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Xmas Instance - Some Notes (WIP)

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Key Prerequisites:

  • Party Leader to carry 1 Shining Diamond
  • All party members to have talked 3 mins with NPCs in the Enchanted Village. 
    • Start with Santa, 3rd option. Then Benjamin (the Yuno Scholar near the West portal) -> Santa -> Benjamin -> Santa -> Benjamin -> Santa -> Adriano (just outside the Casino, 8 oclock of map, choose to interrogate him) -> Santa -> Adriano -> Santa -> Adriano -> Santa

Walk Through Notes

1F Jailer Floor

  • Walk to the right side to break boxes until you get an announcement that you got a crowbar. 
  • As you do this, hug the wall to avoid the jailer. As you walk past santas, the xmas cookies will appear.
  • After you get the crowbar, walk to the left side. Pneuma as you walk by the row of cruisers.
  • Open the MVP room door with your crowbar.
  • Clear the mobs, and tackle the Ifrit-looking MVP. It earthquakes a lot.
  • After you clear the MVP, walk back to the entrance door. 
  • The entrance to the 2nd Floor is on the right. You have to click on the "..."

2F Maze Floor 

  • Enter Middle Room: UR UL UL UR UR LL LR UR MM - You will get mobbed in all the right rooms.
  • Before entering the final room with MVP, ask SB Champ to wear GTB and get fresh FCP. Mobs or MVP Dispels and break stuff.
  • After clearing the MVP, enter the Left Room, then portals: R M L L R L.
  • After clearing the mobs, reverse back to the entrance. Enter Middle Room, etc until you reach MVP room again.
  • This time, enter the Right Room, then portals: M M L R L M.
  • After clearing the mobs, reverse back to entrance. Enter the right door/portal to the next floor.

3F Puzzle Floor

  • Code: 1R 2B 3G 4Y 5Y 6B 7R 8G 9R 10G 11Y 12B 13B 14Y 15R 16G . Lots of orc-ish mobs . 

4F Antonio MVP Floor

  • Cruisers on the walls . Antonio gigafreezes.
  • Seems like Land Protector is needed because that's what the NPC said - to nullify damage from Gigafreeze. 
  • And then there's coma from the artillery - similar to Krampus, you end up with 1 HP and 0 SP.
  • There are also cruisers and mobs on this floor at the same time. 

Mobs - Some Monster Property Snips



MVP Monster Property Snips:




  • Weak to fire
  • About 4M HP


  • Antonio
  • About 10M HP


  • Wrapping Papers and Ribbons
  • Antonio's drops? See GM Howl's post. 
  • An adventure

Video References:


I'd welcome contributions. xD


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