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Sweet Desire

Cannot use "Enter" on Chatbox but works on Whisper


just downloaded this game today and was working fine.. when I was leveling in payon cave and when I tried to talk to one of the priest I couldn't!! I can type but when I try to send it or press "ENTER" it doesn't go through like my "ENTER" key all of the sudden stopped working... but when I tried whispering another player to ask if they know how to fix it the "ENTER" suddenly works... so in my case I can use whisper perfectly fine but when I try to ask for buffs or say thank you in public chat it wont let me!!! sad how I cant talk in public kinda like im muted! :( can someone help me I already restart my PC and relog many times.... only thing I can think of (its 2:45am) is to uninstall it and re-download it again.. :(:(:(  any help would be nice! thank you!!

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