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Luntian's Art Thread

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Pick me senpai

I don't have a proper reference yet :< so I'll just post it like this.

I'm also having a hard time deciding which character I would like to be drawn. Please choose which one you would like to draw




Soul Linker




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Oh my, that was fast.. :o

Anyway @ATypicalNala and @Arcadia 🌸 got the slots for now. Please PM me your commission details, thank you.

@ATypicalNala You've posted 4 characters, so that means you want me to draw all 4 or choose among them..?

@Arcadia 🌸 the Soul Linker is fine, but is the other reference a ranger..? Sorry, I'm not familiar with 3rd jobs =P


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Hi again guys!
I have updated the price lists for my commissions:

Commission Type Prices
Tier 1 - Bust Shot 15m (1st char.), 10m (2nd char. and up)
Tier 2 - Half Body 20m (1st char.), 15m (2nd char. and up)
Tier 3 - 3/4 or Full Body 25m (1st char.), 20m (2nd char. and up)


Additionals Prices
Backgrounds 1-2m for simple BG
Price will increase if the BG is detailed
Priced on a case to case basis depending on
several factors (exposure, details, etc)

Calculation Notes:
Only one commission tier would be charged as a 1st character, the rest will be charged as 2nd characters

As a rule of thumb, the highest "tier" would be priced as the "1st character" and the rest will be priced as "2nd character"


3 Bust Shots/portrait will be priced as 35m:
15m : Tier 1, 1st character
10m : Tier 1, 2nd character
10m : Tier 1 : 2nd character

2 Half Bodies without a background will be priced as 35m:
20m : Tier 2, 1st character
15m : Tier 2, 2nd character

1 Full Body, 1 Half Body and 2 Bust/Portraits (mixed commission) will be priced as 60m:
25m : Tier 3, 1st character
15m : Tier 2, 2nd chatacter
10m : Tier 1, 2nd character
10m : Tier 1, 2nd character

I will make another update here soon, I'll let you guys know.

I also want to open 2 slots for waiting list, so let me know if you want to be in the list.

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Okay so kossploss, Kisuka*.... alright, and Marly got in the waitlist.

@kossploss @Kisuka* @Marly
You can PM your references/commission ideas if you want, but I can only do rough sketches on them at most,
since my priority right now are Arcdia & ATypicalNala's commissions.

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Hi guys! I just want to give you guys an update on what I'm doing right now:

I'm still working on Arcadia's piece and its far from being finished (I'd say 35-45% done). Most of the lineart is laid out and is the subjects are good to be finalized:




Progress with the others:

  • ATypicalNala -- references/ideas have been sent to me, rough sketch is not complete
  • kossploss -- still have to choose between 2 ideas, need to follow-up after a couple of days
  • Kisuka* -- references/ideas have been sent to me, haven't started yet
  • Marly -- discussed ideas in the hangouts
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 I'll post here if I will open commission slots but for now, I need to finish all my commissions so I won't be opening slots anytime soon.

Okay, here are some updates with the progress of my commissions:

The lineart are done, shadings are almost done, the background will be a tough one with lots of details, but I'll get over it. Here's what it looks like:



The rough sketch is done, but there are still corrections that need to be fixed. Here's what it looks like so far:



That's all for now. I'm always streaming at the Art Corner Hangouts, here's the link if you want to check it out:

Art Corner Hangouts

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      ★ Hi and welcome to my lil art thread! 
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      That being said, I'd like to offer some art as well to help earn some zeny besides the usual farming method because oh god the hats and costumes are too cute there are so many of them and I Have A Need.
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      Chibi : 25mil zeny / 25 TC
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      Chibi couple : 50mil zeny / 50 TC

      Busts : 20mil zeny / 20 TC sketch only ||  30mil zeny / 30 TC colored

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      I recently joined the server with a couple of friends, and well, I want a lot of things. So, I come offering my services in exchange for zeny and items! Currently, I am offering icon commissions, but I do plan to offer other things in the future as well.
      Forum/Discord Icons
      6 mil zeny/6 Talon Coins each. *SPECIAL* Buy 2 for 10 mil zeny/10 Talon Coins!
      All icons done on a base! Full canvas size 500x500. Full size will be PM'd to commissioner.
      Chibi Commissions
      15 mil zeny/15 Talon Coins per character. *SPECIAL* Couples for 25 mil zeny/25 Talon Coins!
      High res will be PM'd to commissioner.
      Fullbody/Halfbody Commissions
      30 mil zeny/30 Talon Coins per fullbody character.
      20 mil zeny/20 Talon Coins per halfbody character.
      *LIMITED SPECIAL* 35 mil zeny/35 Talon Coins halfbody couples.
      High res will be PM'd to commissioner.
      Commission Form
      Help me help you help me! I like to keep things organized.
      Sprite/Art reference:
      Expression: (Happy, sad, tsundere, etc)
      Eye/skin colour: (If left blank I will choose for you!)
      Background: (For icons. 2 colours and your choice of pattern. If left blank I will choose for you!)
      Pose: (For fullbodies. Pose references are a-ok to give me an idea of what you would like! Can also include a brief personality description.)
      Extras: (Pets, homuncs, etc. May be subject to an additional charge, please ask!)
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      1. Spellbound
      2. Hi im L
      3. OPEN
      4. OPEN
      5. OPEN
      1. OPEN
      2. OPEN
      Finished Commissions

      Feel free to send other item offers my way, I am happy to see if we can work something out!
      Thank you very much for checking out my thread! I look forward to getting to know the lovely people on this server! Don't be scared to say hello to me in game too if you happen to spot me hobo-ing around.
    • By Neloren
      I need equipment and id love some costumes !! 
      ================== Chibi heads ==================
      Hey! I'm dying poor in game so I'll be selling these quick cheebs !
      They are perfect for icons or to keep them in your forum firm or page, etc. 

      ------> Price: 10m per character<------
       ------------ OPEN SLOTS ------------
      1. Open
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      5. Open
       ------------ Wait List ------------
      1. Open
      2. Open
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      Requirements to PM me:
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      Chibi head examples: (not from RO tho)
      ================== Bribe Only ==================
      I can do other type of arts but they are usually more elaborated and require a lot more time. 
      I'm willing to do it for the right price (or costume!)... PM your offers. 
      If a specific one is requested a lot I might bump it up to regular commission !! 
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