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GM Lance

PvM | Snowdown: Battle Arena

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As we rejoice and celebrate this whimsical winter season, what better way than to warm up with an adrenaline fuelled MVP showdown?

Players will compete in a legendary MVP battle royale, with only a limited time to defeat as many bosses as possible. The party with the most amount of MVP takedowns will be rewarded with lucrative prizes. Read more for our competition guidelines!


  • A minimum party setup of 4 (12 maximum) will be required to participate. There are no limits on number of teams sign-ups
  • An assigned party leader must confirm their participation on this thread, along with the party name and specified timeslot to be considered for entry
  • Players during the instance will have 40 minutes to kill as many MVPs before the timer runs out
  • A maximum of three resurrections will be granted in case of a party wipe, the party leader will need to request this by PMing their assigned GM
  • Dual clienting is not permitted
  • The competition will start (9th December 12pm Server Time) and end on 10th December with winning results to be announced same day
  • Players cannot join multiple parties, failure to comply will result in immediate disqualification
  • All participating teams will be rewarded (see prize list below)


1st Place
  12478.gif.3b83df95cda7fa04edb78e3ea4f95e03.gif 3GM Prize Box (Randomized) 
  8900.gif&key=e6705d325821206bf3b771c2e51 6x Talon Coins

2nd Place
  8900.gif&key=e6705d325821206bf3b771c2e51 4x Talon Coins
  5105.gif 1x TalonRO Cake

3rd Place

  8900.gif&key=e6705d325821206bf3b771c2e51 3x Talon Coins

Consolation Prize
  12103.gif 1x Bloody Branch

Time Slots:

9th December
Slot 1 [ Nonoko's Team ] 12pm Server Time
Slot 2 [ Sinshine's Team ] 1pm Server Time
Slot 3 [ Goyu's Team ] 2pm Server Time
Slot 4 [ Rayssss' Team ] 4pm Server Time
Slot 5 [ Pookish' Team ] 5pm Server Time

10th December
Slot 1 [ Open ] 10am Server Time
Slot 2 [ Open ] 11am Server Time
Slot 3 [ Open ] 12pm Server Time
Slot 4 [ Open ] 1pm Server Time
Slot 5 [ Nyphia's Team ] 2pm Server Time

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Dec 9

Slot 4 [ Open ] 2pm Server Time

- Amatsu Desserts

Edited by Goyu
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We'd like to reserve Slot 5 for Monday, 10th December for Crimson Guild.

Party name: Crimson Snowdown

Thank you /ok 


Edited by Nyphia
Adding PT name
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Hello~ signing up for the following slot:

9th December: Slot 5 [ Open ] 5pm Server Time 

Party name: "We gonna crash"

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Signing up for the 9th. Timeslot is 12pm server time. Thanks

Guild: Sempiternal
PT name: Sempiternal Derp Squad

Edited by Nonoko-chan
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A huge commendation to all the teams that participated in this week's Snowdown: Battle Arena!

And now, onto the results:

1st place
Rayssss' Team 
(30 MVPs defeated)

2nd place
Nyphie's Team 
(29 MVPs defeated)

3rd place
Goyu's Team (28 MVPs defeated)

Honourable mentions
Pookish' Team (26 MVPs defeated)
Sinshine's Team (23 MVPs defeated)

Will the party leaders for each team please PM me the IGNs of all the players who attended, prizes will be mailed out soon after.

Thank you all for attending, and we hope you have a whimsical festive period!

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