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Wolfcheff isntance warp isnt working


Questboard say Biolab lvl 4 entrance is done.

I can enter lvl 4 by walking.

But i cant enter by using Warper. It say Quest not done or on cooldown.

After reading the questguide from Trowiki under https://wiki.talonro.com/Biolabs_Level_4_Entrance_Quest

It says there:

" You may now gain access to Biolabs Level 4 by going through the Biolabs Level 3 warp shown in step 2. "

So it have to be completed. Else i couldnt enter.


Anyone have a idea why i couldnt warp?

I did the quest as tehre was no warp years ago.


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Hello GM Seiren

Actually i cant be 100% sure as i did it a long time ago.

If i enter lvl4 Biolab it doesnt look like a questinstance, my party is there i can hunt Monsters and i have some vague memorys of a failed mvpattemp.

Also if i enter lvl4, there is no popup like seen in the questguide under step 3 so i must be done already.


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