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a warm greeting from benjiboy

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Hey TalonRO,

Hasn't been years, i'm talking 8 + years I've played RO. I heard about the new RO that came out that was 3D like but never captured me.

I'm an honest noob. I've forgotten a lot of things. I blame prescription meds that screwed my memory.

Anyways any tips? About to log in for the first time, looking for friends, guilds, advice, anything really!

Can't even remember the classes I got a long way to go!


Hope to see you all in game and any advice would be appreciate or any friendship too :)


- benjiboy

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Welcome to the server!

Tips are gonna be very dependent on what you're planning to play, but a hot tip: don't buy potions, buy meat. They're way cheaper!

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Here's some generic tips:

  • No matter what you play, you're going to want a merchant alt to overcharge the trash loot you sell to NPCs, as well as to sell more valuable items to players. 
  • You're probably going to want a slave priest as well. Multiclienting is a big aspect of progressing quickly and smoothly for many classes.
  • Don't be afraid to ask for help in !main, or for someone to play with in !recruit
  • Check out the guides section on the wiki! Great tips and advice on how to build/level for many classes.

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