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How is my Champ stat build? can someone please halp me figure something out?

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hey there talonRO, can I please get some help with my champ ststbuild? I'm wanting battle champ, I just made up some builds with hypothetical/real gear.

chmp stt bld.png

chmp stt bld2.png

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I don't know what're you trying to do? Are you from different server? or, Is this for vanilla pvp/bg/woe?

Well, from quick glimpse, I will say...

kaho? sleipnir? str total need to be in multiple of 10, rental weapon/accessory (refined bloodied shackle ball) seems better than what you proposed. Or carga mace / lunakaligo. It seems a waste to put mantis / tarou card on ring[1] or bradium ring[1]. Stop increasing agi when aspd is at .0 because aspd is rounded down, 0.9 would be useless. Your gear set would be more specific if you know what you are hunting.

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