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GM Lance

PvM | Nightmare's Rift: The Crown

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The release of Nightmare's Rift: The Crown (episode 7) will be the finale of a 7 part series where players will face deceivers beyond the rift, planning out their last stand against a shroud of darkness plaguing Rune Midgard (a minimum party limit of 8 players is mandatory to be eligible for this event, mainly due to its progressive difficulty)

As there are limited slots available, we will only book places on a first come, first serve basis (If you weren't able to signup due to limited spaces, do not fret, as we aim to host these dynamic PvM instances on a regular shift). Please ensure you read the guidelines before opting in:


1. There will be limited resurrections granted in case of a party wipe during the instance

2. You will have 60 minutes to complete the instance, prizes will only be awarded if an instance is finished without failure (failing occurs by not completing the instance on time)

3. Dual clienting is allowed, but not advised given the nature of how these dynamic instances are run

4. If multiple teams successfully complete the instance, each team will still be rewarded based on the prize list given below

5. Players will also be granted a commemorative badge upon completion of the final instance, which will grant them access to the 'Elysian Garden', a unique post-game map wielding lucrative monthly rewards! 

Slots (10th November):

Slot 1 [ Open Slot ] 12pm Server Time
Slot 2 [ Shannon Hoon's Team ] 1.30pm Server Time
Slot 3 [ Plasmapheresis' Team ] 3pm Server Time
Slot 4 [ Rayssss' Team ] 4.30pm Server Time
Slot 5 [ Reira's Team ] 6pm Server Time

Slots (11th November):

Slot 1 [ Open Slot ] 12pm Server Time
Slot 2 [ Open Slot ] 1.30pm Server Time
Slot 3 [ Lyderis' Team ] 3pm Server Time


  • 6x Talon Coins
  • 1x Lv10 Food Bundle
  • 1x Nightmare Insignia
  • Access to 'Elysian Garden'
  • 1x Bloody Branch
  • Love 1

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