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I know people like Seiren x Howl more, but would you welcome a Seiren x Boreas novel too? Also, a yuri novel is fair game, right?


I guess I couldn't get Seiren's permission... and Boreas will probably kill me again if I asked, so I scrapped the whole thing. Instead, I wrote this thing which is part of a bigger story. I wrote it like a light novel because I misread "love novel" /heh. I tried my best to make it work despite it being part of a larger story, so I hope everyone has as much fun reading it as I did writing it. /no1

If for some reason you want to read more of the characters, here's the 8k word draft (mostly unedited) which was basically made with the reader having no knowledge of RO (kinda) in mind.

IGN: Cespoirs

Synopsis: After a certain incident, students from Seiren Girls' Academy went missing. The amnesiac Miyu Satō (佐藤みゆ Satou Miyu), a third-year from the academy, finds herself in a strange city called "Prontera". Along with her is the second year, Arisa Onoe (尾上有紗 Onoe Arisa). After finding out that they can't return to their original world, the two embark on an ambitious journey in search of wealth and power to make the most of their situation.

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Game, Magic, Supernatural, Yuri, Dementia, Romance, Isekai


GM Neza - Include a prologue and an epilogue. +8900.gif.e5c32bd7ab72008f8b9665772a97f4a8.gif 3 TC

GM Seiren  Include a nemesis. +8900.gif.e5c32bd7ab72008f8b9665772a97f4a8.gif 3 TC

Total Word Count: 2,500


She opened her eyes and saw a familiar ceiling.

I-I guess I’m back in Ifrit…”

She said with a grunt. She was back on the bed she shared with her two companions.

Arisa-chan, welcome back!”

Arisa heard a voice. She looked around the room but no one else was there. It took her awhile to realize it was the skill [Messaging] which allows telepathic communication.

Cespoirs… The Dark Lord—”

“—Shh… Go back to Rachel Sanctuary for now. I’ll explain everything when you get here.”




Arisa woke up in the only inn in Geffen. It was a long way south-east of Rachel. This was not a problem, however, because warp services were available in cities to facilitate the travels of adventurers.

Ah. Looks like she’s arrived.”

The door to Cespoirs’ office opened.

Inside the room were three girls arranged as if they were called to the principal’s office.

The girl dressed as a Soul Linker dropped the TamTam doll she was hugging. She jumped off her chair and approached to hug Arisa tightly. She was sniffling and rubbing her eyes on Arisa’s body. Arisa’s clothes were dirtied by snot and tears.

Arisa-senpai! I can’t believe you’re alive!”

Oh! So Arisa-dono survived after all!”

A small girl dressed as an acolyte said.

The two girls were Arisa’s companions Sana and Nene. After being sent to look for the sign, Arisa happened upon the two girls by chance. They have been helping her on the quest ever since.

Hmm... Not survived. Resurrected. It’s impossible for us to die in this world in combat, you know.”

Sana looked at the Creator wearing a large crown and an eerie mask behind the desk, and puffed her cheeks. She was still clung to Arisa.

Sana and Nene lived humbly since being transported to this world. Because of that, seeing Arisa die at the hands of the “Dark Lord” had been their first time seeing the death of a person.

Jeez! You never tell us anything, Miyu-senpai!”

Ehehe. You never asked.”

The Creator who was referred to as “Miyu-senpai” was the owner of the office, Cespoirs.

Everyone in the room were known as avatars. They were summoned to act as representatives for the god of the world which they originally came from. Cespoirs, who was formerly known as Miyu in their original world, took up the name after being granted the knowledge and wisdom of that god as the main avatar.

However, Sana disliked their situation. As an act of rebellion against that god, she refused to see Cespoirs as different from the “Miyu-senpai” she knew.

Anyway, why is everyone wearing different outfits all of the sudden?”

I guess it’s time for me to explain. You two go back to your seats.”

Sana went back to her seat besides Nene, and Arisa took the seat opposite of them.

First of all, what you fought there, Arisa-chan… That wasn’t the Dark Lord. I know you all heard the rumor about the Dark Lord being defeated by a certain High Wizard, but according to the information I’ve received from Rachel’s spies, it seems like the Dark Lord had possessed that wizard’s body. What Arisa fought was just a manifestation of the Dark Lord. An illusion. It has quarter of the power of the real thing.”

You say that but he was still too much for me.”

Yes, Arisa-chan. That’s why—”

Cespoirs made gestures in the air as if she were adjusting sliders and pushing buttons. A large and ornate white bow appeared out of nowhere, and dropped on the table.

T-That bow! That’s the legendary Sherwood Bow! How the heck did you get your hands on it, Cespoirs!?”

The bow caught Arisa by surprise. She had heard stories of a legendary bow owned by great thief of the past from when she was training in the Stalker’s guild. It perfectly fit the description from the stories she thought.

Well, I know some people. Besides, bows just seem to fit you more, Arisa-chan. And for my next gift—”

2 quivers appeared the same way the bow appeared.

One quiver contained about a hundred Silver Arrows, but Arisa’s attention went to the other quiver.

What’s inside this quiver, Cespoirs? There are only 5 arrows.”

Arisa picked the quiver of interest up.

Those are called Arrows of Counter Evil, and just as its name suggests, it’s the best against undead and demons like that illusion.”

Do you think I might be able to defeat him with these?”

Arisa touched the quivers and they disappeared. She hanged the bow around her body.

Not quite. I have a few more gifts for you, and also for Sana-chan!”

E-Even me?”

A tuxedo, a dress, and two diamond rings dropped to the table.

Cespoirs? How are those gonna help me beat the illusion?”

Remember what I said about you getting married, Arisa-chan? Well, I’m gonna have you marry Sana-chan!”


Arisa and Sana’s shock was in unison.

Nenecchi was telling me about you two, you know.”

Nene, however, had a big grin.

B-But, Miyu-senpai… Isn’t this a bit too fast?”

Well, you wanted to help Arisa-chan out, right? I don’t really want you risking yourself in that place. It’d hinder your growth! I had you change into a Soul Linker so you could support her remotely. Marrying is the only way to properly take advantage of this.”

Arisa was keenly listening to what Cespoirs said. It made sense to her somehow.

Why the tuxedo, though? We’re both girls, you know.”

I just thought you’d look great in it, Arisa-chan! I’ve got Pope-chan-sama to agree on officiating the wedding! She doesn’t usually do stuff like this, but I guess she thought it’d be fun as well.”

I mean, if it’s for the quest, I don’t mind, but what about Sana?”

I-I don’t mind, Arisa-senpai…”

Sana lowered her head to hide her blushing face.

You know, you two can just divorce afterwards and hold another wedding in the future.”

Cespoirs told the two of them with a mischievous laugh.


Sana raised her head with a shout. Her face was red but for a different reason.

What about Nene-senpai? Why is she suddenly an acolyte?”

I’m gonna be going to St. Capitolina Abbey to study as a monk as Ces-dono requested. My departure is after thy wedding, Arisa-dono.”

Yes. I’ll have Nenecchi trained so she can investigate the situation with the wizard and the Dark Lord. The wizard was described to have orange hair in twintails… Sounds like someone you know, right, Sana-chan?”

C-Could it be…!?”

Sana gasped. She had been reminded of a classmate from the previous world.

So there are more of us here, huh?”

We can’t be too sure, Arisa-chan. She’s going to be investigating that case, so I’m sending Nenecchi to eventually become a champion as insurance.”

Umu. Don’t forget thy end of the bargain, Ces-dono. I’ll find that ‘Dagger of Edda’ and use it to take us home!”

Even though I’ve told you you can’t use it to go home. You’re really gonna go against the knowledge and wisdom of a god, huh? Still... I guess a deal’s a deal.

Nene was puffing her chest proudly.

Anyway, Arisa-chan, I still need you to get the sign, so let’s get this wedding started!”




Arisa adjusted her ascot, and tied her hair in a small low ponytail. She looked in front of a mirror.

I guess this works.”

The door bursted open.

Arisa-chaaaan!! It looks so good on you!!”

Cespoirs was bawling as she dashed to grab Arisa’s shoulders. Arisa couldn’t tell if they were crocodile tears or not.

Ah! Get away from me! You’re too close!”

I can’t help it! My Arisa-chan’s getting married!”

It was time for Arisa to head to the altar. The wedding was being held in the Sky Garden which was a bit unusual. The fact that Cespoirs was helping outsiders had to be hidden from the high priests and worshipers.

Cespoirs was walking Arisa towards the throne where the Pope of Freya was sitting.

G-Greetings, Pope-sama.”

It needed to be done, but Arisa was still nervous about the whole thing.

Eventually, Sana appeared. She was being walked to the throne by Nene. She was wearing a beautiful wedding dress with a veil on her face.


Arisa muttered under her breath as her face lit up.

Sana, y-you look beautiful...”


Both of them were feeling extremely nervous, but they were able to say their vows and exchange rings properly despite it.

I wish you eternal happiness. No matter how dark the present may be, always stand by your loved one’s side and look to the future with hope. You may now kiss.”

Cespoirs hurriedly went up the throne to cover the Pope’s eyes.

C-Cespoirs? Your hands! You’re ruining the ceremonies!”

Go ahead! Kiss you two! The Pope’s too young to see this!”

K-Kiss...? I-I don’t think I’m ready for this, Miyu-senpai…”

Sana’s face turned even redder. She looked down when—


Arisa lifted Sana’s veil and kissed her. The kiss was light and quick, despite the occasion.

Both their faces turned a brighter red. It looked like a puff of smoke came out from Sana’s head.

M-My first…”

T-There we kissed! Let’s get this over with!”

Kyaaaa! That was so good! Your honeymoon can wait. You two go change. Let’s prepare to see you off, Arisa-chan.”

Y-Yes! Let’s go change, Sana!”

Arisa was trying to hide her embarrassment by being louder than usual. She grabbed Sana’s hands and quickly made their way to the garden’s exit.




Seems like everything’s ready. Usually, you can’t use skills such as [Kaahi], and [Kaizel] on other people as a Soul Linker, right, Nenecchi?”

It is as you say, Ces-dono. It would just leave the caster confused.”

Now, Sana-chan, try casting [Kaahi] on Arisa-chan.”


Arisa was briefly enveloped by a purple light.

Amazing! Sana-dono did not need another Soul Linker yet it worked!”

Yes. That’s why I had them marry, Nenecchi.”

Umu. I see now. As expected of Ces-dono.”

Now Sana-chan. Do a [Soul Link] and cast [Kaizel].”

[Soul Link]! [Kaizel]!”

Arisa was now being enveloped by a purple light continuously.

What’s this? I can feel Sana’s presence and emotions. This must be the power of [Soul Link]...

Now that everything’s ready. It’s time to transport her back to the witch, Nenecchi!”

Roger that, Ces-dono!”

[Increase Agility]! [Blessing]! [Warp Portal]!”

A portal appeared in the middle of the office.

S-Senpai! I know death doesn’t mean much in this world, but… You still need to be careful, alright?”

I’ll keep that in mind, Sana.”

Arisa stepped into the portal and disappeared.

Sana-chan, what do you think about living together with Arisa-chan in Geffen?”

E-Eh… I don’t mind, but why Geffen?”

Because it’s time for us to make real zeny!”

Cespoirs cackled to the sky with her arms raised like a maniac.




Do you really think you have a chance of stopping me? Hmpf. Every fool must learn. Prepare to die!”

Arisa had returned to face the illusion of the Dark Lord.

[Double Strafe]!”

Two silver arrows flew from the legendary bow, but it was not doing much damage. The illusion dashed forward to close the distance, Arisa used [Backsliding] to negate it and fired two arrows using [Double Strafe].

The two did the same thing over and over. Eventually, Arisa had exhausted her quiver of Silver Arrows.

Tch. I guess I have no choice. [Double Strafe]!”

Two arrows of Counter Evil flew from the bow. It was followed by two more. Despite the attack doing more damage compared to before, it was still not enough to finish off the illusion.

Arisa had only one arrow of Counter Evil left. She was about to curse Cespoirs under her breath for giving her such a limited number, when she realized why exactly she was casted with [Kahii].

Instead of using [Backslide] to create distance, Arisa had let the illusion approach her and—

[Bowling Bash]!!”

She was putting it in one final gamble.

She used her bow at an extremely close range. Arisa released the bowstring. The arrow stayed on the bow and was not consumed. It seems that she had found an effective strategy for the illusion.

Arisa did her best to avoid the illusion’s attacks while firing her bow at close range repeatedly. However, she knew she couldn’t dodge forever.

Her body came flying like a puppet whose strings had been cut. She stood back up quickly. Her wounds immediately got healed.

This must be Sana’s [Kahii]...”

Despite being far away from each other, Arisa could still feel Sana’s presence. This had filled her with determination.

Arisa stood up and used [Chase Walk]. She did not use it to hide, rather...

Arisa approached the illusion in a blink of an eye. Sana’s [Soul Link] had made it so Arisa’s movements under [Chase Walk] would be as fast as a Peco Peco.

Arisa became visible again. She jumped and aimed her bow on the illusion. The Arrow of Counter of Evil was touching its head.

[Bowling Baaaaash]!”




Sana was seated on a bench in the city. She was longingly looking at the big fountain in the middle.

I’ve finished stocking up.”

Ah. W-Welcome back…”

Hmm? Something up, Sana?”

N-No! It’s nothing... I just realized, we’ve sure come a long way, huh?”

You think so? We’re still doing the same things, though.”

T-That’s not what I mean… You really can be so dense sometimes, Arisa-senpai.”

Sana’s already soft voice got even softer. She lowered her head and pouted.

A-Ah… Well, I think it doesn’t matter if we’re still doing the same things. I’d be alright doing this forever as long as you do it with me.”

Arisa reached out to Sana’s head and began to rub it as if telling her, “You did a good job making it this far.”

Sana’s face began to turn red in response.

Haa… A-Arisa-senpai… Don’t we need to make some more zeny today?”

Right. Let’s get to it.”

Arisa let go of Sana’s head.

Sana began casting her spells.

[Kahii]! [Soul Link]!”

Looks like I’m all ready. See you later, Sana!”

Be careful, senpai!”

Arisa threw a strange jewel in the fountain, and a portal opened up. She proceeded to the portal.

She was transported to a strange grassy plateau with floating buildings. Below the cliffs were nothingness. In the middle of the plateaus was a huge column standing on a lower plateau. There were demons everywhere.

It’d be easy to get mobbed by demons and die just because of their sheer numbers. It was a place that would instill terror on anyone.

Arisa, however, was filled with determination. Because of the [Soul Link], she could feel Sana’s presence. She was not alone in this alien world.

Sana was sitting on the bench waiting for her beloved senpai to return safely. With the [Soul Link] in effect, she felt Arisa’s presence. She gazed at the sky.

I guess it’s fine living in this world after all...


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11 hours ago, micchi said:

question; would writing it on google docs and then copy pasting here count as having posted it somewhere else on the internet? /?

That’s fine, as long as it’s new and written by you. /ok

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On 1/24/2019 at 5:25 PM, EiDreamer said:

does that mean, we had to be the main char? >.> Or is it just like put on top there?

Just include your in-game name in your post so that we know who to send the prizes to if you win, it doesn't have to be in the story. /no1

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The Worst Thief



I crouched behind the big tree just outside of Payon cave, my scarlet hair rustling in the wind. The February air was brisk and chilly. I breathed into my hands and rubbed them together vigorously before pulling on leather gloves which had long ago begun to split at the seams. I knew there was supposed to be bats, skeletons, and zombies inside of the cave.


I've always had a bad habit of laughing at the most inappropriate times, and struggled to suppress my Cheshire grin as I thought about the zombies. “Ramblin' Bamblin' Zamboozlers”. That's what my Gramps called them. Mother would always scorn Gramps when he made light of monsters, especially the ones from inside of the cave. Gramps is just about the coolest guy I know, and since my dad had left shortly after I was born, Gramps was the leading male role model in my life.


Actually, Gramps is kind of the reason I intend to go into the cave tonight. To make a long story short (fine, it is a short story no matter how you look at it) a couple of days ago I had confessed to Gramps that I had a bit of a thing for this girl. “Her name is Ann” I told him, “and she's just about the most beautiful girl I've ever laid my eyes on.”


She has the most wonderful sapphire-blue eyes and walnut colored hair. True, she is a summer older than me (she's 15, while I'm 14). She is also a member of the prestigious Prontera church. I am not. Come to think of it, I doubt anyone would even let me into a church, being a Thief and all. They would probably be afraid that I'd steal one of those little gold statues or something. I definitely would. Just thinking about her makes my heart beat faster and my cheeks feel warm. Maybe what I feel for Ann is more than just a 'bit of a thing'.


The church was besides the point though. I was here for Ann. I'm also here because of the advice Gramps had given me!


“Kiah my boy!-” Gramps had said between hiccups induced from an overindulgence in some sort of frothy drink that always smelled sour- “if ya want to win over a girl's heart ya got to give her something that shows her you care! Something valuable! Something that shines like the stars at midnight! Something she can hold in her little paws that reminds her of you when you're away!” Gramps began to stammer and slur his words before looking intently out the window. “Those little paws... I'll get em' one day I tell you. That elusive Smokie, Tam Tam. The one with that big ol' rucksack of goodies on its back. It mocks me with its elusiveness!” Gramps began to shout, spittle flying from his froth covered mustache.


Mom had rolled her eyes and sighed.


Gramps would get like that sometimes. Going from one story to another, with little transition in between. You had to be a good listener when Gramps was talking. Listening was one of the things I was good at, though, and I understood Gramps' message about Ann perfectly.


I had to go steal some fine jewels.


I watched the mouth of the cave closely, waiting for the guard to depart for the evening. I always thought it was strange that the cave guard wore sunglasses all the time – especially considering the cave was so dark. But who am I to judge? He casually walked out of the cave and entered the small merchant shop just to the north. The same as he did every night at a quarter past nine.


With my Cheshire grin in full effect I whispered to myself. “It's go time.” Standing from behind the tree and beginning my stealth forward the very first thing I did was trip over a big root, which caused me to face-plant into the cold dirt beneath the tree.


The fall hurt, but my pride hurt worse. I brushed the dirt off my chin and wiggled my poor stubbed toe within my shoe. At least no one had seen that. I quickly scanned the area around me to verify that no one had in fact seen my mishap, and that's when I saw them.


Ann and Liam walking into the cave together...



-Ch. 1-

Two days ago I was running down the road from the top of the hill in Payon. I was coming back from a quick grocery run mom had sent me on. The small shop at the top of the hill always had better prices than the ones in the main part of town.


Since my family wasn't what you might call 'wealthy', we were forced to be bargain hunters. We were also forced into thievery more often than I would like to admit. Quite frankly, we were poor. That was just our lot in life, and for the most part I was okay with it. I was shaping up to be a pretty good Thief if I do say so myself.


Oh, and by “better prices” I mean “free.99”. My favorite price. Sometimes I felt bad about swiping goods from the old lady who ran the shop. Sometimes I think she knew I was taking things and just never let on. It's not like bruised apples and moldy bread were considered a hot commodity of goods. Besides, everything in her shop was mostly stale and partially rotten anyways. It was bound for the trash heap. I was practically doing the environment a favor by taking these off her hands.


I rounded the corner at the base of the hill and that was when I saw her again. Ann. I had seen her once before about a month ago. An Acolyte from the Prontera church sent through the woods and up the hill to give blessings to adventurers that were traveling into the cave. She was currently walking up the hill, traveling toward my general location. To her side was another acolyte, a guy by the name of Liam. To say he was a total jerk would be an understatement.


The aforementioned 'cave' was near the shop I was coming back from. It was full of monsters, and, often enough, people would venture into the cave to purge it of the monsters and come back with valuables. Things like rare fungus, crystal blue orbs that archers could use to make special arrows, rings from long dead skeletons, and opals.


Mom forbid me from going into the cave so I never spent a great deal of time thinking about it. I had other things to worry about, like the gnawing pain in my empty stomach. That was until I learned that the cave, for better or worse, was the place where Ann would be spending her time while she was in Payon.


Liam didn't like me, and that was fine since I didn't like him either. We had our differences, which, if I had to be honest, were mostly in regards to Ann.


In the short time I had known Ann my heart had grown attached to her. Whenever there was a free moment in my day I would catch my mind wandering to thoughts of her. And boy-oh-boy, she was so far out of my league.


I tried to be inconspicuous as I passed them, hoping to remain unnoticed. It didn't work. At the last moment Liam stuck his foot out with a sneer and tripped me. I fell down on top of the groceries in a big ungraceful heap in the road.


“Oh! Watch out for those rocks kid. They'll get you every time!” Liam laughed.


Blood began to trickle through a new hole that was now torn into the knee of my pants. This road was certainly full of rocks. I picked one up and spun around to face him. I had it in my mind to return the rock comment to Liam. Followed by an actual rock delivered from my hands to his face.


Except when I spun around with the rock in hand, Liam wasn't the one standing before me. It was Ann.


I dropped the rock, and my jaw went slack. I could feel my heart slamming in my chest, and hear the blood rushing into my ears as I stared at her with wide eyes.


“Here, let me help” Ann said, in a voice that reminded me of what I imagined silk to feel like. She clapped her hands together in a swift, practiced movement. A gentle glow of light gushed up from under me and I was bathed in a wave of warmth.

“There, that should be better now” she said, gesturing toward my knee.


She had cast a healing spell on me! I felt unworthy. I also felt extremely embarrassed to be standing in front of her. Torn clothes. Covered in dirt. Holding a bag of (now squished) moldy bread and bruised apples. My face and ears turned bright red and my eyes began to sting with tears. Without saying a word I turned heel and ran the rest of the way home, with Liam's distant laughter to keep me company.


That night, after telling Gramps about Ann, I crafted my plan. Two nights after that, I put my plan into action.




-Ch. 2-

Why in the world was Jerk-Face-McGee leading Ann into the cave? Acolytes, like myself, were forbidden from going into the cave. They were strictly supposed to stand outside of the cave and bless adventures going into the cave.


I snuck close behind to find out. Detective Kiah was on the case.


We had all made it a fair distance into the cave, Liam and Ann in front, me unseen in the back, when the two Acolytes decided there and now was a good time to have a disagreement.


“Come on, Ann. What's the big deal? Some bats? I've got this” Liam brandished a mace, swinging it back and forth several times for effect.


“I don't think it's a good idea for us to be in the cave. Especially since the guard is off for the night” Ann replied, clearly unimpressed with the mace action.


“Don't you want to see what it's all about? Aren't you curious to see what the adventures get to do, instead of just standing outside healing and blessing everyone?” Liam reached out to take Ann's hand.


Ann pulled her hand back quickly, looking away. “No not really. I'm content being outside of the cave. I thought you were bringing me here for something important.”


“This is important! Think of how cool it probably is deeper inside of the cave! Aren't you even curious?”


“No, I'm not. I'm leaving now, and I suggest you do the same”.


This was my queue to hide behind a rock. Ann walked past me, returning to the entrance of the cave. Liam paused for a moment before pushing further into the cave. As I sat there, pondering my next course of action I heard Liam scream.


Startled, I drew the knife from my belt. I grabbed a fist size stone from off of the cave floor and charged forward. Liam was a jerk, sure, but he didn't deserve to be eaten alive inside of a cave. I rounded a corner. Squinting my eyes in the dim light I saw Liam, back against a wall, struggling to push a zombie off. A brilliant idea flashed through my mind. I could save Liam and become a hero in Ann's eyes. I wouldn't even need to find a shiny jewel! It was my time to shine.


“Hey!” I screamed at the top of my lungs. My voice jumped and echoed off the cave walls. Both Liam and the zombie seemed surprised to see me, and for a moment the zombie turned from Liam to look at me.


“Mrawr?” The zombie inquired.


“Why don't you eat this instead!” I threw the rock in tandem with my words, as hard as my skinny arm would allow. The rock zipped through the air twisting and turning wildly with the force of my pitch. It then struck Liam square in the head.


“Oh! Damn!” I honestly didn't mean to do that, but I couldn't stop myself from admiring the irony of the situation for a split second after it had happened. Just a couple days ago, that's exactly what I wanted to do! Now, it was exactly what I didn't want to do. I hadn't made the situation any better, in fact, 9/10 scientist would probably agree I just made it a lot worse.


The zombie released its grasp on Liam, who collapsed to the floor unconscious. It began to shuffle towards me. I started to shake with fear. Clutching my knife with both of my hands I slinked back against the opposing wall. I now found myself in the same situation Liam was just in. Except this is what I was here for. I had to succeed. I clutched the hilt of the knife tight, and dashed forward.


I lunged out with the knife wildly, striking the zombie in the arm. Miraculously, it exploded in a burst of light!


“Whoa!” I took a step back in shock, looking down at the knife Gramps had given to me years ago. Then I saw Ann, standing in a healers pose. Apparently, she was the one responsible for the exploding zombie, not my knife. One less mystery in the world.


“What on earth is going on here?”


“Uh- Well, A zombie was attacking Liam. I tried to save him and I-” I decided it was best to leave out the finer details, my words drifting off into silence.


“I told him it was a bad idea to come in here. Help me pick him up, we've got to get out of this cave before more come.” Ann had such an impressive command of authority. I stood starstruck for a moment before heeding her words. As I moved to lift Liam, my eye caught something shining on the floor. An opal...





The following day, before the Acolytes departed for Prontera, a young redheaded Thief approached an Acolyte girl with his head down. He was disheveled and dirty. He moved forward like a child that was ashamed of himself. She watched him calmly as he approached.


Sticking his hand out without making eye contact, the Thief spoke in a low voice. “This is for you. So you can remember me while you're gone.”


She reached out and into her hand fell a rough, heart shaped opal that glittered like the stars.


Ann held the opal tight against her chest. To Kiah's delighted surprise, she stood forward on her toes and kissed him. Before he could react, Ann smiled and said “so you'll remember me too.”



In Game Name:  Esra

GM Lance - Love Rival
GM Neza - Prologue and Epilogue.

Word count: 2499 (according to Open Office). 

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On 1/30/2019 at 1:27 AM, PrideFries said:

interesting. no one-sided or unrequited option? welp, its valentine so i guess yeah. darn, im expert on those fields.

still planning to join but.... english isnt my native language and needs time to come up with a good story.

It alright if English isn’t your native language, after all, this isn’t a contest about grammar but about love stories. /??


5 hours ago, SK2 Sakaray Skylee said:

How about Tragic TalonRO Love Story will it suffice? image.png.aaf22cd9c99b87aa3cb69623cc3f23e4.png

That’s fine, make it good. /no1

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18 hours ago, Lord Choice said:

With the 5 winners, but additional GM Challenges being max 2 per winner, does this mean one GM Challenge prize will not be allocated?


Maybe i should write a love novel for whom I think that GM would be >_< :( "sad face"



You're free to use as many GM challenges as you like in your story, however, only 2 of them (+6TC in total) will count towards your prize in the end. I hope that clears things up. /ok

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A Chance Meeting Under The Night Sky


One day, a certain Dark Lord judged the human world of Rune-Midgard to be too much of an ugly world, filled with malice and greed. Monsters were murdered every single day for money, or just from pure malice and boredom. While also a patron of darkness and destruction, he still valued order and balance. Humanity had plunged the world into a deeper darkness than even he could ever create. He had expected humanity to be the light and order that balanced his darkness and destruction, but it was clear that they strayed too far from the noble path they once followed.

He had announced the destruction of the human world, causing chaos and confusion to the human populace. Civilians panicked and prayed to their silent gods, while those who could fight prepared themselves for a showdown with the Dark Lord, situated atop an impressive castle hidden by magic amid the endless expanse of the Sograt wasteland.

As the end times approached, a certain Dark Lord decided to survey the area around his castle, searching for any adventurers attempting a sneak attack…




Under the moonlit night sky, the Dark Lord had spotted a lone adventurer. Either this person was extremely strong or extremely stupid to confront him alone he thought. As he took a closer look, the adventurer seemed to be a beautiful female knight with ashen white hair, wearing dark blue and black armour, as well as an ornate accessory that looked like a blue rose. She also seemed to be rummaging through an area full of dry plants for something.

Out of equal parts of curiosity and boredom, he decided to investigate this woman himself. He could send one of his minions, but none of them were eloquent enough to engage in a conversation with a human. He did admit though, that this woman was extremely beautiful, yet he refused to admit it as one of the reasons he wanted to investigate her.

With a snap of his finger, he randomized a human look and took its form. As long as he looked human, he had no specific preference on how he looked. With another snap, he teleported himself in the vicinity of the female knight.


“Oh damn it, please let there be at least one growing here!” A lone female knight swore under her breath as she rummaged through layers upon layers of dry plant material. She just had to find this important item, and could not bring herself to return empty handed. She had travelled very far and investigated numerous rumours, and this was the very last place where this item could be, according to her sources, where it could possibly grow this year.

Sleeping a couple of meters away were her dark blue Pecopeco wearing black armour aptly named “Blue” and her pet Smokie named “TamTam”, who wore a propeller hat, a cape and had a star sticker on his cheek. They had been feasting on their supply of apples before they took a nap.

“You there, woman. What are you doing here?” A stern voice called out of nowhere.

“EEEK!!!” She had screamed and instinctively armed herself with her spear. The area was a plain, there were no hills, rocks or trees for miles where someone could have been hiding, yet someone just called out to her. Gaining her composure, she readied her spear and pointed at the source. She widened her eyes as she saw this person under the moonlit sky, a peculiar man wearing green priest clothes, black rimmed glasses, a white and green scarf and what appears to be a….hat with an appearance of a green apple. The knight let slip a snicker at the man’s strange taste of clothing but once again regained her composure and set aside her spear. Perhaps this man was also searching for the same thing she was.

“Uh, greetings! I apologize for pointing my weapon at you. Are you also here looking for the Queen of the Night?” The knight apologized and asked to the person in front of her. What other reason could there be for another person to be he…No.” The priest bluntly replied as he crossed his arms. “I live nearby here, I just came to investigate. Why are you here and what is this Queen of the Night?”


She could have sworn she did not see any houses or tents in the vicinity. Although the stars and moon provided some light, perhaps his dwelling was hidden by the shadow of night? Regardless, as she was the one intruding, it would be rude not to answer.

“I’m looking for a particular flower. It’s very rare and only grows once a year and only at night. That’s what people in my hometown call the Queen of the Night. My name is Cecilia by the way, pleased to make your acquaintance, Mr…?” The knight known as Cecilia replied as she smiled. This person seemed stern and serious, though he looked like a nice person being a priest, ignoring the weirdness of his fashion sense.

Under the dim light of the night sky, she gave him a warm smile. Her lips were a beautiful shade of dark red, her white skin, although a bit dirty from rummaging through the dry plants accentuated her beautiful smile, and finally her long ashen white hair slightly waved to the side as a slight breeze blew over them. For a moment, the Dark Lord was rendered speechless by the beauty in front of him. A feeling that felt like a strange form of anxiety welled up in him, regardless he regained his composure until she asked his name. Considering the randomized look he had given himself….

“…er…Apple. Yes, Apple! That is my name!the Dark Lord replied as he pointed his thumb at himself, looking weirdly victorious. Looking back, it was a silly name, but a name nonetheless. Still, he wished he could have changed it to a more normal one.

A…App….Apple? Pf…PFAHAHA…AHAHAHA!...I…I’m so sorry!..Cecilia couldn’t hold back her laughter after looking at the green coloured priest that looked like an apple…called Apple! She had apologized for laughing at his name, although she was expecting him to look annoyed or even angry, he just uncrossed his arms and stood there looking at her. To her surprise….

He would have normally obliterated a human who had just made fun of him, but for some reason, her smile and her laughter filled Apple with a kind of joy he had never felt before, one that made his heart beat. Thinking back at his disguise and his name, a slight smile formed at his lips, and afterwards a light-hearted chuckle came out. “Ahahaha, I know right! It does sound silly and absurd, but that’s my name! ~”. It had been an age since he laughed at the bottom of his heart, and it felt rather…pleasant.

After a good laugh, Cecilia and Apple got over it and sat on some dry leaves. There was a bit of an awkward silence as Cecilia decided to take a break from searching and was looking around while Apple was thinking to himself, rubbing his chin with his hand.

Why do you desire this Queen of the Night anyway, Cecilia?” Apple asked, finally breaking the awkward silence. Why was she going to such lengths to see this flower anyway?  He thought.

It holds a very precious meaning to me. I’m sorry I can’t tell you why yet, it’s pretty embarrassing.” Cecilia answered while twiddling her fingers as Apple suddenly asked.

Ah that’s fine, I don’t want to pry…” He was investigating her, so naturally he wanted to pry, but for some reason he just withheld his curiosity. He did not want to make her feel uncomfortable, nor antagonize her for withholding secrets from him.

Ah, but shouldn’t you have learned the news about that dark lord announcing the end of the world by the way? Shouldn’t you be helping out the other adventurers to face him? Is this flower really that important to you?” Putting aside his newfound emotions, he tried to inquire about why she wasn’t trying to save the world like everyone else, as he adjusted his glasses.

Heaving out a heavy sigh, Cecilia let out an answer that seemed like she had repeated over and over again. “Even if we try and win, nothing guarantees every single person’s safety. People will die and they will leave behind their loved ones weeping for their loss. And if we lose? At least I can spend my last moments with my loved ones. I know it’s selfish, and I won’t blame you for getting angry at me for doing my job as an adventurer.” She finished her sentence as she wiped her tears from her eyes. It wasn’t the noblest intentions, but she cared deeply for her loved ones. She must love her family that much that she could endure any reprimand and ridicule for her seemingly selfish reasoning.

But it’s not selfish. Protecting the smile of your loved ones is never a selfish reason. You might not be protecting this world, but in a way you are protecting their world, a world where they can be happy.” Apple had no idea what possessed him to say this, but he definitely did not want to see her cry. He tried to make a justifiable and logical reasoning to support her, and this is what he came up with.

“…Thank you, Apple. You’re a good person.” She replied, as she finally showed that warm smile that made Apple’s heart flutter earlier.

Finally feeling better, she wanted to know more about the green priest.

It must get lonely out here by yourself. Not a lot of people go through this area from what I hear. How long have you lived here? How do you pass the time?” She asked, as she moved closer to Apple.

Still staring at her beautiful face, her question and her sudden move towards his face startled him a bit. He cleared his throat and thought of his favourite pastime. “I've lived here since i can remember. Out here there’s not a lot of things to do. But…” Apple cut himself off as he pointed at the infinite expanse of the night sky.

Cecilia looked up and noticed how beautiful the infinite amount of stars were twinkling in the sky. In the bright city of Prontera where she lived, the numerous lights made it near impossible to see all but the biggest and brightest stars. Out here without any of the light pollution, she could see the true beauty of the night.

Your neck’s going to hurt from staring up too long. Come here, I’ll show you how to look at them properly.” Apple grabbed Cecilia’s soft and warm hand and led her to an area with soft grass, then lied down. He patted down the path next to where he was to tell her to do the same.

Beautiful…” She said as she observed, and as Apple showed her the numerous constellations that made up pictures of people, animals and objects as you connected their dots.

I know…” Apple said as he looked at Cecilia as she was observing the sky.

Cecilia…why exactly do you need this flower?” Apple’s curiosity got the better of him and asked her directly. “I’ve never noticed this flower growing in this area.

It was how my fiancée proposed to me last year. I promised him I would find another one like it and give it to him. Only then, we’d wed.” Cecilia replied, with a smile on her face. “I know he’s waiting for me back home.

Apple’s heart dropped upon hearing Cecilia mention she was engaged. His chest felt heavy and unpleasant as he placed his hand on it. “..Oh..you were engaged? Congratulations.” He said to her very weakly. For once in his long existence, it seemed like he finally found love, though it ended up being an unrequited one. Some anger boiled in him, yet it was pacified when he saw Cecilia’s face.

Thanks Apple. You know, you actually remind me of him sometimes. You’re both good and kind people.” She looks at Apple as she replied. She was truly happy that she met a good friend out here to keep her company. “I think I really need to find that flower now. It wilts very quickly under the sun. I have to get back home early in the morning at the very latest.

Cecilia got up and once again started searching the dry plant material. Not wanting Cecilia to feel any sadness or disappointment, Apple conjured up a Queen of the Night with his magic and placed it on the ground near him.

Cecilia, I found one!” Apple called her over and she bolted at his location and found the flower.

This is it! Apple, Thank you! “She proclaimed and gave him a kiss on his cheek. She then signalled Blue and Tamtam to come to her.

Remembering how she needed to go back quickly, he snapped his finger and a portal to Prontera opened. “Here, can’t keep him waiting!

I owe you a very great debt, and I hope I can see you here again someday.” Cecilia said as she farewelled her friend.

I’ll be here, promise.” Apple replied, as Cecilia disappeared into the portal. Seconds later she was gone.


“….I guess if a human with a short lifespan can wait a year for something beautiful to materialize, I can wait a while longer to see if humans still deserve to exist in this world…” the Dark Lord mused to himself.




And so the end of days never came. Some rumours point to an unknown hero defeating the Dark Lord, others dismissing it as just an elaborate prank, others saying that the Dark Lord died of a disease or old age. People went back to their daily lives once again, with some finding a newfound love and appreciation of their life.

Cecilia was happily wed with her husband as she presented him the same kind of flower he used to propose with her. She however, never forgot the kind friend she had made during her trip, and remembered her promise to meet him again one day in the same place.

An area in Sograt suddenly erupted in bloom of the rare Queen of the Night flower. The once rare and beautiful flower became commonplace in the area from then on as they would appear almost nightly, under a peculiar large tree that grew green apples……


  • ·         Queen of the Night is an actual flower. A kind if desert flower that is said to be beautiful and has a very nice scent. It also blooms once a year at night.
  • ·         Dark Lords can be of any race. Usually protects the balance of light and dark as champions of darkness. Values order, not chaos.
  • ·         Cecilia and Apple are actually two of my in-game characters



              GM Challenges:

              GM Phoenix - Include a redemption plot point

              GM Luna - Takes place during the night under the moon and the stars

              GM Neza - Include a Prologue and an Epilogue


               Word count: 2434

               IGN: DeliciousGreenApple








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