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Kinyo's attempts to draw Animu

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hello, kinyo! and welcome to tro as well as the art corner! /bo
i hope ro gives you that boost of inspiration you need to keep going! it definitely did for me and the nostalgia seems to help a lot. plus your use of colours and style is very dynamic/fshi love the variety in each piece and i can't wait to see more!

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@fumiddition Thank you. For the warm welcome and kind words. I really appreciate that you like my stuff. /thx

Here's something that I started and wanting to finish before I jump into drawing people's characters. And yeah, I struggled with those a little bit. I'm not sure how to  achieve this 'clean animu look', yet. /hmm 



Also short disclaimer. I got the idea for character presentation after seeing art that this Weckl guy posted over on Discord. Not sure if he's here on the forumz. But yeah, you should check this guy out. He knows his stuff. /slur

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Phew it's been a while. But sudden extra work happened, also christmas around the corner ;v. but i managed to finish this pair. still experimenting with style, that's why all of theese look so inconsistent ;/



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17 hours ago, ThisIsKinyo said:

Little Stella was polite enough to let me butcher her character. Thanks!


Nicely done! So when are you opening commissions? /pif

Your art is amazing, keep it up!

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@Kisuka* hey, thank you /lv I really appreciate kind words ;3.


As for commissions. I'm planning to open them in the future. Simply need to find time to think about how to apporach it.

Ffor now you can shoot me a PM and we can figure something out. /no1

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Posted (edited)

Hey. It's been a while. Got overwhelmed by life for a bit. But now when stuff starts to calm down I'll be more active. For starters here's a commission I did for @Squawk. I had lot's of fun working on this piece. Thanks for that :D


squawk_commission copy.png

Edited by ThisIsKinyo
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I love the vibrance and liveliness of your coloring and style! And the perspective and flow of motion in your newest piece is really well done! Excellent work!

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@Amissapanda thank you for kind words! i'm really happy that you like my /lv

here's a commission that i did for @Kisuka*. it was real pleasure to work on this one. also super fun. thanks!



Oh and i'd like to mention that i'm open for commissions. So if you want me to draw something for you. Just shoot me a message and we'll figure it out.

Best! /no1

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