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Buying,   Blade of Angels[DBSn] 158m alredy got 😁

                Scouter [Gryp] 130m

Mail me @ IGN: Seny Val

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    • By Kyo
      As tittle says.
      Also interested in over-ups SN equips +9 +10 only thanks.
    • By tradlgb
      offer your Scouter by reply or mail me IGN : lRebelionl <- l is letter L
    • By breno94
      Hi there, I was building my SN on stat calc and something occoured to me when I activated the aura blade lvl 5 bonus. The skill states, and I precisely quote, that: "Creates a special aura around the weapon that increases damage and IGNORES THE TARGET'S DEF, but not his flee". Well, when I turn the skill effect on, there's a slightly change on my dps but as I turn "sigrum crucis lvl 10" on my dps increases even more... which is really odd since I'm already ignoring 100% of the mobs DEF... Is that a problem with the calculator or a game bug?
      Here is calc build link:
      1st one = NO Sigrum Crucis (WITH Aura Blade)
      2nd one = WITH Sigrum Crucis (WITH Aura Blade)