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IGN: wasewu


Entry 1

Name:                  Katakuring

Color:                   Normal poring with scarf to hide the mouth


Backstory:          Known to most as the badass breed of porings, Katakuring has a secret.  He gobbles anything that has sugar in it.  Oh, your mom packed you cupcake for lunch?  Nom nom, sorry he ate it.  It's your birthday and you're going to make a wish by blowing the candles on the cake?  Nom nom, what cake?


Entry 2

Name:                  Meowring

Color:                   Black, Red and White (ala wild rose)


Backstory:          Meowring used to the a member of Boli's Hints.  His spot was in the center of Comodo.  When a powerful wizard doing the quest got fed up of going back and forth between Comodo and Coal Mine, he transformed what used to be Meowring into what is now Meowring, when Meowring told the wizard to "Go Away!".


Entry 3

Name:                  Plantring

Color:                   Greenish


Backstory:          Plantring used to be a normal poring that was accidentally warped by a High priest into the Trunk of Yggdrasil.  With no jellopy to loot, the once poring tried to content itself on the abundant herbs available, evolving into Plantring in the process.


Entry 4

Name:                  Loitering

Color:                   Normal Poring but with faster animation


Backstory:          You can never see Loitering in the same map at the same minute.  He is always on the go.  It was even rumored that he once raced against a Peco Peco, and won.


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Design Your Own Treasure Poring Treasure Porings have been a wonderful addition to the server with many people having found these little treasures all around the world of TalonRO! Even though the

My In-Game Character Name: Hikari Nei The name of the Treasure Poring: Onionring   The preferred color of the Treasure Poring: Anything that resembles this little cutie: ... basically

ENTRY #1 Name: Voidring Appearance: (WIP) Drops: Would be nice if it didn't drop anything, and just have Greed or something fitting in with the whole void theme and all, but

Posted Images

IGN: Dragonzar

Name:                  Alluring

Design:                   image.jpeg.508d126a46166d0a9fea2a83bfc3894a.jpegfusion with  Hasil gambar untuk marilyn monroe



  • 1     5800.gifBlush of Groom ID #5800
  • 30 739.gifRouge ID #739 
  • 30 747.gifCrystal Mirror ID #747
  • 1     8889.gif Female Hairstyle Notes ID #8889 
  • 30 1060.gif Golden Hair ID #1060



Alluring is a member of poring group that went to hollywod and reach success among top class actress.  Alluring was born as Maryling Monroing. During her career, her films grossed more than $200 million. Alluring overcame a difficult childhood to become of the world's biggest and most enduring legends. Alluring is a sex symbol of the rune midgard's monster. Numerous scandal she made with deviruchi of geffen dungeon, condor of morroc field, even the most handsome knight turn into abyss and now walk like a zombie in glastheim (abyssmal knight) because of her. Everywhere she goes, every monster in the map will follow her. Agressive monster become non-agressive when they followed her. If she is killed, then every monster that follow her will attack the one who killed her.


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Name: Bossring / Summonering

Color: Spiked Black Poring with Red Strip or Dots


  • Old Card Album (MVP Drop)
  • Reward Ticket (2) (MVP Drop)


Upon killed, Transform/Spawn random Miniboss or Low to Midtiers MVP (similar to Bloody Branch).


A poring that are sucked into Dimensional Rift during Morroc incident and became cursed, it appears that evil spirit infested the poring body and become parasite, however they will abandon and show themselves once its Host died.


| IGN: Mobius Frostheart |

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IGN: Baloes


Name: Snoring

Color: Light Blue with some Z's poping on its head like it was sleeping.

Drops: Santa Hat (100%) // ID #2236

             Jellopy (100%) // ID #909

             Guaraná Candy (100%) // ID #12414

             Awakening Potion (100%) // ID #656

             Berserk Potion (100%) // ID #657

             Bunny Slipper (80%) // ID #2415

Backstory: Born with the others treasure porings it was suposed to go out and travel arround the world with them, but unfortunately it overslept and got out just now.



Name: Boring

Color: Gray with tired eyes.

Drops: Jellopy (100%) // ID #909

             Large Jellopy (100%) // ID #7126

             Apple (100%) // ID #512

             Sticky Mucus (100%) // ID #938

             Shackles (100%) // ID #2408

Backstory: It's Rainbowring twin brother, but while one radiated joy the other radiated tedium. After being locked up for years by his relatives in the depths of clock tower it finally got out to chase his brothers and bored them for the rest of their lives.



Name: Chuck Norring

Color: White with a beard and sunglasses.

Drops: Yggdrasil Berry Box 10 (100%) // ID #14232

             Yggdrasil Seed Box (100%) // ID #12534

             Yggdrasil Leaf (100%) // ID #610

             Chiqita's Jewelry Box (100%) // ID #8901

             Dead Branch Box 25 (100%) // ID #14234

             Gift Box (100%) // ID #644

             Jewelry Box (100%) // ID #12106

             Old Blue Box (100%) // ID #12702

             Old Orange Box (100%) // ID #8815

             Old Purple Box (100%) // ID #617

Backstory: The legend among all porings, truly immortal and dangerous, you can fall into a coma just by touching it. People say it collect treasure boxes arround midgard. Nobody knows but it was the killer of prontera's royal family.



Name: Sporing

Color: Yellow with a Spore Hat

Drops: Bearfoot Special (100%) // ID #12073

             Giant Burrito (100%) // ID #12083

             Royal Family Tea (100%) // ID #12078

             Special Toast (100%) // ID #12093

             Incredibly Spicy Curry (100%) // ID #12088

             Strawberry Flavored Rice Ball (100%) // ID #12098

Backstory: A cute and friendly poring who used to live in midgard. Peco Peco finds it delicious! Due to the growth of swordsmans and its mount Sporings almost got extinct.



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IGN: AkiKai

Name: Elementalring 

Color: Mix of Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green. (I'm thinking the poring changes color every few seconds)


Elemental Weapon Box - ID ### (A box that will give you a random elemental weapon)

Red Blood - ID #990

Crystal Blue - ID #991

Wind of Verdure - ID #992

Green Live - ID #993

Flame Heart - ID #994

Mystic Frozen - ID #995

Rough Wind - ID #996

Great Nature - ID #997


Pisruik, the author of the Elemental Potion Creation Guide and a member of the Monster Research Organization was looking for a way to create stronger elemental potions than the ones currently in Midgard. He fed porings around Yuno with powerful elemental stones and then tried to evolve them with Stone of Sage to no avail. Tired and defeated with only one Stone of Sage left, Pisruik was about to call it quits. When suddenly, his loyal pet poring leaped onto the table and ate the pure elemental stones along with the Stone of Sage. 


Dazed and confused, Pisruik managed to catch a glimpse of his beloved poring before it teleported away. 

Since the event, he only hear rumors about a poring with the colors of red, yellow, green and blue. Roaming Midgard while leaving powerful elemental weapons and stones behind. 

The Elementalring.

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Name: Sauring

Preferred color: Flames


2741.gif All In One Ring ID #2741

2729.gif Diablos Ring [1] ID #2729

2783.gif Eye Ring [1] ID #2783

2648.gif Morpheus's Ring ID #2648

2675.gif Lord Ring ID #2675

2601.gif Ring ID [1] #2601

2755.gif Clamorous Ring ID #2755

Backstory: Birthed deep beneath the earth of Thor's Volcano. The Sauring sees all, the one who rules them all...

 IGN: Stickieee


Name: Storing

Preferred color: Blue, Green


617.gif Old Purple Box ID #617

603.gif Old Blue Box ID #603

616.gif Old Card Album ID #616

8900.gifTalon Coin ID #8900


Drops one7126.gif Large Jellopy ID #7126 every time its damaged.


Backstory: This giant poring shakes the ground with each bounce, the biggest poring to ever exist. It is said with each item it eats, it gets larger. No one knows for certain since its never been seen.

 IGN: Stickieee



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Entry #1:

Name: Bookring
Color: Light Brown, possibly using miniglasses
-Level 6 Cookbook (#7477)
-Level 7 Cookbook (#7478)
-Field Manual 25% (#14532)
-Field Manual 50% (#12208)
-Job Battle Manual 50% (#14592)
-Book of the Devil (#642)
-Bible [2] (#1551)
-Giant Encyclopedia [2] (#1564)
-Model Training Hat (#5073)
-Old Card Album (#616)
Backstory: This Poring has always been filled with curiosity. His hunger for knowledge made him learn ways to sneak into Prontera's library to "borrow" some books. Don't worry, he always return them, although late on some occasions. His dream for the future is to become a bestseller book author, and he even has his autograph decided on.


Entry #2:

Name: Endowring
Color: White, with some fire/water/lighting/earth particles surrounding him
-Aspersio Scroll Box(30) (#13590)
-30x Flame Elemental Converter (#12114)
-30x Frost Elemental Converter (#12115)
-30x Lightning Elemental Converter (#12117)
-30x Seismic Elemental Converter (#12116)
-30x Cursed Water (#12020)
-4x Holy Elemental Scroll (#12280)
-4x Undead Elemental Scroll (#12279)
Backstory: This Poring has a trauma: when he was little, he went to a haunted house with his friends, and he was so scared at the ghosts that he passed out for 2 days. He eventually learned that the best way to fight ghosts is to use elemental attacks, so he went on a journey to Yuno to learn more about the elements. After years of intense training, he finally mastered the art of endowing weapons, and now he's fully prepared to take on those pesky ghosts.


Entry #3:

Name: Hattering
Color: Yellow, wearing a hat
-Poring Hat (#5035)
-Poporing Hat (#5352)
-Angeling Hat (#5132)
-Deviling Hat (#5254)
-Poring Tower (#5255)
-Rainbow Poring Hat [1] (#18790)
-SantaPoring Cap [1] (#5381)
-Sapling Hat (#8507)
-Small Dancing Poring Headband [1] (#18841)
-King Poring Hat (#18785)
Backstory: Most humans may not notice, but the fashion industry is one of the most sucessfull ones in the Poring society. Much of this is due to the creations of this talented Poring, whose creations can turn even the lamest of the creatures into very fashionable people just by bearing his hats. The recipe for his success? In a recent interview, he answered: "I look around me for inspiration. Every Poring out there has their own charm, all I do is reproduce that in the form of a hat".


IGN: Kodoku Signal

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Name: Quivering / Rohoodring (a poring like robin hood)
color:  a Green poring that has Apple of archer  top head gear or
         green hood poring with bow on its back

  •    5x  Silver Arrow Quiver    Item ID# 12009
  •     5x Elven arrow quiver  Item ID# 20157
  •  5x   Crystal Arrow Quiver    Item ID# 12012
  • 5x    Fire Arrow Quiver    Item ID# 12008
  •   5x   Holy Arrow Quiver    Item ID# 12183
  •   5x   Immaterial Arrow Quiver    Item ID# 12014
  •  5x   Wind Arrow Quiver    Item ID# 12010
  •  5x   Stone Arrow Quiver    Item ID# 12011
  • 5x   Shadow Arrow Quiver    Item ID# 12013
  •     100x Trap    Item ID# 1065
  •     Apple of Archer    Item ID# 2285
  •   gakkung [2] bow item ID #1716
  •  Halter Lead 7 days box Item ID# 16682

Backstory: There was once a unique and different Poring that born  in the field of Prontera were they found out how difficult this troublesome poring to handle that was broken many times of thier monster rules but this poring was very skilled and very poor , He Got Idea of Training Himself at  Payon were all the archer guilds trains. and learn also to craft arrows. when he came back because he is Kind all of his possession like foods he gave it all  to its monsters community and was save it from hunger. but secretly stole from their greedy poring king During knight !  he Attacks  it who ever it come on its way  and mostly of course from adventurers of midgard that keep trespassing on their territory..

IGN: maikiyoh


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