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PVP prof good gears...bolter

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Depends, where you wanna go, unrestricted or vanilla mode?

Unres :

upper - lord kaho horn

mid - int+1 with mistress, high wiz card, orc hero, marduk, etc

lower - int+1, matk+1%, and pussy cat bell

armor - preferably all elemental armor with either dex+3 or int+3, with agav, rsx, marc or status inducing card 

valk armor with ghostring, diablos robe with evil druid

garment - beach towel / diablos manteau with noxious card / leak / lord of the death

shield - obviously valk shield with thara / toad & gtb shield

shoes - sleipnir with edgga, dark lord

accessory - double bris sting, imp, siroma smokie clip, vitata clip

Vanilla :

upper - anything with issila card / ramen hat

middle headgear - int+1 with issila or marduk

lower - same as above, except pussy cat bell

armor - preferably mage coat enchanted with int+3 or dex +3 , compounded with evil druid, pest card, agav, and marc.

garment - beach towel / proxy skin with noxious, +9 hood with nightmare mummy, and any muffler with frilldora is nice too

shield - same as above, vs thara frog is the best

shoes - high quality sandal, tidal shoes, with verit or green ferus, nightmare verit.

accesory - obviously 2x orlean gloves with zerom, imp, siroma , smokie clip , vitata clip





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Even with Gtb to nullify most of your skill, prof is still good for pvp, especially with their annoying soul burn, magic rod, magnetic earth and element change.


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1 hour ago, Heroa said:

anybody can tell me, how to defence againts soul breaker?

Wall of fog , Pump def, and long range reduction (noxious, horn card, guess their element, by default, using argiope or evil druid is good enough against assasin cross.

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