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Welcome to 'Warfare'. A new event challenge conceptualised by the community! Two teams will go head-to-head in a full scale battle to claim their rightful
mark as MVP kings and queens. Team Aqua of Geffen versus Team Vermilion of Prontera. Players are required to signup via the thread with their
class preference and in-game name. A few days prior to the event, the GMs will draft assigned roles to each team using a random number generator.
We take pride in balanced fair play and will do our absolute best to make sure that each class is distributed fairly between the two teams. 

Once the teams are drafted, players will have an opportunity to recon the map and MVP they will be fighting along with a Discord channel to allow for
seamless communication during the event. For further information, please review our rules before opting in. As always we are open to feedback
and suggestions so don't hesitate to voice your concerns/suggestions!

Be a part of the discussion: https://discord.gg/FwWaFpp



  • Players will need to write down two of their class preference ahead of schedule (e.g. "Class: High Priest IGN: Hubert"). The GMs will then allocate a
    draft pick between two teams; Team Aqua vs. Team Vermilion 
  • There are no defined max limit of participants, however due to party setup constraints we may close the drafting at 48 (2 max parties per team)
  • Teams during the instance are required to kill a special MVP with boosted stats. The team who successfully defeats the MVP will be the chosen victor
  • We will use a random number generator to distribute classes fairly across both teams. As this event is still in its infancy stages, we strive to improve
    the mechanics based on numerous testing. Please keep in mind we will do our best to ensure teams are evenly matched
  • Dual clienting is not permitted. Anyone caught doing so will have their team forfeited immediately
  • Please notify us at least 2 days before the event in case of any cancellations / drop-outs. Failure to do so will remove you from all future
    Warfare matchups
  • The competition will start (Saturday August 17th 3.30pm Server time), winners to be announced same day


Winning Team:
5x Talon Coins
1x Bloody Branch
50x Dead Branch

Losing Team:
2x Talon Coins

Future Prizes:

'Prestige coins' will be implemented in the later months, as part of a new event currency system which can be used to purchase prizes 
Future NPC: Einar Gulbrand will be located in Geffen (location below)

NPC.png.cdf5eca0214ca10e2df3c42f2f2f395c.png  assaas.png.140e5611f942340b76f1acdfec77d69c.png


[ High Priest 6/6 ]

Utau (Paper Boats)
Red- (Red Aphrodite)
RinnyRin (Rinny12)
Heartyangel (heartyangel)
Ellie Valentine (Princess Ellie)
heng (Revenge Healer)

[ High Wizard 6/6 ]

Naght (StormChaserLight)
rulianggas (Ilumi Ackerman)
RapidFiiire (wolfriderrr)
yebyebye (- Blulious)
Cassidy (
- Lollipop -)
Drunk Elephant (Miss Celine)

[ Champion 2/4 ]

Goyu (Goyu01)
Mosjoandy (Moskevwen)

[ Sniper 10/10 ]

Tusketo (Unimportant)
SnowAngel (Evelynn~)
Phantom Lancer (Juxapose)
Yokoro (Yokomo)
Grimrock (-Karma)
FullHearts (DoubleEdgedArrow)
Y A M (-Yam)
f0rce (- f0rest -)
Gynsen (Zexer)
NaifNoob (Strikker)

[ Paladin 4/4 ]

DoodMan (Vigilance)
s4w (s4w-)
kutsuru (JunSoo)
khrei (NotKhrei)

[ Creator 4/4 ]

-snoopy (-MadChemist)
Sylvangel (Sylvaline)
Lydia (Lydia de Boomber)
DoubleUK ({Bol Ayam})

[ Professor 2/2 ]

Orisu (Professor Pasta)
Bobito (Natasha~)

[ Misc 0/4 ]


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Welcome to 'Warfare'. A new event challenge conceptualised by the community! Two teams will go head-to-head in a full scale battle to claim their rightful mark as MVP kings and queens. Team Aqua of

Congratulations to Team Vermilion for winning today's Warfare. We'll be back again in the coming weeks for more fun-fuelled events! 

Thanks Lance! Here's Team Vermilion POV:  

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