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Where could I farm as a Priest? (Gearless and Non-Trans)

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I am still a poor priestess at level 99 and I am looking for a way to farm more zenies for my LKH
I am planning to become a Instant Cast Exorcist (ME Priest)
I've been farming at GHC but the loots aren't really that expensive and I am still not planning to rebirth since it's hard to level and farm at the same time unless I am properly geared.
I've also tried voting to earn CCs and TCs but the thing is I can't keep up with its 12hr, 24hr schedule that's why I can't maximize it that much
Any suggestions??



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My first character was a priest, and I did not really hesitate at all to trans and heres why.

  • Anubis TU leveling for even the gearless is really fast. I used an undershirt set and went flee. Sure Sonic blow will one shot you, but silence fixes that quick. Kyre removes the need for eddga too so I find it really effective.
  • Second Job bonus's and stat bonus's. You'll get more job bonus's to dex closing the gap between you and 150 dex which you need to be an ME priest. 
  • You're in higher demand. People want High priests and almost gearless you can be a back priest in an ET run which if you have a good guild will split loot/winnings with you. 

As for farming, I found this a bit difficult as an ME priest early on. Without IC its really not very successful. You can get away with probably 5 dex short of 150 so I farmed with TU instead.

  • Tidal farming- not sure how this fairs anymore, but these used to sell for a lot, so I TU farmed and sold them for a good chunk of change. Abbey 2 has a lot of ragged zombies and you can just drive by them all day long. Tele away from bishop and Necros. Even with gear, I still drive by TU these guys for a 20% chance of killing them on my way to leech on floor 3. Once I got gear, I just focused on +7, I've made 5 so far? Its a nice item to use in my opinion.
  • Anubis drops are not the worst, some will still pay pretty well for a recovery rods. Personally I never sold these because I wanted a +10 one of the few ways to boost up heal aside from straight up tons of int... anubis card is 1m, not the most reliable cash but its something extra. I kept one and sold the rest. 
  • Hit 80s trans and read some ET guides and help out. 
  • TU Verits for their card. SQI ingredient, sells for a good chunk of change.
  • Vote, Always whenver you can. Even if its every few days, vote anyway. Practically free money. 
  • Find parties with people that want to share loot. Used to help mob in Rachel Sanc for a wizard friend and we'd share the loot. 

I'm curious what others think, but ultimately none of these are very optimal. A nearly gearless assassin could grimtooth more cash in prison than you'll probably see doing any of the above methods. Personally I ended up splitting off and leveling other characters that could farm things I wanted. Like stings, I made an archer, a sage (vertical fire wall ftw!) and got lucky with the drops at about lvl 80ish each. 2x sting cards 2x gloves. I made an assassin and killed movkas for a while, hated it but I did it buff slaving can get you very far here without all the stupid 100m builds people seem to think are a requirement. Honestly chick hat will give you the same dps as a kaho with a katar. Things die decently fast. 


Now once you have IC you can do lots of things.

  • Sell leeches (Niff, Abbey 3, etc)
  • Farm Geffenia (don't see this often, but you can mob like crazy and just ME them down)
  • Geffen dungeon nightmares. (I dont' think this is very profitable anymore, but it was a fun way to get infiltrators : )
  • Abbey Farming (wools/tidals/mes) Banshees mob very nicely on floor 1, ragged zombies are everyone but floor 3. Nice bonus along with hellpoodle cards and expert rings.
  • Anywhere there are undead/demons. 

I wish you the best of luck though! I hope some of this is helpful. I really don't want to be that guy that recommends you play something else to get your gear... but it would definitely be faster. Thats coming from someone who did do this exclusively as a priest and took 20x longer to get there. 

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You could also upgrade your eden gears to the highest tier and with bonus enchantments. Every little bit of stat counts.

Also, make another character on another game account and dual client. Just semi-afk at monster race and check on it from time to time. It may be random, but there will be days that you'll win multiple times in a row and cash in on a few talon coins from your copper coin winnings. /no1 

As for job class recommendation, I highly recommend you make an AFKmist as your semi-afk monster race gambler. Once you hit 2nd job and get a vanilmirth, leveling will be a breeze and hassle-free. When you trans it into a biochemist, you can also do literal farming by playing farmville with plant cultivation. Your high priest will be the most ideal harvester of the plants for optimal drops.

Lastly, maybe it's just me, but I find rare drops like cards, etc. to more likely to drop while you are AFKing as an alchemist. Just my observation based on my personal gaming experience though. /heh 

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Your master/form account can have 10 gameaccounts.

Do yourself a favor and make a 2nd game account.

I suggest a making a thief there. Novicequest and a quick visit to payon cave. Buy somewhere a cheap Pantie and Undershirt as well as a +5 Damascus.

While using your Priest to buff and heal, level the thief on wolfes to 60. It gives a good ammount of strawberrys. People buy them for 1000 or more zenny each. At this stage you probably make already more cash than your priest in Glastheim.

After Jobchange around Job 40 or 43 get some quick jobs at wolfes. Try to get your hands on a cheap burning bow and use Fire arrows with it.

If you preffer to use autoatack i advise to do baby chick hat quest which alows you to use lvl 10 double attack on your rogue with bows too. Else get many GJ and use double straf as much as you can. (only spamm GJ on monsters woth to farm else the drops wont pay for GJ used)

Level/ farm as long as you can bear it at Toy2/ Mobsters. (Maybe take some lvl ups at geographers or Moscovia lvl 1 if you have access)

Then its time to do Moscovia dungeon quest with your thief and Priest. Let Priest stay at dungeon lvl 1 and get back for some heals and buffs.

If youre short of some stats lvl a bit in dungeon lvl 1. At lvl 3 hunt for mavkas only:


Take some meat and fly wings for emergency if you go to lvl 3. Only hunt Mavkas and always try to steal from them. Use intimidate if its too mobby. As you see i didnt calculate buffs from priest as you want to be able to survive if buffs run out. (theoretically you can go mavkas at lvl70 already thought you will have a hard time doing the quest)

Looks great but i wont lie to you its still hard and you will still be away from farming easy and quick cash. The map is usally farmed by too much people but the loot will pay for it. Think of it as a boost to get better farming gear.

Expected zenny for this gear= 250k Burning bow +75k to make it +5, Pantie & Undershirt is probably less than 100k together. +5 Damascus is like 125k. If you vote daily just sell 1 TC and after shopping you still have 550k zenny left. Thats enough cash to buy supplies.

Aim to farm 18m to buy a ice pick to easy farm sleepers or for GEC shoes to always spamm double staff without using grapejuice. Both items will always sell for the same price you bought them as long as you buy at an average price.

Keep in mind that there are other classes and guides which may result in faster farming but i always suggest going thief -> rouge as its a pretty easy to learn and a cheap setup (Double attack, imp. dodge 30 flee, easy element with arrows, steal, ranged attack possible)


Just in case you REALLY want to farm cash with Priest ONLY, your best choice may be hunting verits as Immortal Hearts are always in demand. Everythink else you can do with priest for cash isnt as reliable or rewarding.

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