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Knight - 76 - Balance Stats - Eden Gear (nothing special) I can barely hit 200 dmg per hit, while others of lower level can do thousands...what am I doing wrong?

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As the title says I can barely get 200 dmg per hit and I am a level 76 knight. I recently partied with a Hunter and she could do 7k+ damage consistently. What in the world am I doing or not doing wrong here? Am I required to buy a pricey 2h-sword with a pricey slotted card, and other pricey gear before I can do immense damage? It's pitiful how little damage I'm doing.

If you have build a knight before your advice would be greatly appreciated.

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200 dmg per hit is normal for Gearless knight with normal atk, therefore, getting a weapon is your priority as a knight.

What Weapon you aim depends on what and where you farm, for an instance, farming fire element mob = water element weapon (vvs ice/water element sword), or even better, sword / pike carded with vadon+  size / racial card l, with water endow, you will do a better dmg.

I can suggest end game gears too, but that requires your time and dedication as a knight, such as veteran sword with sword guardian card , and violet fear with sword guardian card for everything out there.

Try posting your current build, and what / where you wanna level, so we can help you further...

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Posted (edited)

There's nothing wrong. You just need more information to gain significant improvement on playing the class.

Balanced stat is actually one of the cause of small dps. Ragnarok in general favors archer class too much. Archer only cares 2 main stat agi and dex so they can focus on damage. Archer has early powerful weapon access, and easy elemental advantage (up to 2x damage). They shot in range that mostly just ignore monster mechanic / threat because monsters died before reaching them.

If you love playing knight, you just need to remind yourself, playing knight has their own pace, you may progress slower than other class.

Beside the elemental weapon mentioned, rental weapon are not too shabby either. How to get elemental weapon? Buy from other players. Rental weapon? Farm bronze coins from eden board hunting quest or tamtam maps (custom on this server, ask mini game girl the location since it's changed monthly, tamtam maps has 2x exp/jexp, each monster had chance to drop bronze and copper coins, and champion monster with aura -> skip this for now). Then ask Rental NPC at prontera fountain to choose weapon.

What is endow? It's a sage skill that will change your weapon element temporarily up to 30 minutes. If you play melee classes, you most likely want to make sage character on another account, to self-buff your melee character.

The quick fix on your problem would be change of stat build and change on how you play, no more regular attack, only skill spam.

The stat build, I would suggest to get at least 70 - 80 base STR, keep the STR total multiple of 10 like (83+17) because the huge bonus attack occurs on that. Get enough DEX to hit whatever monster you want to hit 90 - 100% of the time (check panel.talonro.com for monster database) usually 20 - 50, however, if you go for bowling bash spam, aim higher DEX like 70+ for shorter bowling bash cast time. Keep in mind that some skills has flat bonus hit. The rest stat would be up to you, on main defensive stat pick either agi or vit, not both since you're lacking the access to do great on both at this moment. Example of this kind of build would be 70-80 str 50-70 agi 10-20 vit 20-40 dex 0-10 int 0-10 luk. Side note on stat: 1 vit adds 1% potion efficiency hence you always want to put few, multiple of 6 for total int gives +1 sp regenation, like vit, int adds sp recovery potion too, every 3 luk (or is it 5) add 1 attack, every 5 total dex adds 1 atk (int, dex, luk breakpoints are not really important). Check for more detail: https://irowiki.org/classic/Stats. With this kind of build, you should generally do 300 - 400 damage per hit. Knight usually need extra effort to flee 95% of the monster, btw. Later, you may change this kind of stat build when you get better ideas on how to survive/farm on your desired map.

The skill spam, bash would be equivalent of double strafe for archer but DS is usually stronger due to better stat build and elemental advantage, but you have the knight skills that are stronger than bash, hence use those. Sp potion, grape juice are provided easy on this server but I still think doctor is cheaper for beginner. Both options will increase your cost hence you want to be more pickier on where to farm, you want more profitable area to cover the cost and still provide good profit. You want to check the market like buying/sellling shop at our panel, or read what people shouts on market channel. So your farm would look like, go to farming map -> spam skill like mad, one-shot skill if possible -> fly wing / teleport -> spam skill again -> sp gone, back to town / grape juice -> repeat. This will guarantee your damage 2-4k per hit at least with your current weapon. 2x damage with a sage endow.

There's also guide that shows you one way to play knight, but you are not obligated to follow all of the steps. Here: 


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I actually love the post before this as "knights have their own pace development" 

As an Easy suggestion without following a guide as a knight is that you can farm at the toy factory, or you could farm maybe something like Bathory's for zenny; Bathorys being more difficult to get to and you need experience in adventuring: such as knowing that Magnum Break makes your attacks unavoidable so you can bash down a monster is like priority for you or Using Auto Counter so that you can avoid damage, and when you could or should do those.

The best feature on being a Knight is that if you have the experience in adventuring it has a really nice pace to it, and you would do really well taking on things like sandmen, or desert wolves which is fun.

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