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Halo all.

I played Talon ages ago, got a kaho I think, then quit bcoz life.

I don't really play much different games much now except Dota, Ragnarok M(which I'll quit soon from disappointment), and now thinking of returning here.

I'm a Game Developer from Bali, sometimes I stream my dev in twitch(just started tho). RO1 is one of the biggest influence of my personal game. But now I have some client's project too.

I really thrive on MMO with community, and have been trying to properly research this aspect for my own game.

So... I'm looking for a guild too, a casual one but with passion for the concept of games in general preferably, because I'd like to talk a lot about game dev, among other things. And maybe you guys can try out my game too (alpha build soon). Or if there are other gamedev/programmer around? Or has been to Bali, and so on.

I only have a hunter, priest, and might play something that's much more community oriented now. Probably focus on priest, make a pally, or even prof and creator. I'll be casual, but I'll be there for parties and the likes.


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