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The Path of Martial Arts




The sky is gloomy, show that the storm will come down soon. The landscape showed the sign of former great shrine city dedicated to Odin, but now just ruin. There 2 people sat down in that ruin while talking with each other in excitement,

"Our ancestor train here from generation to generation, its perfect place to train our body to the next lv"

said the person which appear to be middle age man to the teenage girl beside him,

"Yes father, i will train hard here :D "




Suddenly the lightning hit the top of a hill in front of them and create sparkles

" this is... star power... "

After that someone appears in the location of the thunder hit before,

" hmm what a nice place! i will make this place my domain, from now no one allowed enter this place again, piss of now!" said the person at the top of the hill,

" you are not the owner of this place, what makes u so arrogant! " the old man replied.

"meh, a mere martial artist dare to offend me who already ascend to the next realm, do you wanna die?! "

the star energy bursting violently,

" i will show you that my way of martial arts will beat you! Aaaaargh!!! " the old man jump with determination in his eyes,

"Father nooo!!!!"  ...


Present day


The sun is high in the sky, the day is clear like water that day and mostly like that in the vicinity of Veins Town, there is a lone young adventurer surrounded by many monsters while mumbling to himself,

" I don't believe they ditch me! I know I suck at teamwork stuff.. but... and what makes me most angry is Anne even not slight less care when they leave me behind 😧 !! I am the one who helps her when she still Novice! ",

suddenly 2 sidewinder jumps ready to bite him, and with the sluggish movement, he swings his sword but only one of them got slashed

" Craps! I got bitten, what must do, what must to do I got poisoned! is my journey end here (T^T) ", “ smash!!”.

Pow!! Pow!! Pow!! Dum!!  Smash!!.......


The boy can't believe all the monster surround him all die instantly, he keeps seeing his surrounding until his eyes focused in girl figure which apparently is his savior who kills all that monster, the girl with strong stance without wielding any weapon… and barefoot! the girl move closer and closer to him,

“hmmm, it’s rare to see swordsman roaming around alone here except he wants to die young xD “ said that girl with a cheerfull tone,

“ ermm ehehehe, I…”

“ssssst, explain later, you got poisoned, let's go to Veins first (>_^)” the girl interrupted him

“ok… thanks for your help!”.


Both of them arrive safely in Veins, both of them sits near the well, the girl pick some green herb in her bag,

“ so, what is your condition ” asked the girl while giving the herb,

“actually I come here with my party, we arrived here last week and been stay outside the town for 5 days”,

“so. Where are they?”.

“ they leave me behind because I failed to catch up with their play and make the party become less effective :< “. “ it always happens, maybe I am a failure as adventurer... “

Explain the boy while upset.

“ aw, don’t be like that, u still have a way out to be a decent adventurer, I think I know what is your problem which makes you have a hard time when swinging a sword”

said the girl with a smile.

“ Eh? How u know ?! what is it ?!”

he is surprised that someone who just meets him today knows his problem and knows the cause of it, even he himself doesn’t know the cause of it.

“ know it when see u swing your sword before if u fine, can I see ur fingers? “


with curiosity the boy shows his fingers, the girl grabs his hand suddenly and look at it carefully.
“u are born with defective fingers muscle, it didn’t show any difficulty when you do daily life job, but when u use some sword technique, it will affect your trajectories, u are not born to wield a weapon”

After the girls explain that, the boy shows a very depressive sign, being an adventurer is his old dreams and now its crumble like a ruins

“Ahahaha don’t be that sad like I said before you still have a way, and I can show you that way, u even doesn’t need to to wield the weapon to reach the top”

The girl said that with confidence, after hearing that the boy have some hope again like a fire lit the candle in his heart.

“What is it? Please tell me”

The girl with a smile replied

“That way is to become Taekwon masters! The rankers!”,  “u don't need a weapon, because your body will become your weapon, your kicks will sharp like a sword”

The boy remembers when the first meet that girl, she beat all the monster with barefoot, but the boy still have doubt in it.

“Do you think become Taekwon can stand in the top with another high-rank adventurer?”

The girls smile again

“I will show you what taekwon practitioner can do”

The girl suddenly carrying the boy which still recover from the wound and poison,


The girl makes a stance and there a bit of aura around her, when her stance becomes more firm…..


The girl jump high in the sky while carrying the boy, her long hair fluttering in the sky freely, with a big smile and close her eyes the girl feels the sun in her face shown full of blissfulness, the boy who bit frightened got lessened when seeing the face of person who carried him, he got stunned and blurt out  “ Beautifull…. “ from his mouth.

“ yes, the view is beautiful up here right!! “

Replied the girl

The boy got panicked after hearing that,

“Eh eh, yea…. Yush!! It’s beautiful up here, mam!!”  said back the boy with his face is bright red. There a fire which lit in the heart of the boy, not a spirit to become a great adventure like he always dreamed, but it’s another fire, a fire of love…


Not far after, they landed in higher cliff peak in Veins that peak located in the center of Veins, surprisingly the girl can jump so high and far while carrying someone, she looks around and throws the boy on the ground,

“So, how is it, do u interest to become Taekwon boy? I can become your Sensei and make you become the Strongest man alive !!” with proud, the girl said that.
“Yes! Make me your disciple!”, replied the boy with a serious tone.

“Ok! Call me Tirika Sensei from now!! >:3 “ , “ and what should I call you my student?”

“My name is Sanku, Tirika Sensei!”

Sanku was so happy to know the girl name. Tirika then walk near Sanku then pat his head with difficulty since she is shorter, and after that, she said to Sanku,

“Ok, first, we need to registering you to the Taekwon Guild in payon, when u learn the basic there, I will teach you the path to become Rankers!”  

“What is Ranker's sensei?” the boy curious.

“We Taekwon practitioner, make some competition to make a list who is the strongest from number 1 to 10 And top 10 of that rankers list is known to masterfully the art of taekwon way And I am 3rd if u don't know, ohohohohohoho ” explain Tirika with the big head.

“Awesoome!!! 😮said Senku

“Let’s stop talking and start it! Let's go! Follow me!”

“Yes, Sensei! I will follow you until the end of my life!” replied Sanku with low tone


“I didn't say anything Sensei!! :x ”.


It’s been a year since they start their journey together, Tirika is a good sensei and shows the principle to become good taekwon practitioners. They venture around the world to hone their skills together and finish their mission as teakwons. Both show the sign that they got good chemistry with each other, Sanku becomes more attached to Tirika, and There a love bloom in Tirika heart too without she aware of it herself, a very pleasant day to spend.

In the corner of the certain dungeon...

“Sanku, ssst, come here” Tirika call Sanku with low tone while hiding.

“What is it, Master?”

“Look at that!” Tirika pointing at a certain monster in that dungeon.

“Eh…. there smokie in this dungeon…..no, it’s not smokie! It's TamTam! The legendary monster who excel at fleeing which never catches by people before!”, “I don’t know that this month tam tam decided to make this dungeon as his territory”  replied Sanku with excitement.

“Yes indeed, from the rumor say, we can get great stuff from the bag Tamtam always carrying, let’s try to catch it !!” said Tirika grin in her face.

With fast movement, Tirika jumps and kick in the direction of Tamtam, while Sanku sprint to another side for blocking the only exit in that place.

“Rider Kick!!! (RFSK)”

Tirika shouts so hard and makes Tam Tam startled, but unfortunately, Tam tam still able to dodge it, and in a spur of time, the propeller in its head start to spinning around, very fast Tam tam fly upward and escape from the hole in the ceiling.

“WHAAAAAAAAAT…!!!!  D:< “ Sanku and Tirika surprised.

Then both of them laugh together and continue their hunting until they see someone standing from afar...

“Sensei, I think I see som...” as Sanku going to end his word, Tirika suddenly sprints forward to that mysterious person, with confusion, Sanku follows her fast.


Tirika shout angrily to that man, Senku surprised see Tirika that way, he only knows that Tirika is always cheerful and energetic when with him.

“Emm.. Tirika, why you ru...” Senku stop talk after sees the person in front of him.

“He is not standing, he flying?! … Star Gladiator!” said Sanku as it's his first time meet Star Gladiator. The Star Gladiator notice both of them,

“Oh… u are that person daughter, not bad, I can see your improvement as martial artist now”.


“What do you know about being Martial artist!, you who use Taekwon just for stepping stone can’t understand the true meaning of being martial artist” explain Tirika, angry..

“The weak don’t have the right to say that to me! I'm decided that this place become one of my Domain! You should leave from here or you want to end up like 18 years ago hehehe”

after said that, the Star Gladiator Release the majestic aura which starts make the dungeon trembling.

“Oh no, it’s not good, he is too strong for us, I don’t know what your grudge against him, but for now let’s escape from him!”

said Sanku while panicked to Tirika, but she didn’t listen to him and keep staring to the SG, with fast response Sanku pick some Butterfly wing in his pocket and grab Tirika Hand then activate it….


After that incident,Tirika shut herself , Sanku who worried about her condition want to know what is Tirika problem with hope he can help or share the burden with her.

“Sensei, it’s been a year since we first meet, and after that we always together, i hope u can share your burden with me, so we can face it together” ….

Suddenly Tirika stand up and walk to the door.

“In the past, I really adore my father and start love the martial arts because of him, we love the the taekwon ways more than anything, and aim to be 1st Rankers”...

Tirika stop talking for a moment, and Sanku only can wait and listen.

“18 year ago, that person rob our ancestor training ground and kill my father “

After hear that Sanku can cee the flame of revenge in Tirika eyes.

“Don’t go please…”

“Its ok.. Im stronger than my father back then, im 3rd ranker”

“.... Tirika i will go with you”

“No, u stay here, u are not strong enough”

“Even u said that i will follow you.. U know that u are the most important person for me”

“.........” Tirika feels heavy after heard that word from Sanku, she try to hold her tear to come out.

“I will allow u follow me if u can seize the 10th Ranker tomorrow”

“Fine, wait for me here!!”

“Not here, morning at the day after tomorrow, I will waiting you at the first place we start our journey together”.

After that Sanku rushing out the room to start his mission, he know there something fishy but he know too that he can’t do anything if he doesn’t have privilege of top Rank…


The day after tomorrow at the highest peak of Veins, Sanku stand there alone holding a dusty letter in his right hand, a goodbye Letter from Tirika which put there since yesterday by her,  he already expecting it, even he successfully become 10th rankers, he still not strong enough to help her,

“ in the end i cant help and become a burden to my party…”  Sanku mumbling while sobbing, but suddenly there a spirit in Sanku eyes,

“No… i will become stronger and waiting for you here, if someday u back and need my help i will ready anytime!”.

Day by day, month by month, year by year, fills his daily life with training or search for Tirika whereabouts and  he always spend a whole morning at the Veins highest peak. After so many years, His existence there even make Veins residents create an urban legend about that place.




There a little girl climbing up the stairs heading to the highest peak in that town, when arrive at the top, she find some a man sit there leisury while watching at the sky.

“Uhm? Hi sweety” said that man notice that some little girl approach him

“Uncle? Did u come here to become strong too? Aunty in soap shop tell me that i can become strong if i ask the fairy who reside here every morning!”

“Ahahaha nope, why u want to become strong?”

“Uhm, if I am strong, i come to find and go with my Adventurer Brother who left home”

“I cee..”, “but i never found a fairy here :< “

“Aww…” the girl upset when hear that man.

“Hmm, don’t upset, in the place of that fairy, i can make you strong >:3 “

“Aw really? Are u stronger than my brother?” :D

“Ofcourse! I can fly!”

“Liar, prove it! ”

“ here you go!”

The man hold that little girl and piggy back her, with steady stance he jump.


The girl got shocked and grab that man neck so tight, but when see the surrounding she starting smile and laugh

“Ahahahah we fly! We fly!“

That little girl happy face make the man smile, and close his eyes, he feels the warm ray of sun in his face.

“ yes… we fly”.

IGN : Mallin , Rogueboy

word count : 2486

GM Challange : 

GM Seiren  Include a nemesis.

GM Neza - Include a prologue and an epilogue.



wew, when im done writing the story, its end up with 3891 word in total T-T

so I end up cutting the story so much..... 

btw... how all of you writing so fine and neat here? 😮
can one of you share the knowledge of how neatly write in forum, since im not dat forum person


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                                      Demon Lord Ragnar
This story begins as they often do with a couple of star crossed lovers bound together by the threads of fate. The protagonist Ragnar appeared one starry night under the light of a blood moon. He was found by a family of sea merchants floating adrift in vessel covered in ancient runes. The only readable words were Ragnar so that is what they decided to name him.

His babyself was wrapped in a cloth that was warm to the touch and seemed made of a material unknown to the merchant. Sown into the fabric were similar runes to that of the vessel. He had eyes that reflected the color of the blood moon that night and hair as black as the night. A happy baby full of laughter.

The family lived in the city of Moscovia down by the docks. They attended church weekly which is where he met his love Cespoir. Her parents were nobles and deeply religious. She was an altergirl at the time and had a voice that could bring even the strongest Boss monsters to their knees. Her hair was as silver like the blade of a sword and eyes shined bright as the moon. She immediately caught his attention. 

When he got near her he felt a burning deep in his chest. Their eyes met and in that instant they both felt deja vu as if they had seen each other before. They were both around 7 when they met but always seemed much older than they were. The years passed their love grew. At the age of 16 Cespoir would sneak out late at night and meet with Ragnar. They'd talk of their dreams and plans for the future. 

Ragnar wanted to travel the world and discover new places, creatures, and items to sell as he took over the family business. Cespoir wanted to bring people together with the love she felt for all living beings. She felt the path her parents had laid out for her was to restrictive and she wanted to travel with Ragnar on his adventures. She gave Ragnar an amulet of protection as sign of her love for him. One night as Cespoir was sneaking out she was caught by a guard. 

Her parents sent her away to live in Rachel because they knew of the love her and Ragnar shared and did not approve. She was to join the church and start training to become the new High Priestess for the next Pope to be. Ragnar heartbroken by her parents actions had no idea where they sent her. He spent the next 10 years of his life searching for her as he explored Midgard. Vowing to one day hold his love again in his arms.

His adopted parents were lost at sea during a storm one night and everything they owned was left to him. Now around the age 26 he had almost given up on finding Cespoir. It was at this time he was going through some of the storage of his parents when he discovered the vessel and cloth he was found in as a baby. He touch the cloth and felt the burning in his chest similar to the first time he saw Cespoir followed by a vision of Veins. Recognizing it as a sign he decided to set out.

Upon arriving in Veins he met with a merchant who told him they had seen runes similar to what were on the cloth and vessel inside of Thor's Volcano above what appeared to be a sealed door in level three. So he gathered his men and the best equipment money could buy and set out to explore the volcano. As they approached the entrance to the Volcano they were met by a mysterious cloaked woman. The woman told Ragnar the path he was on was one of self-discovery and he would learn of his past and future very soon.

She then faded away almost as if a vision. When asked, his men said they never saw anyone. This made Ragnar somewhat anxious but he pressed on. They fought their way through to level three where they found the door the merchant spoke of. Ragnar felt drawn to the door and when he touched it the runes around it lit up and the door opened as if  the first time in a millennia. He ordered his men to defend the door until his return.

Inside the room was a throne made of a dragons skull. Upon the throne sat the preserved body of the Demon King. On his head a crown blazing of blue flames and in his hand was a scroll. As Ragnar approached he wondered how he was connected to this being. He looked into the eyes of the preserved king and had a vision of the past. It was a huge battle, one side was the demons and all the monsters they commanded, the other was humans aided by angels. Demons along with the monsters vastly outnumbered the angels and humans .

The battle waged on for what seemed like decades to Ragnar and the the battlefield covered with bodies of the fallen. Until one day the King of the demons came into battle with a maiden who was born of human and angel Love. As their blades crossed Ragnar felt the burning in his chest again and suddenly the vision jumped forward a few years. He was now in a castle which appeared to belong to the Demon King. It was during a wedding between the King and the maiden. Uniting the differences between Humans, angels and demons. 

Although not all among these three races were in agreement with this coupling. Not long after the wedding the maiden was poisoned and died. Seeing this, the burning in Ragnars chest intensified and another vision appeared. The King and his High Wizard were working on a reincarnation spell. They were successful in making it but it only worked on the deceased. After, they preformed the spell on the maidens body the king prepared for the future.

First he dealt justice on those that poisoned the maiden. Afterwards he prepared for his own reincarnation. The wizard forged a vessel that could summon the king to the time of the maidens reincarnation. As well as a cloth to protect him and guide him to a family for help. Finally a Crown to hold his power and a Scroll to hold his memories. The king then had his wizard move and cloak his castle to look like a volcano and turn his army into statues on the lowest levels until he was ready to bring them back.

With all the preparations ready he had the wizard make a potion to preserve his body and allow his soul to pass over. Then the wizard joined the army in petrification and the King sat on his throne and drank the potion. The vision ended and the burning in Ragnars chest subsided. He almost couldn't believe what he had just witnessed. With a heavy heart he removed the crown and scroll which caused the kings body to instantly disintegrate. He put the crown on his head and felt a rush of energy throughout his whole body then read the scroll and all the memories of his past life returned to him.

At this moment he realized that Cespoir was the maiden from that time. Although he had the kings memories he was still himself. He returned to his men who were still defending the room. With a look he sent the monsters away. When his men saw him they were worried their leader had been destroyed by this demon king who was much larger than Ragnar and had eyes burning with fire. Wings that covered the length of his body and a crown of fire. 

They prepared for battle to avenge their friend. Seeing their defensive behavior Ragnar realized his appearance and gone to that of his previous life. He quickly returned to his human form and explained what had happened to his men. They apologized to him and vowed to help him return to his love. Ragnar summoned his High Wizard and brought him up to speed with how things have changed in their absence as well as the situation with Cespoir. 

The Wizard used a tracking spell on the amulet that Ragnar had from Cespoir. Now with the knowledge of her location he set out to be reunited with his love. He portaled to Rachel and met with High Priest Zhed who told him of the High Priestess that was recently appointed to the new Pope. He requested Ragnar speak with the Pope to hopefully cheer her up. With a letter of recommendation and 40 Glacial Hearts Ragnar was allowed to see the Pope. As he ascended to the top of the Popes office he laid eyes on the Pope and was suprised to find how young she was. 

After talking to her about his adventures around Midgard he noticed Cespoir standing next to her. She was the High Priestess to the Pope. As her eyes met his he called out to her and she recognized him as well. As they embraced and then talked of how their lives  have changed they peaked the interest of the Pope. The Pope asked how they knew each other and Cespoir explained how they were in love as children and teenagers. Also how her parents sent her away when they learned of this. Ragnar then told her the whole reason he had been adventuring was mostly to find Cespoir again.

Ragnar asked Cespoir to leave away with him and get married. Cespoir said reluctantly that she had her duties to the Pope. The Pope interjected that if Ragnar could bring her the last Unicorn in existence that Cespoir would be relieved of her obligations. She then told Ragnar of an all knowing creature named Tam Tam that knew of the location of the unicorn. Wasting no time Ragnar set on on his quest for the unicorn.

He found Tam Tam in the Payon Region and asked about the Unicorn. Tam Tam told him it was found in Splendide Fields 3 but he would need a rare taming item to capture it. The Item was Rainbow Ice Cream which Tam Tam just so happend to have in storage. If Ragnar brought 1000 cursed Runes he could have it. Ragnar warped back to his castle knowing he had them stored there and retrieved the runes. Returning to Tam Tam he traded for the Rainbow Ice Cream and set out to find the Unicorn. 
Finding the unicorn under a tall oak tree in Spledide Fields 3 he successfully tamed it with the ice cream and brought it back to the Pope. Overjoyed at the sight of the unicorn the Pope released Cespoir from her vows. Cespoir and Ragnar got married and had many exciting adventures. They brought all living beings together to live in peace and harmony.
                        ~FIN ❤️



Word Count about 1838

My In-game name is Ryu~Enki

I went with the challenges for GMs Amor, Luna, & Neza

I hope you enjoy it!

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Just adding my Signature to the bottom of the post ^_^
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“Dear mine,

          As painful as it is, I cannot stall any longer. They’re calling me, from within the water. I never heard anything like it, but it’s all I’ve looked for. My heart is yours forever, and I’ll hold your love close to mine. They’re scared and desperate, so I must go. Don’t worry about me, I’ll be eternally with you.

Yours truly, 



          Long forgotten by the Sun, Comodo thrived in an eternal night. The wind blew past the tall palm trees, its leaves glowing in the moonlight. Every inch of that place was full of the whitest sand, and a blue ocean extended for as far as it could be seen, full of life and wonder. 

          So full of esplendor, Comodo wasn’t without sadness and loneliness. Between the Casino’s lights and endless dances, grief existed. A granddaughter that never returned, souls that had nothing to lose but their zeny. Many went there looking for happiness, and every drunken smile had a hint of a darker past. One of them was a tall, older man, with a ragged robe and a heavy black mace hidden close to him. Although well past his prime, he still had an elegant aura, blue swirls under his feet overflowing with each step, showing an extraordinary past before the man who existed now.

          He looked tired, his hunched body carrying a lifetime of burdens. His face was stern and serious, and his brown eyes had a hint of loneliness. Even though hidden under rotten clothes, a steel chainmail on top of a high-quality leather armor protected the man, who made regular trips to the three caves surrounding Comodo. Having just came back from the northern cave, the man reeked of dirt and salt. After a quick stop at the nearest Tool Dealer, he went back to the cavern, now the to eastern one. He took turns between the three dungeons, sometimes staying on one for months at a time. Decided to go deeper and be a bit more thorough this time, he prepared his gear and entered the cave.

          “What do you do, if we get separated?” he once asked to a certain person, trying to see if she was paying attention. 

          “Hmm, what if I teleport randomly until I see you? That seems nice,” she joked. “Or I could run around, gathering as much monsters I can find until you find me.” 

          “Aye, try that and we're both dead. No way I can handle you against a whole dungeon. You're always walking and yelling at everything, my heart can only take so much.” he let a long sigh and laughed, remembering how much trouble they have gotten into. She definitely was the  brighter flame of their duo, always ahead despite what he said, and when they first parted ways, she was the one to take charge of their relationship.

          However, it wasn't forever. They loved each other deeply, yet he was now alone, looking for traces or clues she could've left for him. The single worst day of his life was when he found that letter, and after all those years his heart still hurt, pierced apart by her farewell. “They’re calling me,” she wrote. Who called her? He believed she had an explanation for that, but his mind couldn’t defeat the thought of her betrayal. Killing some monsters on the way, he tried to clear his mind going deeper in the dungeon. Comodo was the only place he had left, and where he found the only clue to her whereabouts.

          One by one, he explored every inch of Rune-Midgard by himself. Years went by without any luck, but he struggled on. After arriving on Comodo, went cave by cave looking for every pool of seawater until finally, he found something; A single thin piece of silver, engraved with the word “ildren”. It was broken on both sides, and a bit curved; he instantly recognized that as a piece of the ring he gave to her, symbolizing their love. One thing he couldn't figure out was that name crudely engraved; “ildren”, it said. It was at one of the edges, and the full word was lost to the old man. He also felt a faint aura, which wasn't there when he gave it to his missing lover. The ring was enchanted at some point, and he knew she couldn't do it alone. She preferred the grounded arts of men, favoring a sword or a spear over spells and magic. Was it “them” who placed it? It wasn't harmful, so they meant her well. His heart was overwhelmed with relief and weariness. Now one step closer to her, even if he feared what he’d find at the end of his journey. 

          After he found the broken bracelet, “they” never left his wandering mind again. “It started right after that day,” he thought to himself. Some years after their marriage, the duo decided to go to Umbala Forest, for some light camping. Restless to an extreme, she decided that they should check more of the wildlife there, since “maybe there'll be a gryphon nearby and even you wants to ride one, right?” she tried to persuade him the best way she could, being herself until her charm won over his worries. The gryphon never appeared, and after a bit, decided to rest near a lake. It was clear and peaceful, without any monsters nearby. She quickly tended her Peco and went swimming to wash the sweat off. 

          As he was trying to make a fire, he noticed she wasn't making any noises, which was weirdly unusual. Thinking she wandered nearby, he didn’t thought much of it. Only after a short walk and no sign of her he noticed that she was truly missing. Running straight to the lake, dove with clothes and everything, desperately trying to finding her and dreading for the worst. Only after he swam back up twice to regain his breath he found her, with one leg tangled on some vines.  

          Even after countless heals and mouth-to-mouth resurrections she remained unconscious. Twenty minutes later, when she woke up, he was already at his wits’ end. So stressed with the whole situation, he almost passed out with her first words after regained consciousness.

          It was only after they got back to Alberta, their home city, he noticed she was acting strange. Looking at a corner or shushing the air were now common occurrences, and her whole personality went from an youthful brashness to a deranged recklessness. Shortly after, she wrote the letter and vanished, leaving him by himself.
Now, years later, all he had of her was his memories and her broken ring, with someone else's name. Yet, he still looked for her, longing for answers. Between finding the piece of silver and now, he discovered that it worked like a magic finder, glowing quicker the further he went inside the dungeon; but without a clear clue, he still couldn't figure out what it was actually pointing.

          “How much more I have to walk for you to tell me what do you want?” he said to the broken ring. “No one taught you how to blink 'go there’?” he grew more frustrated day by day, but he held on that piece as soon as it pulsed quicker, showing the way. 

          The cave had its risks though. Battling enemy after enemy took a toll on his body, and years of damage piled up turned him into a scar-riddled person, needing all of his healing and magic to be able to continue.  After a while, he decided to rest and organize his thoughts, to continue further into the dungeon. Then, felt a weak warmness coming from his pocket, where he kept the ring piece. Surprised, quickly got the broken ring out and was astonished by how much magic he sensed coming from it, more than it had ever happened before. Not wasting time, started checking his surroundings for any signal of an object owned by her, as well as any spell placed there, linked to the ring.

          He felt a sliver of hope, something he had long forgotten how it felt. Memories of her raced through his mind, and every moment, every word she had said to him appeared on his head, as if he was hearing and seeing and feeling it all over again. “I had a dream where we were a really old couple, walking through Prontera and looking at a weird Tam Tam festival, and everyone had a Tam Tam balloon,” she said one morning. “Even my hair was the whitest I had ever seen!” she was clingy even when it was too warm, cuddling him tight. “You were cute, though. Like an adorable grandpa. Have you ever thought about grandkids? I bet you’d be such a doting grandpa,” she teased him, poking on the side of his stomach. His happiests moments were when it was only them, on a talk that took all night, or a silence where they both were at peace, knowing the other was there for them. Now, that frantic glowing was the only line holding him together, and the chance of their long-awaited meeting made him feel alive again.

          It kept glowing for hours, and he still couldn’t even figure out what he should look for. Then, remembering what happened to her at Umbala, he threw himself in one of the caves’ lakes, holding the broken ring close to him. It was dark, but the light from the ring helped him find one single silver strand, glowing exactly like his broken piece. He tried to pull it, to no avail. Only after touching it with the ring something happened, and both lights stopped blinking. Panic took him whole, with his vision going dark both by the lack of oxygen and the darkness of the water. 

          He didn’t remember neither passing out nor swimming to the shore, but somehow he was awake and dry, laid down near a big, white rock. Still dizzy from the near-death experience, he got up and tried to remember what happened, but his mind was still fuzzy. Then, he noticed that rock wasn’t familiar at all, unlike the rest of the cavern. It was shiny and white, without a dirt to be seen.  As tall as him, it was at least double his size in width and a meter thick, right in the middle of a circular room. There was nothing written on it, and the whole room was also clear of any sign, only accessible by a pond on the opposite side of the rock. Only after he went looking at the back of it he noticed something; on the left corner of the rock, something was buried beneath a pile of dirt -a ragged piece of clothing, with a single drop of blood on it. 

         Her clothing. Her blood.

          Even when he found the ring, broken and incomplete, he had hope to someday find her alive, happy and safe despite all those years. At that time, holding the torn up fabric on his hands, he felt it all vanishing. Tears trickled down his face, wetting the floor under him. His legs failed him, leaving him to cry on the floor, unconsolable. He found no word to express his sadness, and no scream was loud enough to deaf his anger. Climbing the white rock, he read the words engraved with the same handwriting he found written on the broken piece of ring.

          “Here she lies, finally asleep. Mother, your time to rest came.”

          “Mother,” the words took his breath. His mind couldn’t process that word. Before she left all he could think was on their family, full of promises and joy. It was all lost after her disappearance, or so he thought. She found a family of her own, with children of her-

          Children. He finally figured it out.

          “It was ‘children,” he understood. “ildren” wasn’t some mysterious person, but what she thought as children. But he met her young, and knew she never had kids. “What are them, then? Whose ‘children’ they truly belong to?”, he kept thinking, over and over again. 
Since his guard was low from all the stress he was going through, he didn’t notice when other beings entered the room. Only when the seventh and last one entered he saw them on the corner of his vision, almost falling down from her grave. They made no sound, and looked all the same. Pale, blue and translucent, ethereal in appearance and otherworldly in their acts. Their gait was fake, as if imitating someone else. Walking side by side, the group of beings went to the old man, phasing through the white rock and floating over her, without muttering a single word. Then, in unison, the seven of them pointed to the phrase written on the grave, which started glowing. Then, word by word, it all faded away, leaving only “mother” with a white luminescence.
They were her children, as crazy as it sounded. after that, they walked to him and touched him head, one by one. Seconds later, a voice appeared on his mind. “My children, my beloved children,” he never forgot that voice. It sounded older and rougher, but it was still her voice. “I’ll never regret the time I spent with you, even after passing,” now he was not only hearing her voice, but seeing her on her last breaths, laid down on the same white rock they stood now. “My only regret, though, is that it took so long for me to bring him here.”

          Seven times, his own name appeared on his head. Then, they told their history. It took years upon years for them to find her, but fate was inevitable. They only spoke through water, and after her first death, she rose as their mother. Only after meeting them she was able to find peace again, but deeply regretted the abandonment of her soulmate. They tried to help her every way they could, but their prison was limited by the water they could travel through. Leaving the broken piece of ring for him to find was the best solution they came up with, even though it was too late by then. Even so, they tried and succeeded. Reuniting both of them again, despite the circumstances. 
He knew he was at home, at last. Their children were now with him, and her love permeated the whole room. Kissing the cold white rock, he stood up and looked at his children, proud of how she raised every single one of them.


          Every now and then he found her on dreams, both full of stories to tell. “You look exactly like that dream I had,” she said. “I’m still cute, though. I love your hair,” he said, passing his fingers through her white curls. “I missed you, you know? Don’t ever do that again,” he said, smiling at her. He knew they would be together forever, linked by seven children of their own.

IGN: Petal ~

Word count: 2499

GM Challenge:

GM Spica - Include a twist in your story!

GM Neza - Include a prologue and an epilogue. 

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On 2/11/2019 at 1:48 AM, agilazo said:

btw... how all of you writing so fine and neat here? 😮
can one of you share the knowledge of how neatly write in forum, since im not dat forum person

Type your story in Word or any similar program and copy paste it in your post, then fix it up here. 

That way you also get a backup of your story. 

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It was an ordinary yet beautiful day in Morroc.  The great desert city rarely saw a bad one. The sun was beaming down from clear blue skies as my neighbor and I played outside our homes. I called it playing, as I was only nine years old, but I suppose it was a type of training.


“Beny, you need to use your sword too!” I reminded my friend. We had grown up together and he was my closest friend. With that honor came the privilege of sword fighting with me.

When I cower behind my shield, it means Cleo needs to yield,” he sang.  Beny was a year older and quite a bit taller but he was skinny and not particularly good at dueling. He was skilled with a bow and arrow but he really needed practice with a sword. Fortunately, I was his friend to help him with that. Both my parents were knights so I learned from the best.

We readied ourselves for another round. I started counting down, “Three, two, one...whoa!” The ground shook. We looked around bewildered. A few moments passed before the ground gave another tremor. Beny pointed at the castle in the distance and gasped. Even from the outskirts of the city we could see that the majestic castle was slowly crumbling and a dark ominous storm cloud was brooding above. I suggested that a strong thunderstorm was imminent so we said our goodbyes and went back to our homes. The earth tremors intensified as I sat inside with my heart pounding. I wondered if I Beny was alright. It felt like hours before my parents arrived on their pecos. “Cleo. The reports are that the demon has awakened,” my mother said firmly. “Please, hurry to the pyramids for refuge. We need to stay to defend our city.”


My father interjected, “The city may not hold for much longer. The demon wants to destroy it, lay waste to our homes and hurt our people. We cannot let that happen. We must defend what we love.” My parents pulled me in for one last embrace. They both picked up their swords and opened the door.  Where once stood buildings and tents now lay dust and rubble. The air was heavy with dense smoke and a cloudy darkness filled the sky. With only an eerie crimson moon lighting the way, my parents said farewell and rode off.


Eight years later



I woke up to my hungry poring hopping at my feet. I rolled out of bed to feed him. “Kie Kie, come here!” I beckoned. I tossed an apple at him and smiled. He was simple-minded but his companionship was precious to me. I got my equipment ready, picked up a torch and head out into another cloudy moon-lit day.


Today marked the eighth year since my world literally went up in smoke. My parents both perished in battle and all homes in my neighbourhood were destroyed. In losing everything I gained a sense of duty and I joined the Continental Guard with my uncle Balrog. He said I wasn’t ready yet to participate in a field team, so I was assigned the role of volunteer recruitment agent instead. The Continental Guard always needed new volunteers to stop Satan Morroc from terrorizing the rest of the Rune Midgard Kingdom.

I met my uncle Balrog just south of the Morroc castle ruins.

“Good morning, uncle Bal,” I greeted him. He had a distant look in his eyes.

“Cleo, I just got out of a meeting with the general. We lost fifteen volunteers last month and our recruitment numbers are down for the third year in a row.  At this rate, the cursed demon may attempt to come out of exile. We agreed that you’re ready for combat but you will need a team. So we have a task for you. We have sent other senior recruitment agents to Prontera, Geffen, and Payon. Your assignment is Comodo.”

“Comodo!?” I said in disbelief. The other cities were home to great warriors. Comodo was just some bohemian beach town best known self-indulgence, sensuality and foolishness.

“We need all the help we can get,” he sighed.

I opened my mouth to speak but had the sense to avoid quarreling with my uncle. He recently had a number of new setbacks. I certainly did not need to add to that.  I swallowed my pride and set off for Comodo.


Three days later



I arrived in the hot and humid beach town looking for a place to spend the night. The town looked like a party. There were lanterns strung along the beach docks, palm trees swayed to music playing in the distance, and even the buildings appeared to be wearing party hats—colourful tall peaked roofs. The whole scene made me feel uneasy. How could people be celebrating when the battle was not yet over?


I wandered into a large building at the docks.  

“Hullo sweetie! Welcome to the casino! Tam Tam at your service! What will it be—Vermilion on the Beach or Tropical Sograt?” said the furry creature from behind the bar. He put a glass out on the table and smiled waiting for my answer.

“Just grape juice please!” I was parched from my journey. I cautiously took a seat in the corner. As I sipped my drink, I watched a group of musicians gather together on the other side of the room and start singing,

“This is Comodo our beach town.

We only smile and never frown.

Come dance with us in starlight,

We’ll laugh and sing with delight!

So let your worries fade and pass,

To your happiness, we raise a glass!”

As they sang, I examined each person wondering how they could possibly face the horrible monsters of the Morroc desert. In my mind, I dismissed them as a group of weak-willed inebriates. Oddly enough, young man leading the group on his guitar looked slightly familiar. He was tall, lean and quite handsome. I started walking closer and closer. The band stopped and looked up at me. The man stared for what felt like minutes when finally his eyes widened and said, “Cleo?”


He laughed, turned to his friends and said in a grandiose voice, “Ladies and gentlemen, this is my long lost friend, Cleo!”

I nervously smiled as we excused ourselves. We stepped outside the building to find a quiet spot on the docks to talk and catch up. We sat and dangled our feet in the clear blue water illuminated by the moon and stars. I told him I was in Comodo on behalf of the Continental Guard and that I thought he had perished the day Satan Morroc came back. He explained how he also lost his parents when his home was crushed by a large piece of burning rubble and he had fled half-confused from smoke inhalation. He wandered west into the Comodo forest when he met a group of gypsies. They brought him to Comodo and he made it home. He said there were no fires in Comodo. No death, no fighting, no destruction.

“Destruction? Comodo is just one town in this world. Satan Morroc can and will come to destroy it if given the chance. Your idle pacifism isn’t going to stop it,” I passionately asserted.

“And you will? How can any good come from fighting?" Beny calmly asked. I felt as if my heart sank into my stomach. We stayed silent for a while as we stared into the mesmerizing blue waters. He graciously found me a small but cozy hut for my stay. Although exhausted, I couldn’t sleep that night. I was torn between the feelings of joy from finding a long lost childhood friend, a face that reminded me of happier and simpler days, and the feeling of sorrow as he did not seem interested in defending the good of the world.

I rose before dawn the next morning and set up a recruitment booth on the beach. As the day went by, I had a few inquiries about the Continental Guard but I sensed that they were mostly out of pity. As soon as I started talking about the great war that was going on, they quickly ended the conversation and went on with their day. No one had any genuine interest in joining the fight against what I knew was the biggest threat against the Rune Midgard Kingdom. So I sat at my makeshift booth all day while the locals enjoyed the sandy shores around me. I couldn’t stop thinking about Beny and how I wanted him to come back home to Morroc with me, but it seemed that everyone I met had his same attitude. I spent the rest of the week at the beach attempting to recruit beach goers but with no success.

One evening, I decided to visit the casino again and struck up a conversation with the furry bartender Tam Tam.

“Why is everyone so apathetic here, Tam Tam?”

“Apathetic? Quite the opposite. Just because they don’t want to engage in fighting, doesn’t mean they don’t care. They are passionate about their peace,” he said as he filled my glass with grape juice.

“But don’t they realize what is happening in Morroc?” I asked

“More than you know, sweetie.” Tam Tam said with a frown.

“What do you mean?”

“Many of them were once great warriors. Many of them have seen Satan Morroc and lost. Lost friends. Lost family. Lost hope,” he sighed and motioned at pile of empty rum bottles beside the counter. “The drinks, parties and gambling help them numb the pain, you see.” I stayed silent for a moment. I could see now how Satan Morroc could destroy people not only physically but spiritually too. I felt guilty about previously judging the people of Comodo wrongly. I wondered what Beny knew about the people of Comodo and what would inspire them. Humbled by what I just learned, I thanked Tam Tam and left the casino to find Beny alone on the beach by a palm tree strumming his guitar and gazing at the stars.


He looked up, startled.

“Listen, I am going against the Satan Morroc, with or without a team.”

He sat there and looked down avoiding eye contact as I stood, waiting for an answer. “You would die,” he said without looking up. I went to go sit beside him.

“I probably would,” I said quietly.

“But for what?” He sighed.

“For the rest of the kingdom. For the people who Satan Morroc has already hurt and for the people he wants to hurt,” I replied.

“I thought you just wanted to be in a battle…,” he said.

“No one in the right of mind actually likes war, Beny.  It isn’t something people do for glory. My parents went to fight Satan Morroc so I could flee and so I could live. My parents always said, defend what you love. Satan Morroc has already destroyed much of the desert and Comodo beach may be next,” I said as I looked up at the starry sky. Comodo never looked so beautiful; the sand sparkling with the moonlight and the waves caressing the shore. I sniffled and said, “It would break my heart if Comodo was destroyed.”

"I didn't know you cared so much," he replied.  After a long pause, Beny turned to me and said, “I think I can help you.”


The next day, Beny called a meeting with a group of his friends at a dock on the northern part of the town, away from the beach parties and the casino. As they started to arrive, I had the chance to meet each of them. His friends were all bards and gypsies who I previously underestimated. But as I got to know them, I realized they were experienced warriors as well. Although they had turned away from using swords and arrows, they had honed some other skills. They claimed their music had a protective and uplifting effect on people they loved. Once everyone was settled, Beny started his speech.


“Thank you my beloved friends for coming. It is truly another lovely night in Comodo and I called you all here, because I care deeply for each of you.  The beauty of our home is under a threat. Satan Morroc looms in the eastern desert. I know many of you are familiar with his power and his evil. He only gets stronger as our will to resist him gets weaker. We can do good by defeating evil.  If you have any faith in our world, let’s get out there and make it better. If you have any hope for our home, please let’s fight to save it. If you have any love for our friends here, please dedicate your life to protect them.”

“But Beny, he is too strong for any one of us,” a bard interrupted, “many of my old friends have already went against him and failed.”

“Which is why we will go together,” Beny said as he walked over to me and grasped my hand, “we are stronger together.”





Three months had passed since Cleo and I returned home to Morroc. I had always wanted to return home but never had the courage. It was Cleo’s contagious willpower that inspired me.


We started training for defense almost immediately upon arriving in Morroc. Volunteers came from all over, including Comodo, to defend the Kingdom.  Though I knew it wouldn’t be easy but I did not want Cleo out there alone. We made a good team together anyway. I had always admired her. After all we’ve been through, I was not going to let her go again.

2285 words


GM Luna and GM Neza challenges.

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“Why have you come back to this place?”

The disembodied female voice was no more audible than his beating heart, yet it echoed throughout the mountains, carried by the squalls of snow. Pausing for a moment, as though startled by the words that were uttered, he glanced backwards at his footprints which were already being covered by a fresh layer of white powder. The wind rushed through his arm-length hair as he peered over the mountain trail, down the craggy precipice, and into the valley below him, now nothing more than a blur of grey and white. Having overcome his momentary lapse in concentration caused by the woman’s voice, he stared ahead, locking his gaze on the ruins of the Manuk abbey on the adjacent mountainside. Having full mastery over mind and body, the man sprinted forward into the swirls of snow, wind howling in his ears, and gracefully scaled the mountain range, high-jumping from one frozen rock to the next towards a destination shrouded in a somber memory.  


On the floating island of Kunlun, two young men lay basking in the grassy fields outside of the training grounds, enjoying the afternoon sun after a tiresome day of training. The two adolescents were the most accomplished pupils in Kunlun, demonstrating full command over all the elements in addition to being able to call upon the spirits of the most powerful men and women from many generations ago. This enchanted isle is the homeland of a breed of people who value nothing more than wisdom and spirituality: Soul Linkers. Soul linking is a branch of magic derived from achieving a harmonious balance between the elements of the world with the essence of humanity, allowing the Linker to invoke the benevolent spirits of seasoned adventurers who bolster the capabilities of those who receive them.

“Your thoughts on our Final Ordeal?” asked one of the young men, propping himself up with his arm to glance at his friend. He had silvery hair, combed to one side, with eyes as pale blue as afternoon sky, and a devilish smile.

“I’ve been anticipating it for several years, Kaahv. The idea of leaving this island to experience the world below is nothing short of thrilling. However, I do not wish to aid those who seek our skills… I would rather focus on perfecting our magic,” said the other young man, his pine green hair blowing across his face as he lay motionless in the grass, deep in thought of how his life would soon be different.

“My sentiments exactly. You know, Ahuzahr, Master Junli confided to me that we’re the most potent students he’s ever seen… Surely the people of below will be in awe of us, like angels before men,” said Kaahv. His lip curled into a smile twisted with a lust for greatness.

Ahuzahr’s mouth twisted slowly into a faint, but confident smile. “Without a doubt.”

The two Soul Linkers, though highly skilled in the handling of all elements, showed an innate talent in the manipulation of Shadow. This ability enabled them to craft dark magic that was never seen in Kunlun, which could penetrate through any protective spell, wreaking the demise of anything unfortunate enough to receive it. Not even the terrors born in shadow could survive against such magic. Knowing that these spells were a mutilation of sacred magic, Ahuzahr and Kaahv were careful to shield their secret from anyone on the island.

The day of the Final Ordeal had finally arrived, and the departing students gathered in an ancient circular structure with a high vaulted ceiling. In the middle of this marvelous building was a shimmering orb atop a pedestal of pure bradium, behind which, was Master Junli in brilliant purple robes. In pairs, the students approached the orb, received specific advice from Junli, and touched the orb, which teleported them to the Earth below. When Ahuzahr and Kaahv met Junli, a grim expression washed over his face. Junli closed his eyes and said in a low, deliberate manner, “Be wary. For you cannot see what tempts you from beyond the shadows.” Stunned by what Junli had said, the two boys exchanged glances, quickly touched the orb, and vanished.


Arriving at their desired destination, they clasped their hands together and smiled. They had set food on a land devoid of life, trapped in eternal twilight: Glast Heim. The sky was mauve, the sun and moon at equal heights on opposite horizons, the atmosphere was haunting. Being free from sacred Kunlun, the two adolescents worked tirelessly to perfect their wicked craft. The ground shrieked in muted tones at every step the boys took and the native ghouls dared not get in their way. Many moons later, the boys perfected their magic, rooted in evil and twisted with misintent. Along with this magic came an even stronger bond between the two boys, one of utmost admiration. The foulest spell created was called Esma and was a perversion of the ability to link ancient spirits to those who needed them. Instead, Esma would steal the soul of the victim and imprison it in the weapon of the wielder, lending him the power of the deceased victim.

“I wish you wouldn’t murder acclaimed adventurers and officials. I don’t want any unwanted attention to come our way…” said Ahuzahr, as the two reunited for the evening. His expression was unbothered, but his dark green eyes seemed to glow red with frustration.

“Relax, Ahuzahr. There is nothing that anyone can do to us. If they harm us, they heal us. If they kill us, we resurrect. Besides, how could I let that Huntress turn in her bounty… She was the best I’ve ever seen, and she belongs to me now,” Kaahv smirked as he brandished his staff, a silver rod engraved with ancient characters and crowned by scarlet gem that pulsed with sinister energy. “Together, we’re invincible.”

Looking at the staff, then back at his confident companion, Ahuzahr muttered through bated breath, “I suppose you’re right.” And the two retired together for the evening.


The sun burned bright overhead, the air still, a typical day in the city of Rachel. Ahuzahr was purchasing green-colored brews from a vendor before venturing to the volcano nearby. Ahuzahr ceased killing humans, the guilt was overbearing, as he was constantly reminded of his deeds by the distant moaning and wailing coming from his staff. Instead, he now preyed on the elementals that roamed the earth. Turning away from the vendor, before stepping back onto the main road, he noticed a hooded figure whose cloak was fastened by a brilliant gold cross. As the figure came closer, Ahuzahr noticed she was a young woman with long dark blue hair and steely grey eyes. She was so fair that her skin dazzled in the harsh sun. Without realizing how long he’d been watching her, Ahuzahr was taken aback when the woman abruptly stopped in her path and stared directly at him, her gaze pierced through Ahuzahr’s mind as he stood motionless. The silence seemed to be deafening. Then, as suddenly as she stopped, the woman calmly turned forward and continued walking towards the massive Rachel Sanctuary.

“Who was that cloaked woman?” whispered Ahuzahr to the vendor.

“She’s the Pope’s chief exorcist,” exclaimed the vendor in amazement. “Have you two met before?”

Ahuzahr didn’t answer the vendor. He rushed into the road, hoping to see the woman again, but she had vanished. Ahuzahr had never beheld such a woman before. Her beauty was mesmerizing, her presence enthralling, her gaze illuminating. Ahuzahr strode towards the temple hoping to see her again. He tried to relive that moment in his head. Standing before her, Ahuzahr felt the woman strip away the shadows that enveloped him. Feeling bare and exposed under the sun, his body was caressed by the warmth of her light.

Finally, Ahuzahr arrived at the temple, whose massive bronze doors drifted open at his touch. He found himself in a massive atrium with guilted ceilings that portrayed religious scenes. The temple was cool, dim, and smelled of rose-scented incense. A priestess emerged from a set of oak doors straight ahead.

“How may assist you, today?” she asked, pleasantly.

“I wish to see the chief exorcist, if I may,” responded Ahuzahr, confidently, though not fully knowing what to say if the priestess asked why.

Suddenly becoming nervous, the priestess continued, “I’m sorry sir, but she’s currently--- oh-”

Footsteps echoed from beyond the far left corner of the atrium and there she appeared.

“That’s quite alright, Mariam, the Soul Linker may meet with me,” the exorcist said through a slight smile, as she approached the two from across the room.

A Soul Linker?” the priestess thought, clearly still surprised be her appearance. “Of course, Selantia.”

Selantia lead Ahuzahr through the crypt of the temple to a small room with a fire blazing in an ornate stone fireplace.

“What is your name, Soul Linker?”


“Ahuzahr… what a powerful name.”

His heart skipped a beat as she said his name, blood rushing to his head.

Hoping she didn’t notice him blush, Ahuzahr quickly asked, “Why did you stop in the road in Rachel earlier this afternoon. You stared at me for many moments.”

“I have been trained to expel any darkness that leeches off the sanctity of our world. You can’t imagine how shocked I was to find a Soul Linker using such dark magic. I heard the voices ensnared in your staff. I’ve never seen such magic before. I wasn’t sure if I could break through it.”

At these words, Ahuzahr became fearful and was perplexed at what she spoke.

Noticing the panic swirling in his eyes, Selantia continued, “When you saw me, a light blazed within you and shattered the corruption surrounding your heart. Because of that light, I was able to penetrate through remaining darkness and divest the rest of the evil that encased you.”

Realizing that she knew his feelings, Ahuzahr reluctantly muttered, “Love is stronger than evil, isn’t it…”

“By a thousand measures,” said Selantia, softly chuckling at Ahuzahr’s observation. “You are extremely well versed in dark magic, Ahuzahr. I think you could greatly aid me in my work. I’d be especially thankful if you would accompany me on my missions to expel the evil that corrupts our beautiful world.”

“I will never leave your side, Selantia.”

The two walked out of the room, the fire had turned to a pile of glowing embers. As Selantia showed Ahuzahr to a vacant room in the Temple across from hers, Ahuzahr caught a glimpse of a small raccoon-like animal prance down the hall out of sight.

“A symbol of good fortune!” laughed Selantia as she explained to Ahuzahr the significance of TamTam.


A year passed and the two shared many adventures together. Every quest emboldened their love for each.

“I’ve received word that there are attempts of resurrecting an ancient worm-god in the mountains of Manuk,” said Selantia. “We must get there and interrupt the ritual before the vengeful god is reborn.”

Days of trekking brought the couple to the city of Manuk. The city glittered splendidly from the gemstones that protruded from the ground and the snow that covered the landscape. Following the trail of dark energy, the duo arrived at the ruins of an abbey, perched on the ledge of the mountainside. Carefully, they descended below the ruins into a cave system whose entrance was hidden below the floor.

The dark energy was overwhelming. The cave widened and the crystals in the ground casted an eerie glow which cast unsettling shadows off the stalactites. The two split up to examine the runes carved into the walls and floor of the cave. Minutes passed before Ahuzahr saw the glint of a scarlet gemstone in the darkness of the cave.

No, that can’t be him. He can’t be here. I- I---” Ahuzahr’s thoughts were cut off as his voice filled the room. 


The cave glowed a shade of violet as the pale blue sickle-like bolts of magic were expended from his staff. Graceful yet deadly, hey twirled through the air at high velocity. The moment took less than a second yet seemed to have lasted a lifetime. Selantia’s body hit the ground, turned to a purple mist, and gravitated back to Ahuzahr’s staff. 

Kaahv’s figure emerged from the shadows of the cave.

“A brilliant display, Ahuzahr. If you hadn’t acted any slower, I was ready to claim her power for myself,” Kaahv shook his head and smiled. “I haven’t seen you for many months. You seem different.”

Standing petrified in the dim light, Ahuzahr began mouthing inaudible words. Kaahv approached him, not noticing the tears racing down his cheek.

“What’s wrong with you Ahuzahr, you look as though this is the first time you’ve stolen a soul---”

As Kaahv put his hand on Ahuzahr’s shoulder, Ahuzahr struck him down with his staff using blunt force. Kaahv’s blood ran down Ahuzahr’s staff and collected on his hand. Ahuzahr broke the defensive magic protecting Kaahv with a counter spell that Selantia had created in her years of training.

Kaahv fell to the ground. Looking sorrowful and betrayed, he mustered his last remaining breath and said aloud an unspoken truth that had haunted Ahuzahr since the moment he had met Selantia.

“I have always loved you, Ahuzahr, well before our lips had locked in our first kiss. We were… invincible together…” Kaahv’s voice trailed off as his breath ran out.

Overcome with pain, Ahuzahr fell to his knees and wept at the loss of the two people he had shared his love with, their deaths caused by his own hands.  

Several years of solitude had passed. Ahuzahr lived alone, away from anyone who might recognize him. Ahuzahr could still faintly hear Selantia’s voice from his staff, which did nothing but remind him of the day he took her life.


The blizzard raged on. It was well into night when finally, he reached the frozen steps of the abbey, in greater disrepair than when he last had seen it. The man knelt on the cold stone and set his staff in front of him. Extending his hands over the weapon, the purple gem that tipped his staff shattered, its splintered pieces melting in the snow. At that moment, the spirits of all his victims poured forth from the staff, each a different color, and flew in every direction, creating streaks of lights in the sky. However, the final spirit to exit the staff stayed with the man.

The spirit of Selantia stood before the man, wearing a calm smile that was so familiar to him.

“You have done well, Ahuzahr, my love. Thank you for saving me.”

Ahuzahr, overcome with emotion, opened his quivering mouth, though no words could come out. After a short pause, he spoke. “I am sorry, Selantia.”

She leaned her head slightly to the side and gave him a gentle, warm expression, and nodded. Her form evaporated into a mist and circled around Ahuzahr. Feeling at peace for the first time in years, he was now linked to his true love.




In Game Name:  Ahuzahr

GM Lance - There is a love rival.
GM Spica - There is a twist in the story.

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The Epic Journey of brave Sei Zer


In a simple and peaceful Town of Izlude there was a two brave warrior named Sei Zer and Cybz this two

young man were best friends since the day when they are still a novice. They were a bit different from

each other. Sei Zer is a Stalker and Cybz is a Lord Knight but their differences were never being the cause

of a fight between them. In fact, they barely fought with each other. A lot of people who leave there

envied them for the kind of friendship they had.



The sun came up the next morning, the same as it always did. Rows of tiny square houses and buildings

were drenched in the pale yellow glow of the new morning, voices shouting greeting with one another

as merchants and shopkeepers began their day. As a warrior the two young men just do extreme

trainings for themselves all day. Until one day Sei Zer got bored of their daily routines and asks Cybz for

a journey outside the Town just to travel to learn more and gain more experience. When the two young

men have decided they start their journey. Cybz decided to travel alone and tell Sei Zer about it. The two

brave warriors have agreed and they went in separate ways.



Many days after Sei Zer already pass through the hot weather of Sograt Desert somewhere in Morroc

feeling lost alone and feels really exhausted and tired. In the far distance the sun was setting, like every

night, the horizon was on fire. Then finally!! He reach the end of the desert. The blazing sunset was just

beginning to fade into a purple haze. The young man sat under a tree to take a rest and fall asleep, then

suddenly out of nowhere a girl fell from the tree and land to the same spot where he is resting his

body. Well of course Sei Zer got surprised get his dagger and almost hit the girl. After he realized that it

 was a young beautiful lady who fell from the tree.



 Sei Zer was amused of what is in front of him a lady with angelic face her beautiful eyes, beautiful lips,

it’s like an angel in disguise that fell in the sky. “Where are you came from? You startled me, I’m afraid

that I almost hurt you” the surprised young man said, but the lady just keep in calm and silent, doesn’t

say any just staring at him as they face each other getting closer in a slow motion and they suddenly




 A minute after Sei Zer got awoke by the falling branch of the tree he clarify the image in front of him

and got surprised by a raccoon licking his face. Yes! Sei Zer is just having a dream kissing someone but in

reality it’s only Tam Tam that just got spawned on that area hiding on a tree for some reason and just

got fell. In his shock Sei Zer grab Tam Tam’s neck and throws it away in full force! The poor Tam Tam

was on mid-air don’t know what to do just preparing to land and fled. The young man was so angry

because he almost suctioned the tongue of an animal and keeps on spiting like there is no tomorrow

and throw up.



After that terrible moment of Sei Zer he continue his journey. The man found his way through the

Town of Payon in no time. While in town he looks for a place where he can stay and rest for a while for a

 short period of time. As he goes by he saw a lovely looking blonde hair lady, very beautiful and

pleasing to look at from a distance. Sei Zer approach the lovely lady but it doesn’t notice him

approaching, because the lady was too busy painting a mythical animal with a single straight horn

 projecting from its forehead in a wall, it is not just a simple drawing because it is a human size unicorn.

Sei Zer was totally amaze by the talent he witness.



 And for the second time he tries to catch up the attention of the lovely lady. “Oh I’m sorry I didn’t notice

 you, what can I do for you young man?” the lady said. As he looks toward the lady’s eye, the stalker

appears mesmerized and astonished by the beauty of the lady. The lady waves her hand towards Sei Zer

face and ask the same question again. That’s the time Sei Zer went back on his own sense and said “can I

follow you home? Cause my parents always told me to follow my dreams. “The lady replied “what?” Sei

Zer said “oh, it’s nothing!! It’s just that it is very hard to find a beautiful woman, but easier to find a

pretty one, I just got luck! And I think God was showing off when he created you”. The lady got blush

rose immediately because of Sei Zer’s cheesy pickup line. “Oh!! Sorry for my misbehavior I forgot to

introduce myself I’m Sei Zer of Izlude I just want to explore and my journey leads me here”.



The lady was astonished of what she heard from Sei Zer. “Really? What a brave warrior you are. Anyway

my name is Arra and I used to leave here since I was born. I am a dancer it is my passion and I love

painting too.” The lady replied. “that’s why your painting was a breathtaking!! Just seeing your drawing

I can say that you have a talent, gifted, and has more potential.” Sei Zer said. And the lovely lady Arra

got blushed again.



After the small talk and introduced to each other Sei Zer ask Arra if she can help him to look for a place

to take a rest. Arra immediately offer their house to Sei Zer. “Please come with me I was about to finish

my piece” Arra said. Sei Zer got shock because he is not expecting Arra to offer their house to him he

was electrified and excited. After Arra finished her painting they immediately went to Arra’s place.



As the day passed by Sei Zer was easily get along and have a harmonious relationship with the people in

Payon specially the family of Arra. But there is something that bothers Sei Zer because for a short period

of time staying on that place he got fall in love with Arra and he doesn’t know how to tell Arra how he

feels. He thinks that if he tells Arra he will just got rejected and he is really shy with saying his feelings.

 when the night falls Sei Zer can’t sleep he is over thinking of what he is going to do until the day comes

Sei Zer can’t hindered he’s feeling any more it’s now or never. He take courage to confess his feelings,

he went to Arra hold her hands and start talking about it.



During the conversation Arra told Sei Zer that she was flattered that someone like him has a feelings to

her, it’s just that she is already in love with somebody ever since he was a kid it is the guy from the next

door named Alex. Sei Zer got astound for the revelation and brought to silence. Arra felt sorry for Sei Zer

she remove his arms and hugged him and heart skipped a beat. After that day Sei Zer saw Arra and Alex

on the same place where he first meets Arra. They were happy together their laugh reached too far, the

young man felt that there was no spirit of hope and decided to quit his feelings to Arra and just let her

to be happy and moved on.



One day Sei Zer talk to Arra that he decided to left the Town and just going to continue his journey.

While on his way not that far from Payon Town he accidentally saw Alex surrounded with gay friends

and he have learned that Alex is a gay!!OMG!!...He immediately return to Payon and look for Arra and

accompanied her to the place where he saw Alex. The lady got surprised for the revelation and run away

 back to town crying. Sei Zer express sympathy to the young lady, pampered her. “Arra I liked you a lot,

please come with me.” Sei Zer said. He dropped everything and place both of his hands on her

wrapping them more tightly around her waist. Arra threw her head back and hit the young man’s head.

“Oh!! Is that a yes? Sei Zer asked. Arra chuckled and removed her arms from around him. She faced him,

eyes smiling and lips curling into a wicked grin. “What do you think?” She asked as she lifted his chin and

covered his lips with hers.



At last, they’ve been a couple for almost three years. Sei Zer declare his love for Arra every single day. Sei

Zer is really sweet faithful and very attentive when it comes to their relationship. And a year later his

best friend Cybz got arrived and guess what? He bring with him a cute lovely pet raccoon. 😃



-The End…-



In Game Name: Sei Zer and Cybz


GM Challenges:                                GM Spica - Include a twist in your story! + 3 TC

                                                GM Lance - Include a love rival to spice up your narrative! + 3 TC

                                                GM Amor - Include a unicorn in your story. + 3 TC

                                                GM Haru - Include a cheesy pickup line in the dialogue. + 3 TC



Word Count: 1536 (According to my MS Word Office/ including the title only)


Edited by cyber08
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ign: Cyllian

GM Radius - Include a convenience store as part of the setting. +8900.gif.e5c32bd7ab72008f8b9665772a97f4a8.gif 3 TC

GM Neza - Include a prologue and an epilogue. +8900.gif.e5c32bd7ab72008f8b9665772a97f4a8.gif 3 TC

word count: 2341


Upon arriving at Eden, Jishui was notified that he had some unread mail. Its contents were, however unsavory to say the least. The elf had thought he had cut ties with his godforsaken family, yet for some reason they still had the gall to bother contacting him. 

Jishu’s usually angry face grew angrier the more he read the letter, and just moments before he could get rid of the letter and whatever contents it was accompanied with, it was snatched right out of hands--

“Heh~? You got an invitation to that ball too? Oh, two of them even~” Of course, the only person that would brazenly snatch his mail from right under his nose would be the young noble that barely entered his field of vision without the need to look down. 

“You--” Before he could snatch it back, the other slipped right out of his hands. “Hmm~ Wow~ They even know about Etmere, that’s why they gave you two!” A smile spread across the young noble’s face, “Speaking of him~ How are things going between you two anyway? You should go to this,” a cursory glance was thrown at the letter, “event!”

“That. Sounds like an awful idea.” Jishui completely ignoring the earlier comments. It was the usual affair with this one, to bother him about Etmere-- why the hell did he want to know anyway? 

“Aw, C’mon now, don't dismiss this,” the short noble once again glancing back to the invitations with a pointed expression, “it's a formal wear event so if you take your well endowed significant other…” 

‘'Hehehe…” a mischievous grin erupted from the equally mischievous noble. 

Cocking an eyebrow the prickly elf countered, “Aren't you just imagining your boyfriend?” Though, he would never admit it, but the thought was slightly amusing. Only slightly of course. 

“Ah--!” A flash passed by Cyllian, then quickly fell into contemplation, “Neion… Probably doesn't have a suit though…”

Watching the other's face flash between ‘oh!’ to ‘hmm…’ was amusing in its own right but Jishui had no interest in watching this play out, so before the tall elf had to continue standing here with his letters in the male's hands, Jishui quickly interjected,

“For the record. You won't find a suit in a convenience store.”

“Eh!? How'd you know I was-- No, but…”

“You, really are a sheltered noble, huh.” He shook his head.

Cyllian frowned lightly at Jishui’s words, “But you can buy just about anything there you know?”

“A suit is impossible. Have you considered Neion’s build?”

“ Ugh, you’re right...” Cyllian’s shoulders slumped before smiling again, “Well, I’m sure I’ll figure something out~ So you better be there! With Etmere in tow!” 

Without even waiting for the tall elf to reply the shorter noble had shoved the invitations back into the other's hands and run out of Eden. 


After going around with the usual formalities in events like these, Cyllian glanced around for a quieter place to relax and enjoy the evening. Required events such as these really pulled an unholy amount of energy out of him, and he really would rather pass it by alone or, at the very least, within the company of people that he didn't have to put a facade of perfection around. That and he was notified earlier from one of the servants running around that his companion would be late, so seeing him in his suit, and then promptly showing him off was something he wasn't able to do right at the moment. 

“Ladies and gentlemen, our most gracious hosts would like to announce the star of our lovely event tonight. The one and only… Tamtam!” 

Some surprise crossed the young noble’s face, hearing the announcement. He wondered just how much money tonight's host was throwing around for this night, but before he could bother to try and come up with an estimate, Cyllian spotted a familiar face, alone, quietly minding his business. 

Well, I can always greet our beloved mascot later~ With such thoughts in mind, Cyllian walked over to the location of his rude friend, and skipping formalities over he chimed, “Wow, I didn't think you'd actually come~” 

Upon hearing the call of someone familiar, Jishui turned to face the other, only to show a completely negative expression. However, it was only for the briefest of moments before his expression straightened out to a perfectly controlled smile, “Cyllian.” 

“Where’s Etmere~?” The other nodded while looking around the tall elf for their significant other. “Don’t tell me you actually didn’t invite him!”

“He’s here.” Jishui didn’t bother giving any more information to the other-- he already thought just saying these words would cause all sorts of trouble so he kept silent. 

As for Cyllian, he had already figured that the other wouldn’t divulge much information to him, and thus didn’t press on too much further. He only gave another nod, as if saying, ‘I see~’, and held a somewhat mischievous look, as if he’d be able to see something interesting later. And he did indeed, think of it as such. To see the usually stiff-faced Jishui having to act as a picture perfect couple some time this evening was truly going to be a sight. So, he’d let this slide for now, simply deciding to recline and take the other’s silent company as he waited for Neion.

While silence between the two, was a norm, it was only natural that in events of the upper echelon held certain expectations that had to be met. And sitting like pretty little flowers, especially from the families these two nobles came from, they couldn’t just idle away their time sitting together. In other words, they had to talk. And taking a cue from the whispers of the other noble’s talks, Jishui took the initiative to say something. 

"Just what do you see in him anyway?" The other's tone seemingly biting, but Cyllian knew that was simply how he talked. A soft laugh escaped the shorter one's lips before it spread into a blooming smile. Any of the guests would have been held captive by that look that carried Cyllian's features well. 

However, Jishui knew this squirt's true personality. This wasn't some benevolent smile of an angel that could harm no creature on Rune Midgard. The tall elf groaned inwardly, perfect etiquette stating he not interrupt whatever ungodly words escaped from that treacherous mouth of his.

"Do you really want to know that?" Cyllian's eyes squinted with delight. Of course he could talk for hours about his lover, but this fool of a friend of his-- how could he not take this opportunity? "I could say the same to you, Jishu~" His sing song tone carried an air of mischievousness, one that was only palpable to the elf before him. "Our high society, the nobles we hold ties with, my, I believe they have quite the unsavory rumors floating about you..." 

He paused, his smile never leaving his lips, "You and your lover that is..." The young man broke his eye contact from his friend's, glancing to the side in as if to recall what he had heard-- "To be with just some commoner... For you to stoop so low... to someone that holds hardly any comparison to your -- ah, let me omit the compliments towards you... It's too much, even for me-- looks, a meat head barbaric elf, as they would say." A sigh escaped his lips, an exaggeration of a troubled look pointed towards his friend--"What do you see in him anyway, Jishu?" 

Cyllian's eyes twinkled-- eager to see the other's reaction... Of course he would only ever be so disappointed. There was no wrangling even a drop of affection out of the man before him in such a public setting.

"Why would you-- or any of those go-- any of them, care about... Who... I date." The tall elf's usually biting tone getting edge deeper as his eyes clouded. His anger was never something he held back, however manners were something even this short fuse knew to keep. Only his scalding mouth was at bay while the mood he let out was hardly a good one.

Ignoring the clear killing intent, Cyllian shrugged his shoulders. "You are. Absolutely No Fun, Jishu~" Cyllian sighed, for the nth time that night. Not every punch of teasing worked on this elf, and Cyllian could only concede his defeat on this matter.

....Is what Cyllian would have normally done, but oh, what amazing timing! Through the corner of the short noble's eyes he caught it. That neatly tied red hair and those emerald eyes... Isn't that....~

Perhaps Jishui's slip of the tongue earlier was some grand opportunity, however, this... This was like hitting the jackpot twice in a row! Cyllian's eyes glistened with a renewed fervor. He wouldn't back down from this conversation this time. Not with something so interesting coming their way.

"I take that back."


"I really~ Really~ do have to know. Even if you're disliked by the enirety of your family, you are still their family. No, you are still a noble. Even with your one glaring flaw, there has to be some beautiful and docile noble with a loving personality that can tolerate you?"

"--" He grimaced, Jishui was getting a bad feeling from this conversation. He knew Cyllian was the type to drop his teasing easily, what was so different this time that this gremlin was so eager to hear about his love life? 

"There's no way~" Cyllian saw there was no way out of this for the other-- "it can't be that," he gasped, "you really, actually, do, like him...romantically?" 

Jishui's hardened face frowned further, just what the hell was he saying? Didn't this little shit in front of him practically already know the details of this all? "What. Are. You. Playing. At. Cyllian?"

The other was unperturbed, "Is that supposed to be a denial?" Cyllian smiled, "I see... So you really don't actually--"

"I never said that--!?"

"Ah~ So you do, like him~?" Cyllian's smile broadened-- he was practically a step away from checkmate here.

"..." A troubled look flashed briefly through Jishui's face. He was cornered in this conversation. 

After much deliberation... He gave in. He had no idea what was going on in this shit's head right now, but he was being persistent. "...S-so what if I do?" Jishui looked down at the lead of this conversation. 

'Seriously, what the hell is up?' he tried to convey this with his annoyed glance but Cyllian was hardly paying that any heed. 

"What! That's how you're admitting it? That. Is such a disappointment-- ah well I knew that about you~" Cyllian shook his head as he tugged Jishui further along, "Just, admit it! You have a mouth so use it!"

So that's what he was aiming for. Jishui glared at the other after figuring it out-- "Why would I have to? To you even?"

Cyllian's smile hardly even flinched, "Hah? You can't even admit it to him, but what's wrong with admitting it to me~ Or is it really," His eyes pierced through Jishui to look at the ever nearing person, that with one or two more sentences would be within earshot, "that the reason you won't say it is because you don't really love Etmere~?" 

This would have been the final straw for Jishui had they been talking in private-- but the setting dictated he couldn't just try to send this little shit flying. Here where etiquette ruled above all, words were what ruled and he could find no way out. 

Rage seeped out of his mouth, "What the h- What are you saying, I obviously--”
His face was red with anger earlier, however, the red hue his face took now was from a different emotion, and with the effort of all his being, he was practically forced to mumble, "I obviously have to be.... i-in love with him.... t-to be going out with him."

I won. Cyllian's smile was filled with jubilance, the brightest lights dimmed in comparison to the apparent happiness he was feeling now-- 

So much so that Jishu was practically forced to look away-- and at that moment he cursed. The tall figure that was nearly in their presence-- why had he not shown up 5 seconds earlier!? 

Jishui may have been dealt a death blow by Cyllian just now, but he wasn't going to go down alone. Hell no. 

Like Cyllian would say, this was an opportunity. 

"Enough of that." Jishui knew he could push Cyllian down the stairs with this, "There's a whole load of nobles here that suit your tastes-- and many here know your type. Aren't you tempted?"

Cyllian's happiness flew with the sudden inquiry-- in Jishui's words, simply put:

What the hell?

Brief anger flashed through his benevolent face, "Hah? Those people with their blackened personalities? The only good thing about those people are their well toned bodies," his hand moved towards his chest in declaration, "even if I was tempted I would never betray Neion!"

The young noble continued in a mumble, "Besides, there's nobody out there better than Neion?"

Jishui smirked.


Cyllian froze in place as his face heated up, recognizing the voice's owner.


"Um, Jishu..." 

Jishui froze the next second. He had felt a presence near them earlier but paid it no mind at the heat of the moment-- maybe he'd be lucky and that person wouldn't have heard even!



Jishui's face heated up. Fuck my luck.

And so, two nobles turned to face their respective lovers, fully aware that they had caught the worst parts of their conversation.


Later that evening, only after Cyllain had calmed down somewhat, did Neion dare to say, “I won’t… betray you either, Cyll….” Which only served to turn the noble into a puddle of pink mush on the spot. 

As for Jishui, he had wished to teleport out of the place on the spot, but refrained from making such a social blunder, only ever barely whispering out that it was true….. Months later, of course. 




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Divine Intervention
The vibrant sun was shining over Glast Heim, a beautiful city that was considered the most peaceful in all of Midgard. Packed with joyful faces intermingling with one another; it was as if everyone was one big happy family. However, there was a man named Lars. Lars is known to be the strongest Champion in the city and was an idol to many. Tragically, the Champion was forced to retire after losing his wife to an incurable disease. Before she died, Lars' wife had made him promise that he'll adopt three children from the local orphanage. Her last wishes were to make sure the love of her life wasn't lonely and to look at the kids as if she resides in them. These kids were named: Mianelle, Agilion, and Caesar
At first, the kids seemed to have been frighten by his powerful aura and were cautious not to annoy their newly adopted father.  The family went to the western border of Glast Heim where a path leads them into the woods to where Lars and his wife had built a home for themselves. They had envisioned themselves living far from the crowded city and to live a simple life. As soon as the four enter the house, a warm feeling of security filled the children's hearts and Lars noticed they were smiling not with their lips but with their eyes. The Champion was determined to love them as much as he had loved his wife.  For the next few days, Lars would make Cooked Nine Tail’s Tails for breakfast; Steamed Desert Scorpions for lunch and Immortal Stew for dinner.  Mianelle would always say “thank you sir” and eat very slowly to savor the homemade food.  Meanwhile, Agilion digs in as soon as he gets his food and says, “thanks dad,” after he finishes.  Caesar is not too trusting of anyone.  He would almost finish his food and say “thank you.”  Lars saw hints of his wife’s personality in all three of them and the kids began to see Lars as their savior from Niflheim.  Soon, Lars and the kids became inseparable.  
One day, Lars tells the kids he’s going to meet up with his friend, TamTam for coffee and to be well behaved during his leave of absence. “Mianelle, you’re in charge of these two knuckle heads,” Lars proclaimed, “I’ll be back after coffee with the bud, TamTam.”  Mianelle smiled at Lars with pride and shouts, “I’ll do my best!”  Lars summons a warp portal on the ground and body relocates as soon as it turns a magnificent blue.  Mianelle was awe struck by the beautiful display of magic and could hardly focus on what to do next. Mianelle delegates the task of collecting Heart of Mermaids to Agilion and Caesar while she makes a summer hat.  The boys quietly simmer on the inside because they know Mianelle is the favorite and it’s her word over theirs.  While Caesar is grudgingly fishing, Agilion is making a fishing net because he wants to prove to Caesar that fishing nets are far more superior compared to fishing rods.  When Agilion finished tying his fishing net, he suddenly jumps into the lake to catch some Obeaune, however the rope was mangled by the current of the water and got caught in his own trap. “HELP,” Agilion screamed, “SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME!”  Mianelle was too enamored by the diversity of wild flowers that the forest had to offer, and Caesar just laughed.  
Suddenly, out of nowhere, a High Priestess named Mia Erif Dipar teleported to Agilion’s fishing spot and immediately casted Sanctuary.  Mia tugs on the rope and instinctually casts Blessing on herself, allowing her to fling Agilion right out of the water. “Thank you so much for saving me,” wailed Agilion.  “Hehe. Any time bud~,” giggled Mia “what are you three novices doing so far out here?”  The kids were hesitant to say anything since Lars had advised them not to speak to strangers.  “Well, we live out here with our dad,” said Agilion.  “Who might your father be?” Mia inquired. “Lars, but he went out to grab coffee with his friend TamTam.”  Mianelle delivered a quick slap to the back of Agilion’s head and whispered, “shut up. We don’t know this lady.”  Mia was confused because she only knew of one Lars and had heard he has a wife.  She thought it over and decided it couldn’t be the world class Champion since the novices are all the same age. “Well, I better get going,” said Mia, “there’s more people out there who need my help. Here’s my card just in case you need help again.”  In unison the kids say “good bye” but before they were able to get to “bye,” the High Priestess had already teleported.
When Lars had returned, his children ran towards him and told him about what happened earlier. He got confused as he knew that no one, except for his wife knew this part of the forest. In the middle of the night Lars had a dream were his wife, Elyenora, came to him riding a breathtaking opaline unicorn. They cried and embraced each other and held each other for what felt like an eternity. She gently brushed his short wavy hair out of his face and asked "How have you been?"
“I’m doing fine my love ,but I’ve never been the same since you left", says Lars While tearing up, trying to clarify the image in his mind of how beautiful she was. She noticed “You haven’t changed at all since we first met" and giggled. "It’s been a long time, since you’ve grown a beard" Lars scratched his head and Elyenora just couldn’t contain herself. She threw herself at him and they kissed each other as if the world was about to end. Lars looked at his wife and said" I don’t want to leave you again". Elyenora replied "you know that you can’t, i want you ,but you have a promise to keep”
Lars was thinking about the kids when out of nowhere, a warp portal pulled Elyenora and her unicorn in. Lars tried to break her free from the vortex but Elyenora said, "let go. We’ll see each other soon, I promise."
A tear fell from Lars’ face and gently let go of her hands while Elyenora is pulled into the warp portal. Elyenora shouted out, "take care of those three little kids” and then Elyenora disappeared. 

Lars fluttered his eyes open and saw Mianelle, Agilion and Caesar leaning over and staring at him. 
"What are you guys doing?" Lars asked in a daze. 
"You had a nightmare and we were trying to wake you up" Mianelle said.  Caesar and Agilion just nodded in the background. 
Lars wiped his face and noticed that he had woken up from a cold sweat. “Oh it’s just a bad dream," Lars said while fixing his bed
After breakfast, Lars decided he would take the children out on an adventure through the forest. He handed out to each of them: Novice False Eggshells, Tattered Novice Ninja Suits, Novice Main Gauche, Novice Guard, Somber Novice Hood, Novice Slippers, and Novice Armlets.  Mianelle looked down at her dagger and back up to Lars, “um, I’m sorry but would it be okay if I got a Rod instead?” she inquired.  Without hesitating, Lars rummaged through his Kafra’s Storage Box and pull out the one-handed staff.  Unable to contain her excitement, Mianelle jumps with excitement while the boys are sparring with each other.  
“Boys, knock it off. Here you go, Mianelle.”
“Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou! I’ve been wanting to learn how to heal others and be like High Priestess Mia Eirf Dipar!”
“You’re welcome.  Alright, listen up.  It is a dangerous world out there and we have to work as a team if we’re to survive our adventure,” Lars looks away from the kids as he tries to hold in his laughter, “Mianelle, make sure to look after those two knuckleheads just in case we run into any monsters.”
“Yes, sir!”
“I’m going to be a strong Lord Knight one day and fear nothing! Not even Lord of Death!” shouts Agilion.
“HAH! If you can ever beat me then I’ll call you Lord of Death.  I’ll assassinate you in every duel.” 
Agilion stares down Caesar with fury in his eyes and leaps at him,  The two start wrestling inside the house, knocking down fixtures and knickknacks.  In a quiet and reserved manner, Lars says, “Dangerous Soul Collect” summoning 5 spirit spheres encircling him.  The boys hadn’t noticed a thing until, “CRITICAL EXPLOSION!” and they both rose to their feet to stare at the raging currents of energy being expelled from Lars’ body.
    “Let’s go.”
The boys quickly ran outside and Mianelle skipped happily along after them.  Lars closes the door and locks it.  
    “Dangerous Soul Collect.”
Lars body relocates to where the children grouped up and immediately casts “blessing” and “increase agility” over them.
    “Mr. Lord Knight; you lead the way, my tough assassin; stay close behind your brother.  Mianelle stick close behind them and in front of me at all times.”
    “Yes, sir!” the kids yelled in unison.
Lars shouted out directions to Agilion and lead the group around the maze.  They encountered Fabres, Creamys, and lots of Porings.  The children were learning how to work in a team environment very quickly.  Little did they know, TamTam had secretly ventured into the forest before them and gave all the monsters Bronze Coins and Copper Coins as requested by Lars. The additional experience boosts certainly helped. Soon, Agilion learned how to bash his enemies and Caesar was using double attack just as fast. The two felt invincible with Mianelle supporting them from the back.  Lars just quietly observed and didn’t interfere with their battles.  He didn’t want to baby them because he wants to nurture strong individuals who can take care of themselves.  
While the children are fighting a Poporing, Lars looks around and notices an Armoring headed their way. “Perfect,” he thought, “I’ll have them think I’m being overpowered and have them help me.” POP. The kids pick up their loots and rush over, “where to now?”
“There’s a Champion Monster headed our way; an Armoring.  I better take care of this by myself.”
The Armoring voraciously rushes towards the group, Agilion shouts, “get behind me Mianelle!” Caesar uses his new skill “Hide” and cloaks himself from danger.  BAM! Lars was slapped in the face by the Armoring.  It was the first time Mianelle has ever seen Lars take damage before and was so worried.  She hastily rummages through her bag to look for High Priestess Mia’s card.  Lars threw out several punches and managed to dodge some hits until he used “Blade Stop,” which held the two frozen in their places. 
    “Guys, I need help killing this thing!”
    “We’re on it!” yells Mianelle.
Mianelle reads the card which states: “if you need help, place this card on your forehead, say my name and I’ll be right there!” She does as instructed and in a blink of an eye, High Priestess Mia appeared before them, “what happened?”
Mianelle and Agilion stared blankly at the beautiful priestess and pointed at the Armoring.
“Oh!  It is the famous Lars who’s taking care of you guys.”
Lars sheepishly said, “I’m not that famous,” and then used Asura Strike on the Armoring, killing it in one blow.
“Mianelle, I needed you three to help me.  Why did you have to call—” Lars pauses as he looks over at High Priestess Mia Erif Dipar. “I don’t think we’ve ever met. My name’s Lars.”
“Oh I know who you are. I just didn’t know you were the father of these three adorable children. My name is Mia Erif Dipar.  By the way, you can come out now little one.”
Caesar uncloaks himself and blushes. “How did she know I was here?” he thought to himself.
Lars leans against a tree and with a slick smile he says, “on a scale from 1 to 10, you're a 9... And I'm the 1 you need.”
    “Somebody must call God coz heaven's missing an angel,” teased Mia. 
Lars was caught off guard by Mia’s quick wittedness.  It was as if she was Elyenora but in a different woman’s body.  “Could this be what she meant by, ‘we’ll see each other again’?”  For a split second he thought he saw Elyenora standing behind Mia.  His lips trembled.  “Did she lead this woman to me?”  His mind was racing and was overtaken with emotion.  A Creamy passed by and the man summoned 5 spheres to unleash on the creamy.  He takes a deep breath to steady himself. 
    “I’m sorry.  You just remind me of someone else.”
    “Someone bad?”
“No, someone who was good.  Very good.  Let’s get out of here before another Champion monster arrives.
The five of them walked together back towards the house.  The three kids walked ahead while Lars and Mia watched them from behind. 
“Hey, did you guys see dad hit on Mia?  He’s such a smooth talker!” whispered Mianelle.
“They were talking?  I only noticed how beautiful her… glasses are.” 
Caesar laughed, “it would be so cool if Mia became our mom.”
Lars and Mia didn’t have to talk for them to know there’s a connection between the two.  During the walk, the priestess would look around and fix her gaze on the retired Champion only to look away in embarrassment when Lars noticed her.  Being the man he is, he takes a leap of faith and holds her hand.  Mia didn’t move away or flinch, but her face turned red and then she held onto his hand firmly.  When they start to approach the house, Lars couldn’t help but want the moment to last forever and finally feels whole again since Elyenora’s passing.  It was then when Lars finally decided to speak.
    “Hey Mia, do you believe in divine intervention?”
    “Why, of course.  I’m a priestess.  I believe everything happens for a reason.”
    “Well, the kids mentioned that you go around helping people—” 
    “Yes, and?”
“Heh, this is a little crazy but, I need some help raising these kids.  It’s tough being a single father to three kids.  I can’t even imagine what they’re going to be like when they’re teenagers.”
Mia looked at him and giggles, “are you asking me to be their mother?” Lars smiles back and says, “I’m asking if you’d like to be a part of our family.”  Mia looked at the skies in contemplation and then lets go of Lars’ hand.  He stops and looks at her with fear of rejection but was pleasantly surprised when she jumps to hug him around his neck.  Caesar was spying on them the entire time and stops his siblings in their track to have them look back at Lars and Mia.  Mianelle screeched with excitement and ran in to hug them both. Agilion and Caesar followed suit.


In-Game NAme: Mia Erif Dipar


GM Amor - Include a unicorn in your story. 

GM Haru - Include a cheesy pickup line in the dialogue.

word count: 2496



i've been struggling to put this altogether but thanks to @Juan Larz, the hero i did'nt deserved but he's the hero i need xD. we made this to happen, and i hope the readers would love it :)


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fixing grammatical errors, and i want to use the spoiler icon as well
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Good Luck to all who entered! There are some really amazing stories up there and I say kudos to you all for your ability to tell a good story. Nothing but Love! ❤️ 

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On 1/21/2019 at 1:15 PM, GM Spica said:






The old man picked up a dusty book from the shelf. The tome was quite heavy and bringing it to his apprentices was a good challenge. His students were there, working at the forge, vigorously hammering weapons and armor, carving woods and stones. Everyone stopped when the forgemaster came into the room. “Today - he said - I will tell you a story. Come here, listen.” Boys and girls gathered around him, curiously chatting and asking questions.

With a simple gesture of his hands the master made them stop. He coughed a bit and started to talk...




She made him sweat every time he laid  his eyes upon her.

A miracle of curves, perfection made form.

Oh but he knew that she wasn’t was safe here in Yuno. Eyes and ears everywhere, he could hear the whispers of the sages, feel their envy through their cruel words.

But she was his and his alone. Day and night, he would welcome her into his house, speak to her, his highest Muse. But she never answered. She would welcome his touch on her body, her curious eyes smiling silently.

But one day he came back home, waiting for her, his mind already wandering away. But she would not came. In her place there was only a dirty letter.

He opened it with trembling hands. Taking a deep breath, he read it:


“ Come find me on top of the hill, by the moonlight...if you want her back”. - A mysterious contender


He screamed with rage, tears bursting from his eyes. How could she escape with a stranger? Didn’t she declared her love to him? No words exchanged, but does love really need them? No, it couldn’t be true. This was an act of treason, a theft he couldn’t ignore!

The sunset was already over the palaces of Yuno. He didn’t have much time left.

With hurry, he packed all his tools in the backpack and travelled amongst the windy planes, the first stars already appearing behind fiery orange clouds.

And there he was, on top of the hill, under the moonlight. She was there, beautiful as always, untouched by this treachery, a queen under the stars.

Near her the poisonous felon, his white cruel grin shining in the night. His sleazy fingers all over her, touching, exploring.

“ So you came, at last.” - the stranger said - “ You know I won’t give her up. The only reason I told you to come here was to let her witness your end. She will be mine, forever!”

Her Muse was stuck there. Was it fear into her eyes? Was she trembling out of the cold night? Oh but he couldn’t see! He was so far from her, her words hidden within her like her body was within the darkness. She was all he had, his very reason to live, to breath, to creating his art. He couldn’t afford to lose her, not now, not ever. And not like this.

But he didn’t answer...or did he? He furiously picked an hammer from his tools, blindly screaming and charging towards his enemy. He couldn’t hear his words even he desired it with all his force, his thoughts lost amidst his foggy mind.

The stranger skillfully dodged his blow, striking him a dagger on his side.

Yet he endured the pain, visions of her filling his mind.  

Holding to the handle of his hammer he swiftly side stepped, the wound on his side still burning from the fleshly cut, and stroke the stranger’s head with a furious hammer blow.

The hill was was silent. The morning wind was now just a gentle breeze sweeping softly between the grass. She lied here, motionless like a statue, eyes upon the stars.

He kneeled to her, caressing her face with his callous hands. He lift her from the ground, picking her up like the lightest of things. Slowly he started to make his was back to the city. His legs felt heavy, his breath hot and irregular like that of a wild beast. At the city gates no one dared to say a thing to him, nor approach him. All covered in blood, he shut the door of his house leaving the whispers outside , he put her on his bed. “ Rest now, my love.” He said sweetly with a low voice.

He sat by the side of the bed. She would be there forever with her. His creation, his only love. A magnificent statue of Tam Tam, his masterwork and final creation, for no other work would be able to surpass this.

He sighed, eyes still on the statue lying on the bed. The sun started to shine through the windows. The morning finally came.





The master slowly closed the book. The students remained still, shocked. The story was weird, stranger than the tales that you can hear from the wise men of Yuno.

They all started to ask questions again. “Was he crazy?” - a boy asked provoking laughs from the audience. “Did this really happen?” - another one asked.

“Can you love a statue?” - inquired puzzled a girl. The old man smiled. They were still young, their idea of love still very close to that of the happy-ending tales you hear as a child.

Breathing in, he started to answer. “This, my children, was a story of love. A strange love, indeed, but love nonetheless. A love transformed in obsession, the most dangerous kind of love in fact, for a violent love would harm yourself and your loved ones. Now, if this is a true story...I don’t really know. Some says the loved one was a woman and not statue, while others say that the blacksmith was just a crazy man, talking with his creations like they were alive. One thing is for sure, he was a talented man and his work is recognized all over Midgard. Now my children, back to work!”.

Still unsure about the answers, the students scattered and started to work again.

The old man returned to his room and closed the door behind.

He carefully open an old closet. “Ahh, there you are.” - he whispered.



IGN: Amelia Steelheart

Challenges: GM Spica , GM Lance , GM Luna GM Neza 

Words: 1020

Info: I wanted to take a look at love from a twisted point of view, irrational, mysterious and with a bit of nonsense. Well, it was a fun experiment!








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First and foremost, all of these entries have been a blast to read - Amazing job everyone, and thank you for joining! /ok

Our five winners have finally been decided and it's an honor to present them ~

The winners are:
1. @aravis

2. @gummyjeff

3. @DeliciousGreenApple

4. @Laylen

5. @murt

Your prizes will be mailed out to you in the following week. /no1

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