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What's the best way to invest 300M?

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Let's say that I've come across a sizable inheritance. I currently have no stable money-making scheme  What would be the best way to use the 300M?

You can defend your own meaning of "best" but my current definition is:

  • Fun - Nothing menial like buying GNs and breaking them.
  • Efficient - Sure, I could buy the SQI and standard equips of my favorite class but I'm looking for something that could turn 300M into a stable income source.
  • Low risk - So no attempts at +7 Kahos, etc.
  • High reward - Something that could potentially double or triple the value.
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Invest on a geared  Geffenia Stalker perhaps?  With a Sherwood and some nice gears you can def make even more money there. 

On the sidelines you can play the market and flip items for a profit. 

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Flipping the market is hard in Talon, prices are too stable. Might have to come back in 2 month for an item's value to really change.

Geffenia Stalker is the way to go ^ ^


Tho people resell Celeb Rings, Buy in !market at <37m & resell on board for 38-39m. It is stable income ahah, but its a different kind of grinding o.o

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On 2/27/2019 at 5:27 PM, helixquar said:


I could buy the SQI and standard equips of my favorite class but I'm looking for something that could turn 300M into a stable income source



The most stable income source is having fun while playing the game.

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Based on your definition of "best", it's my belief that you won't be able to invest in anything. Your points are somewhat contradictory. Unless you have fun in finding efficiencies like making builds or ways to improve on certain activities in the game, it's nigh impossible to meet your first two conditions. Similarly, low risk and high reward. You're not willing to risk it big but expect to double/triple your capital. This just won't happen unless you play the long game but, again, this contradicts your first two points of fun and efficiency unless that's what you find fun (still not efficient). There's no activity in game that will check your 4 conditions at the same time.

Now, if you remove your restrictions and ask the public how they would invest 300m. Perhaps, you'll get more answers. Where you spend that 300m would also depend where you are in the game. Are you hoping to participate in GMC, ET or other group activities? Spend on the gear that will assist you in getting there. You'll get some income in participating in those and you might find it fun. If you're a new player, building a farmer character might be best for that "inheritance".

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I have an autocast build that I use in collecting eluniums. While having fun, I collected 1,000 eluniums several times before. For me, collecting gift boxes is fun and I collected 1,000+ gift boxes several times. I'm sure that there are hardcore players out there who enjoys collecting GNs. Before, I collected 10k GNs from farming(not from buying and breaking). After that, I went hiatus and move on to other ways of fun for me atleast. :) 

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Posted (edited)

In my opinion building a Farmer or a Leecher ticks all of your boxes.

Alternatives could include mining (possibly too menial, but low risk, high reward, and quite efficient), jewelcutting (too high risk I would assume) and cooking (possibly too menial, with a certain amount of risk also included).


So as to farming/leeching:

With all your cash you can get SQI gear and buy seal-service to get the best bonuses; to build the best of the farmers or leechers.

There's a bit of player skill and knowledge in there too, of course, but that money can go to providing a completely solid numbers base through gear and bonuses.

And in my opinion that's probably about 90% of the battle.

Skill and knowledge matter, but it is what it is: unless a naked no-stats char can go and outperform his SQI and appropriate-stats counterpart in Geffenia, it is a numbers game.


I think farming comes out ahead as it ticks the risk box better than leech service ... but leech service can arguably tick the reward box a little better, so they're kinda even.


But yeah, Sherwood Stalker in Geffenia, no more than a single hour of farming a day, within a year you could have doubled or tripled that 300 mil inheritance easily.


So now let's look at the boxes individually.


FUN:  If you like fighting ingame, you're good to go.

Don't overdo it, obviously.

But one hour a day, when you're in the mood to play, seems perfectly reasonable.

Farming and Leech Service both tick this box nicely.

You can farm in multiple places[eg sleepers, mavkas, geffenia, AND OTHERS], and sell leech service in multiple places, [EG DG, Odin, Thor's] so you can counter  any staleness.

[If you find fighting monsters to be menial because it can be repetitive, I'd say here you're out of luck.  I think that fighting is most of this game's content anyway... ]

Depending on what you LIKE, mining, cooking, and jewelcutting might also be acceptable here, but I don't tend to do them personally.


EFFICIENCY:   The only input is a bit for sustainability items, and your own precious time - which is admittedly the stuff of your life, so you ... don't really want to waste that XD

The output is a steady stream of zeny.

Farming and Leech Service both tick this box.

It's a very similar box to risk-reward, for me: when it comes to investment, the most "efficient" is the "least risky and most rewarding" usage of time.

Now Cooking has an input in terms of ingredients.  And jewelcutting has a severe input in terms of ingredients.  They both have risk to fail too, jewelcutting possibly worse.

I haven't done the maths to say with authority whether they're BETTER efficiency than farming/leech service, but I don't personally like 'em as much.


LOW RISK:  For farming there's none.

Not like the monsters are going to permanently break, or steal your gear, or anything.

Just don't do it when you're half-asleep and end up NPCing your precious million-zeny items.

For leech-service the risk is basically that there will be no market at the time.  As "no risk" is superior to "one minor risk", farming is superior here.

But considering the activity of the "Rate your leecher" thread, AND the fact that not all leech-ees probably post there, I'd assume there's a reasonable market still.


For cooking and jewelcutting the risk is that you lose your ingredient-items, and for jewelcutting those items can be quite costly indeed. 

I don't think they can compete on the risk front at all.

FOr mining you only risk wasting your time, which is probably equivalent to the leech risk, but still inferior to farming's no risk.


... Well you could always DC or something when farming and waste items or time, but... ignoring that.




One year, double or triple your zeny, and potentially don't even need to invest all 300 Mil.

Farming and leech service both tick this box nicely.

If you charge at the HIGHER end of the reasonable spectrum, ie "4 mil per 100 mil exp", as opposed to "2 or 3 mil per 100 mil exp", selling leech can be more proftable.

So farming barely wins risk, leech service barely wins reward; still basically even in my estimation.


A !WS for high tier stat-meals and jewels will reveal that they go for a pretty penny; perfect yellow gems are very strong on the reward front.

Raw gems go for a decent enough sum too, especially compared to the input, so mining isn't bad here either. 

In terms of risk-reward and efficiency ratio, I put mining far ahead of jewelcutting. 

But in terms of reward ALONE, not considering failures but only considering prices per perfectly successful item, mining is inferior to jewel-cutting.

(The risk to reward ratio and efficiency are what ACTUALLY MATTER, if you ask me personally.)


A few words on the non-fighting options:

Now if you don't like fighting in the game I'm not sure this is the right game for you, as my view of the game has that as... say 90% or more of the content.

If you like  the dress-up portion and costumes that's COOL but I am not certain you can reliably turn that into a source of income.

Costumes can certainly become expensive on the market - don't doubt it - but you'd have to reliably get your hands on the costumes first to sell 'em.


If you like the cooking and mining aspects (rather than finding them menial) that's cool too, but the RNG chance to fail doesn't attract me personally to those solutions.

(The RNG element also detracts from the "reliability" segment of your concerns about a stable income, I assume.  Something like a 30% success rate in jewelcutting?

A strong capital base certainly is an asset in cooking and jewelcutting though, in case you want to buy the ingredients instead of farm them.

With that said, failing in mining is a lot less punishing than failing in jewelcutting.

You just "don't get an item that you can sell for a lot of zeny" as opposed to "LOSING an item that you COULD HAVE SOLD for a lot of zeny".)


Mining isn't really investing, as you don't need much except a pickaxe (... and enough gear to survive the places, I guess) but there IS a slight element of fighting there.

You could always just get killed by monsters before you're able to mine the rocks in dungeons, after all.

And you have to note that others can mine the rocks and put them on cooldown, so there is risk of wasting your time waiting and some frustration.


Now on the topic of stable, ie reliable, sources of income that AREN'T investing, voting is great. 

Minigames are okay too - less reliable, of course - but neither of these things requires cash to begin with.

I should apologise for mentioning 'em as they're not directly relevant to your question, but they ARE relevant to the premise, as everyone has voting as a stable income source.

Unless you're like... on shared internet or IP address or something, and someone else gets to do the voting.

That's slightly unfortunate.


Well, in the end I can't put it better than  "The most stable income source is having fun while playing the game."


I talk too much : D

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i would choose a class that you can join parties with, then spend that money to gear it. with 300 mil you usually can gear a class enough for end game content already. sure you won't get double brisingamens, but you'll definitely get accepted into parties.

If you buy gear that most other people use and don't card your SQI with weird stuff, you can usually just sell it back if you get tired of the class.

Say you want to try a different class -- just sell the gear back for 300 mil (or maybe make a bit of profit if you buy your gear smartly).

Then buy gear for that new class. Slowly you'll just notice yourself getting richer from playing RO.

Why do you even want double or triple the money really fast anyway?

My life changed when one day I watched a gamer in a youtube video. She had the best gears and had been playing for many years.

She was making a video on "how to make money if you're new to the game", and at the end of the video she said, "but the most important thing is to not rush to get to the end, because there's really nothing there guys."

Seriously, what are you gonna do with your 600-900mil other than afk in town? It's much more meaningful to finally get that amount of money after playing a ton of classes and enjoying all the content RO has to offer with a wonderful guild.


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Posted (edited)

short answer:

invest on ur fave char.

long answer:

iiiinnnnvveessst oooonnn uuuurrr fffffaaaavvvvee ccccchhhhaaaarrr.


sure, if u wanna farm the best pure zeny per hour map (geffenia) with arguably the best char(s) for it (stalker/sinx) to make more zenny then by all means do it. when u mastered how to farm there, expect 4.5m~5.5m per hour. say u can farm for 5m/hr in 5hrs per day in 12 days u can get back that 300m easily. but dont take my word for it on that calculation. why? coz even tho i had a stalk before farming there way back, i dont earn that much coz guess what, its not my fave char. it gets boring and the waiting for zerk pots countdown is the only thing im looking forward to. also, the transferring of rings can be quite tideous too. plus multiclient is a hassle. unlike when i do it with my fave char with no other clients open, its just plain fun all the way. i even forget to go back in town once the awake pots run out most of the time. sure, the rings transferring hassle is still there and sure i earn less per hr vs the "best" farmer class(es) there but atleast im having fun (cliche much?)

butttt.. if u just want plain zeny, not worrying about anything and everything, thinking having fun is crap and doesnt exist on the calculation then do it. invest on the "best" geffenia farmer. i have nothing against thief classes coz i have one myself. im just kinda mad at the fact that ppl choose a char not coz they wanna have fun with it but coz its just proven to be a great farmer on a certain place. a certain char can only be really great at everything if the player himself is just darn good at it. coz at the end of the day, everyone on a certain place have the same set of equips, same chars and same skills (tnx to the guides) but not same player skills. knowledge =/= gears. now thats a rant.

ur 2 definition of best kinda contradict each other like other ppl already mentioned. low risk but high reward? u want zeny to knock on ur door or what? maybe wait for another "inheritance"? thats low risk and high reward base on ur given description.

i dont see u rushing for zeny but gummyjeff ady mentioned something thats good to think about in case ur rushing. while theres really nothing at the end, endgame is different for everyone. its just a matter of choice. investing that to the same char like most, doing end stuff like most, and then repeat that till u get bored and quit... like most peeps i know. or be unique. thats rare to find nowadays.

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Low risk, high reward = Event lootboxes

Can't invest your 300m on those, though, so I guess it's useless advice. I think having a Geffenia farmer is the most stable you can get.


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Posted (edited)
On 3/5/2019 at 3:18 PM, gummyjeff said:

"but the most important thing is to not rush to get to the end, because there's really nothing there guys."


Exactly this, I think there is a lot of end game content to make it worth it but having uber gears is way overrated.

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Posted (edited)

Thank you all for the comprehensive suggestions.

I've considered what was said and came up with the ff. plans which contain a little bit of everything:

  • Create a farming character - Create a stalker that is able to farm multiple places (Geffenia, Mavka, Sleepers). This is to avoid being sick of playing at one map all the time. Buy mediocre but competitive equipment (e.g. Caesar sword for Mavka, IP for Sleepers/Geffenia; total: <40M) instead of the best (Sherwood; total: <250M). Blowing almost all of my money on an SQI is simply not optimal since the ROI still too far off even if the zeny/hr. is high.
  • Invest on my favorite character - Equip my main, a high priest, enough to be considered for end game content parties (GMC/TWC/ET). Wherever possible, buy equipment that could be shared with the farming character (e.g. Deviling, Sleipnir, GTB/Hodremlin).

Where do I go from here? Midgard is my oyster. I could save for an Evangelist or if it turns out that I like being a stalker after loads of farming, buy a Sherwood or other god-like farming equips. I could aim for that Analyze Eye costume that I like. Maybe even someday, I will be able to pass the inheritance on to some fortunate soul seven-fold.

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Well, there is only one way to it. Invest all in costume box.



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Hmm the first large sum of money I made I used it on my favorite character that could also farm, the Sniper.

I geared it up just enough to be able to to high-end, and built around that as time went on. Once I geared him up enough, I moved onto another character, geared him up fully, then moved onto a character for WoE. And so on. Currently working on the SQI for my clown in preparation for Iduna (since the SQI ings are going up in price these days).

Whatever works for you in the end. I personally don't really use costumes all that much, so I've never seen value in them. I've always believed that gearing a class you enjoy playing is what is most important, but it's important to have a means to farm zeny when you have to. Coincidentally, my favorite class and my main farming class is the Sniper (I don't have a stalker at all lol).

It's really up to you in the end what you do with your zeny :P

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Invested 336m for 16 pcs. of Proxy Skin Fragments[1] to refine to +7.


Ended up with, guess what?..... NOTHING!

So, yeah, maybe you can try this up!

Truly inspiring... /desp

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minus the time you spend on buying 85k GNs for 3,5k each and the time you spend running from kafra to NPC over and over again and breaking up the GNs. I think most jobs are more fun than that and wield easily 10x as much profit if you spend the money on talon coins :P But if this method seems fun to you, legit advice, it does wield profit.

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      Using the Violet Fear with doppelganger card together with Twohand Quicken and Berserk Potion gives you 187 attack speed at 1 agi, +3% attack speed armor improves it to 189. And finally dexterity improves it a little but decimals are not shown in our character stats window but its pretty much almost 190. HP is 20k+ at this point. Violet fear's bypass enemy defense is crucial for this style because it activates almost everytime, so you can have 600-700 damage instead of 200-300. Splash it with baphomet and watch loots surround you ^_^. Imagine if I have a kaho. Majororous is helpful also temporarily stunning some of the monsters which means less damage taken. I am planning to add Violy accessory and see what happens.
      Now this is a vitality build but skills will be like that of an AGI type.
      Parry - 50% block chance means 50% less damage taken, you could actually feel that once you face a mob w/o parry. Less damage = Less meat. Always keep this skill activated or you will be spamming meat. Twohand Quicken - I guess no need to explain why this is important. Concentration - Monsters in magma dungeon has high flee, aside from dex, use this to ensure no miss or at least lessen it. Aura Blade - Boost your damage a little more. Increase Recuperative Power - Since you are vitality build with high HP. This skill gives 400+ hp per 10seconds. So don't charge in overweight unless you are willing to let the meat do all the healing. Bowling Bash - When mob gets too many(more than 20 or so). You have this skill as an alternative but I avoid it since it consumes too much SP/Grape Juice. Items needed
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      I use 6 grape juice per set of parry, aura blade, and concentration. Avoid using too much grape juice since there's a monster which depletes all your SP. Point is use grapes only if you will use the skill.
      Cheaper gears than a Vampire Whitesmith Higher HP 20k+ Less damage taken thanks to high vitality, deviling, and Parry skill Less meat usage Less grape juice since you only need few skills Disadvantages
      Not direct selling since LK does not have overcharge You need to click on the loots because LK does not have greed I farmed for 30 minutes prior to writing this post just to show how much I earn and I got 900k+, that is assuming you will sell all to the NPC. But some of the loots include White Herbs, Blue Herbs, and Flame Hearts. Also most of the loots are SQI ingredients. Imagine how much you can improve that amount with a little more effort; but I must admit that is time consuming and tiring. I rather farm more then sell sell sell.

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