to anyone, but it can be a great gear swap if you find yourself stunning a lot in the middle of a BG match, for instance.

      Running Arrow Vulcan/Slow Grace build with DEX/AGI can take up a lot of stats, and being able to achieve 95% Stun resistance with 1 VIT is pretty good.

      Damage Sniper
      Again, running damage on Sniper can eat up a lot of stats so running 1 VIT can help you allocate them a bit better. Sniper can also get 95% resistance, but you end up sacrificing Sniping Suit for it.

      Same as above for the most part. GS can wear all the appropriate gear needed and get a maximum of 90% Stun resist.

      [Base Vitality >= 80]
      Add a 50% resistance against Stone Curse and Sleep.
      This is the main reason this is my favorite card - it frees up any 97 VIT class to use Marc instead of Evil Druid, therefore reducing Meteor Storm damage in WoE and Fire Bolt damage in PvP/BG. Since two of these cards will grant you 100% immunity to Stone, there is no need for supplemental armors/cards.
      This is mostly a WoE setup with some PvP/BG usage, so the classes below will assume 97 total VIT for Stun immunity.

      Defensive LP Professor

      Devotion Paladin

      Gypsy can make use of either part of this card, depending on the build they run.

      Status/Trap Sniper

      SPP Biochemist

      Full Support High Wizard

      High Priest

      Soul Linker

      Classes That Can't Use Gemini
      Going back to what I mentioned earlier - not all classes can wear dual Gemini headgears. Because they don't build AGI or VIT, classes below unfortunately need to rely on other gear (or choose to go without) to achieve 100% Stun and Stone immunity. I won't go into builds for these classes since that's not what this guide is about, but I'll add general gear for classes that have hard gear requirements (mostly for WoE).

      Magic Stalker
      Deviruchi Headphones, Valkyrja's Armor, 2x Stalactic Golem Cards

      Damage Professor

      Damage High Wizard
      Deviruchi Headphones, Tidung, Loyal Deviruchi Pet, Flame Skull Card, 2x Stalactic Golem Cards

      AD Biochemist
      Deviruchi Headphones, Valkyrja's Armor, 2x Stalactic Golem Cards

      Magic Ninja

      Most do not run any Stun immunity gear, just some VIT instead.

      Ending Notes
      Some classes I admittedly don't play (Ninja, Taekwon, Super Novice, non-magic Stalker) so I might not have much info on them. I'd love to include them, I just need to be better informed about builds and gear.
      I recommend always carrying around multiple headgears and armor swaps because in PvP and BG, you never know what's going to happen! Often you'll be able to swap Gemini for more damage or tankiness.
      As with most guides, this is not the set in stone way to play. In the end, it's all up to your personal preference!
      Maybe better formatting to come in the future.
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