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Tam Tam's Tiki Bar | Prize Giveaway

GM Seiren

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Visit TamTam's Tiki Bar Here!

With August's arrival and as summer comes in full swing, we're happy to start off with our annual TamTam's Tikibar event! Thanks to our fun loving and beloved mascot, TamTam, we're serving up summery drinks (and prizes!) throughout the whole month of August.

We're hoping that all of the TalonRO community is having an amazing summer, with the Amazing Summer Race, Cocktail Making and more new summer content coming up. For now, we're pleased to present our special TamTam's Tiki Bar Calendar Giveaway!



If you're unfamiliar with this concept, this works in a similar way to our Advent Calendar did in December. This special calendar marks each day throughout the whole month of August - and behind each day on the calendar is often something nice and refreshing for the summer months in Midgard! It could be a useful consumable but even something as amazing as a unique costume!


We're thanking our entire community with special small items that can be obtained each day. Here's how Tam Tam's Tiki Bar works:


All Tiki Bar calendar gifts are account-bound and will only be available on the day they are offered - meaning that you can't log-in and collect prizes from later dates. To receive all daily gifts, you'll need to visit the Tiki Bar Calendar and the Tiki Assistant NPC (a wonderful cat named SeiSei) in Comodo each day from now throughout the days in August.

While the prizes are account-bound, this does mean you can claim your rewards on all of your game accounts! So hop on those alts and get to Comodo!

We hope that you'll enjoy our special summer calendar throughout the month of August - it's all part of our saying thanks for being a part of the TalonRO community, and we hope that you have a fantastic summer!

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11 hours ago, bchan03 said:

The art for day 2 seems familiar, are you using last years art?

GM Seiren said in-game that he was using last year's since he was not able to make an event for that this year.

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