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Need to skip patching


I feel I ask this every few years but I can never seem to find the original posts.

Basically I have an issue with my work laptop where if it patches it decides to 'save' me and remove the launcher. I know you used to be able to launch into the game directly, is there still a way to do that?

Alternatively if others have ways to bypass this security I'd be happy to hear them. Tempted to run it in a sandbox and see if that works. I don't really want to have the conversation with IT of why they should allow this lol though apparently blizzard patchers all work... 

In 2 months I'll be heading to India for business and I'd like to keep playing during that time too so hopefully we can find a solution : ) 


PS I can remote home to patch the game and transfer files so updates won't be a problem.

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  1. Create a shortcut to talonexe.exe and place it wherever you like
  2. Edit shortcut and append -1rag1 parameter to target
  3. Start client through shortcut

Also because only the patcher demands Administrator priviledges this way you can run the game as normal user without triggering UAC if this might be an issue.

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